I Love My Husband, Therefore I Love The Detroit Lions

While watching TV today, a special came on about the Detroit Lions and a light bulb went off in my head. *DING* Suddenly I had a great idea to watch the special and google info on the Lions to surprise my husband Eddie. Eddie has always loved sports, esp football. I’m not a big sports fan but I have observed how excited he gets to read about the Lions, watch the Lions and listen to sports radio about the Lions and the NFL. This evening I believe the Lord placed it on my heart to learn to enjoy football also so that my husband and I could bond together in that way.

Eddie is willing to do things with me that many husbands would not enjoy doing with their wives. He takes me to see chic flicks, he shops with me and we cook together sometimes. He’s willing to do things with me to make me happy. While I have done things with him to make him happy and to enjoy his company, I can’t say I’ve ever fully embraced one of his hobbies and made it my own. I’m excited to learn the game of football and develop a love for the Detroit Lions. I hear there’s a lot of buzz going on about the team this year and their expected to do great. I’m excited to get into football so that we have another hobby to talk about and enjoy together. Ever since I found out I was pregnant on 7/30/10, the majority of my thoughts, dreams, prayers and conversation have been about our baby girl and growing family. While majority of new moms would be just fine with mainly focusing on the joys of new parenthood, most husbands would like to also enjoy activities and hobbies besides those concerning the new baby. I’m happy that Eddie will be able to teach me the sport and talk to me about the plays and games instead of enjoying those moments by himself.

One reason why I wrote a post about this is to have my readers keep my accountable to my promise to learn the game of football and get involved in the season with my honey. Also I wanted to encourage other wives to find a way to connect with their husbands by doing some form of recreational companionship with them of their choice (ex: playing cards, board games, sports, gardening, painting, cooking etc) What are some of your husband’s passions? What would he enjoy doing even more with you be his side? What hobby could you two do together that would keep your marriage close knit and joyful? Pray and ask God to show you how to be peaceful, kind and fun loving with your husband this week. The goal is for us all to have holy, hot, happy  and healthy marriages and one way to ensure this is to learn to do things together and have fun!!