My Journey To The Fab New Me & My 200th Blog Post!

Happy 200th blog post!! Thank you to everyone for reading, supporting and commenting! March 31 is my blogs 2 year anniversary. The blog has currently received over 60,000 hits! I love what God is doing through me to bless others! Please keep reading and I will continue to be led by the Holy Spirit regarding what to post!

My Journey To The Fabulous New Me

Recently, I went out on a date with my husband and to my surprise, it took me a minute to find my make up. I had to stop and ask myself how long it had been since I put anything besides lipstick on?? Then I wanted to wear my contacts (because I’ve been sporting my glasses for almost the last two years) but I didn’t have any contact solution in the house. I told myself that it was time to bring back the old me and step it up a notch! I missed the old me who wasn’t always running around the house grabbing diaper bags, packing baby food and combing her hair in the car. I love being a mom but I decided that I needed to make time for it all and be fabulous in the process!

Last Friday, I worked a half day then took 2hrs to do some shopping for myself, by myself. It was a warm winter day and the sun was shinning! For Michigan weather, this was a big deal! By the time I was done, I had purchased 3 pair of earrings, make up, contact solutions and other hair care and hygiene products. I also stopped to get my eyebrows arched; something that I never seem to do on a consistent basis but that’s about to change. My hair dresser was out-of-town so I asked my mom to come over and help me do my hair. I was tired of not slowing down and taking the time I needed for me. It’s no ones fault but my own. My husband is super helpful and he tries to get me to relax and not do so much but sometimes it’s hard for me to just sit down. I needed to make myself slow down and make myself a priority and over the last six days I’ve done just that!

Once my hair was washed, pressed and bouncy, I put on my contacts, make up and earrings.  I looked like a new woman! I felt confident;  like a million bucks! My husband and daughter came in the bathroom and both grinned from ear to ear. My husband told me how much he liked my look and how he missed looking into my eyes without my glasses. He of course told me I was beautiful before and he liked the changes I’d made. He wanted to take me out so we got dressed, went to dinner and had a fun family evening.

For the last six days, I’ve gotten up everyday in enough time to nurse my daughter, talk with my honey, get my lunch, coffee AND do my hair and make up. Before my daughter, I would wear make up on the weekends (Hey I’m a social worker don’t judge me 🙂 But now I’d like to wear light make up daily and take time to make sure that I have the look that I want before leaving the house.

Ladies, life is busy with school, work, children, church, house work etc BUT we must take time for ourselves. We won’t be able to effectively do all that we need to do if we don’t take care of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Here’s a list of ideas of things to do just for you: take a bubble bath, scrapbook, go to a movie, window shop, read a good book, work out, eat healthier and get more sleep. If you’ve been wearing the same hair style or make up, consider trying something new. When we feel comfortable, confident and rested, we’re at peace and much more happy. I’m sure our husbands, children, friends and coworkers were notice a change in our mood and will appreciate the new confident and relaxed us.  Take time this week and think about what you can do on a consistent basis just for you. Trust me you will be happy that you did!! Happy Wednesday!

Learning to Gracefully Handle The Wife & Working Mom Balancing Act Part 1

I’ve been a wife and a working mommy for four and a half months now and boy has my life changed. Since going through my pregnancy, labor, delivery and now parenthood, my husband and I are closer than ever before. We are learning to work together to take care of our home, bills and daughter together. Even with his continual help, it is a big adjustment and a lot of work to be an organized, productive, hands on and peaceful wife, mom and career woman.

Here’s a typical day during the work week for me: I work then come home making sure my husband and daughter have what they need. We typically eat leftovers so my husband or I don’t have to cook several days a week because we are so busy. I make sure Elyssa is content, make sure dinner is prepared or warmed, do a little house work, talk with my husband about the days dealings, nurse and we play with Elyssa, I give her a bath, nurse her again, my husband puts her to bed, if I haven’t eaten I muster up the energy to eat dinner and make sure I have energy and joy for married fellowship if my husband and I feel in the mood.

I absolutely LOVE being a wife and a mom therefore most days it isn’t hard for me to put myself last and make sure that my family is taken care of. Also, my husband is very hands on with our daughter and he is a good cook and helps with housework too. I’m blessed to have a good job with good salary pay and free benefits for the three of us, therefore I would never complain about being a working mother, esp since so many people are without work currently.

Eph 6:7-8 (NIV) Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.

