10 Tips For The Bargain Bride To Be

My husband and I are headed to another wedding this morning. Over the last three years, we’ve attended around 35 weddings and known over 60 couples who have gotten married. Marriage is a beautiful thing and it’s more important than the wedding day. No one wants to start off their lives together in debt because they couldn’t afford their wedding. The wedding doesn’t have to break the bank for it to be beautiful, fabulous and everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

Here are a few money saving wedding tips for wise brides on a budget:

1. Set a budget with the groom and stick to it. Write out how much you plan to spend on your dress, flowers, invitations etc. Don’t let vendors talk you into spending more than you planned.

2. Don’t be an impulse shopper. Plan your wedding in enough time so that you can shop around and compare vendors. You may find what you love for a lesser price if you keep looking.

3. It’s all about who you know! Do you know someone who does hair and makeup very well? Invitations and programs? Floral arrangements or favors? Utilize your friends and family that have the gifts and talents that you need, it can save you money! I’m sure they would be honored to help out and be apart of your special day.

4. Look for churches and reception halls that include multiple things in their wedding packages. Our church’s package includes pew flowers, silk flower arrangements in the from of the chapel and a big beautiful wedding arch. Our hall included all the linens, napkins, chair covers, center pieces, decorations and the caterer. Your goal is to find venues that save you time and money.

5. Research discount wedding stores near you that sale silk flowers, runners, vases etc at a good sale price. Opportunities to save money feels great and cuts down on the stress of planning the big day.

6. The coordinator is a very very important job! Try to avoid paying hundreds of dollars for one by assigning that job to someone you know whose orderly, fast, assertive, punctual and a people person. The person I wanted to coordinate our wedding charged $500 so I had to say no thank you. We were blessed with a 3 person wedding team, from our church, who gave us a super duper discount much less than the lady who wanted $500.

7. Flowers and centerpieces can be very costly. Research flowers that are in season and inexpensive but beautiful. Roses are great but the bridesmaids don’t need to have them in their bouquets if you can’t afford it! Same thing goes for the centerpieces. You can use candles, silk flowers or many other simple but elegant ideas. Use the internet and research the looks like you like the most.

8. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Ask other brides what they did to save money. Attend others weddings and get ideas for your own. It’s ok to use some of the same vendors as other brides. If your friend loved her florist, bridal boutique or photographer etc ask her for their information.

9. It’s important to pick a good photographer to capture the special day. We interviewed a few photographers and compared their prices, albums and packages. You can find a photographer within your budget, just keep looking. Ask to see their portfolio, inquire about how many hours and photographers their packages include.

10. Learn to negotiate with vendors and venues so that you can get more for your money. If you don’t ask you won’t receive! My husband is a good negotiator and therefore we were able to get good discounts!

Remember, it’s not about the wedding day or night, it’s about the marriage! Marriage is for life and it’s a awesome thing!! Enjoy your wedding planning and day but if everything doesn’t go as planned (and it won’t) it’s ok. At the end of the day you will be married!!

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