Tips On How NOT To Be a Secret Agent Christian At Work

Today I return to work from my 12 week maternity leave. I am not the woman I was when I left at 37 weeks pregnant. I have experienced the joys and challenges of child-birth and the joys and challenges of the first stages of motherhood. My husband and I are completely in love with our daughter and we’re forever grateful to God for blessing us with her.

Last Sunday, our Pastor, Pastor Andre Butler of Word of Faith Southfield, MI, preached the last sermon of his My So Called Christian Life series. A large portion of the message was about glorifying God in our work places. With me returning to work this week, I thought the message was right on time! Many women return from maternity leave angry and resentful about having to leave their precious little ones at home. I will miss Elyssa tremendously but I am determined to have a positive grateful attitude about returning to work. I thank God for a job that I love and being able to be a blessing to my agency until God calls me to do something else. I know that Elyssa is in great hands and this is just what I have to do for this season of my life. I will walk into work knowing that the Holy Ghost is walking with me. I’m praying for a joyful, peaceful and energetic first day back.

Pastor Butler’s message reminded me of the bigger picture about why Christians work and how we are to behave on the job. I’m blessed to attend a church that teaches the word of God plainly and helps us to apply it to our everyday lives. I want to continue to glorify God on my job and do my job with excellence! Checkout some of my notes from Sunday 6/5/11 My So Called Christian Life series. These helpful nuggets will help you to not be a secret agent Christian at work. Represent Christ everyday, every where you go and remember it’s a lifestyle!! To get a copy of the message please go to

*God is a man of detail.
*Monday Ministry: wining people to Jesus (in the work place) by being a friend to them.
*Real Christians tell people about Jesus.
*When you live just like the world, you push people further from Jesus. (Don’t walk around with your big bible in the office and then curse people out and behave the opposite of the bible)
*What if God did your job’s yearly evaluation? (What rating would He give you?)
*When you please God, you please your boss. (Remember God sees what we’re doing even when our boss isn’t around)
*We go to work out of obedience to God.
*I’m an unidentified faith agent. (I’m sent to my job by God to be a blessing)
*Get out of the spiritual nursery and make room for the new Christians. (We need to continue to grow spiritually and not stay in the same place forever)
*I’m not a secret agent Christian. (I live a godly lifestyle openly for others to see)
*God’s the one signing your paycheck. (My trust is in God, not my job)
*Be a blessing to everyone in the work place. (Having a good attitude and holding my tongue when necessary is a must)
*Work like Jesus worked. (With excellence even when no one is looking)
*The place is blessed because you work there.
*Every Christian is in full-time service. (We should all spread the gospel)
*Why do you need the world’s approval when your apart of the largest Holy Ghost gang.

*When you serve God (and witness to others) it’s fulfilling.

Some Scriptures referenced:
1 John 4:19 Romans 12:1 2 Cor5:14 Mark 6:1-3 Col 3:23 Matt 6:33 John 12:9 Matt 5:13-14 Prov 11:30