I wanted to share Eph 6:7-8 today because it is a good reminder for us all that EVERYTHING we do, we are to do it for the Lord and NOT for man. As a Christian, everything I do should glorify God; so the way I talk to my husband should bring God glory, the way I care for my daughter when she’s teething and sleepy should bring God glory. We must remember that as we walk according to the word of God, the Lord will reward us in Heaven for our good works and obedient hearts. This is another thing to remember when your spouse, boss, children, parents don’t seem to notice or appreciate your efforts and hard work. We must remember that God sees us and He is giving us ALL the grace we need to keep pushing even when we feel tired.

Here’s 2 free side nuggets:

SELF CARE! While we learn to care for our families, let’s make sure we find some time to care for ourselves. Self care is very important. Whether inside or outside the home, whether it’s 20 minutes or 2 hours, find something to do each week to care for yourself, it will make a world of difference!!

SEX! Even though us married mommies are constantly working (in or outside the home) thinking about meals, bottles, laundry and dishes, we MUST make time to come together with our husbands. Sexual intimacy is so very important in marriage. Please please please don’t put everything under the sun ahead of your husband and your intimate time together. At a marriage bible study, our pastor told us that men need a release every 72 hours therefore my husband and I try to make sure that we at least come together every 3 days to be together. If we allow the cares of the world to weigh us down to where we can not please our spouses and cater to our marriages, our marriages will suffer. Wives communicate to your husbands about what time of day you have the most energy (sex doesn’t have to always be at night) and what you need them to do to help you to be at peace and in the mood. I love to serve and please my husband in and outside the bedroom and he loves to do the same for me. Yes there are days were both or one of us is too tired but we make sure that if we give each other a rain check, we hold true to our word to come together the next day if at all possible.

Everything I’m saying in this post, I’m preaching to myself. I am learning to balance work, marriage and mommyhood and not be consumed so much with one or two of them that the third category suffers. I thank God for the Holy Spirit who leads and guides me and gives me peace AND checks me when I’m wrong and need to tighten up. I am equipped to be the wife, mother and woman who God has called and created me to be in Jesus name amen!!

**What are some ways you’ve learned to balance your life and get it all done? What are some challenges that you currently face regarding your balancing act?**

Pamper Day For The Single Sista

This post is for all my single, saved, successful, smart, beautiful inside and out, holy, hard working, giving, funny, life loving, creative and independent women! Today I celebrate you!

Being single is a blessing and don’t you forget it! You dont have to answer to anyone but God! You can wear what you want (during the day and night) you don’t share your bank account with anyone. You can cook if you feel like it or not cook if you don’t. You can stay out late and sleep in if you so desire! You are your own woman.  Men are an added bonus to our lives but having one won’t make your life better, your life is great now! You are alive, you are working towards your goals, you have people who love you, you love yourself and most importantly God loves you! I want to encourage you today to schedule a “pamper me day.” You work hard everyday, whether in or outside of the home. As women, we do so much for others and sometimes neglect ourselves. So set your pamper me date and do some of your favorite things. I actually think all women should try to do this once a month!

Start by putting your cell phone on silent! Don’t allow work or people to stress you on your pamper day! Take a walk around the park, go shopping or window shopping just to get out of the house if you don’t have shopping money. You can always just buy something small if you don’t have a lot of money. Buy your favorite smell goods, some make up, a piece of jewelry or a blouse. Have lunch at your favorite restaurant. Get dressed up and go somewhere or dress comfy in your house and lounge around all day. Whatever makes you happy!

If you’re a home body, take a bath, get your favorite carry out dinner and movie. If you like to go out, get dressed up and go out for a night on the town with your girls. It’s all about you. We all lived fast paced lives and sometimes we need to relax with a good book, movie, yummy food and put our feet up. If you want to have a slumber party, invite your girls to come over for laughs and girl talk. If you just want to be quiet and enjoy the peace, send your kids away for the night and enjoy being alone. Call it a self-care mental health day! Love on yourself! Do your toes, a facial, bake brownies, whatever makes you happy! I love keeping a journal, I have on and off since I was a little girl. Maybe you want to take time to write and reflect on your life and your goals. It would be a great time to pray and seek God while the house is quiet.

The point is to have fun and do whatever makes you happy! You are an awesome woman and you deserve a break! Now stop reading this post and go schedule your pamper day!!!!