Let’s Get It On: 10 Reasons to Have Sex With Your Spouse

Top 10 Reasons to Have Sex With Your Spouse


People come up with a plethora of reasons not to be intimate. No time. Too fat. Too tired. Kids. Not in the mood. Headache. I’m still mad at you. Being intimate with your spouse has many benefits, and usually, after you’ve had sex, you are really glad you did. The most difficult thing to overcome usually involves the mind. Mentally, you just don’t feel like it. You don’t feel like getting in the mood. You don’t feel like getting your spouse in the mood. It’s easier to watch T.V. and fall asleep. With just a small investment of time, and a mental switch, you can enjoy the following benefits of having sex with your spouse.

1. Having sex is good for your health: Sex once a week produces 30% higher levels of hormones that boost the immune system. Sex is also a natural antihistamine. It can help combat hay fever as well as asthma.

2. Having sex helps you lose weight: Passionate sex burns about two hundred calories, the same as running on the treadmill for fifteen minutes. British researchers have determined that the equivalent of six big macs can be worked off in a year by having sex three times a week.

3. Sex leads to emotional well being: During orgasm, the parts of the brain governing fear, stress and anxiety are switched off. Oxytocin is released, which has an amnesic effect on the brain. (Read… You will forget, at least temporarily, why you were mad!) Endorphins are also released, producing a relaxing and calming effect, a sense of well being and euphoria. Sex is ten times more effective than Valium, without the negative side effects, although it can be addictive!

4. Having sex helps the bladder and prostate: For women, sex strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which give you greater control over pesky bladder leakage. For men, there is a link between infrequent ejaculation and prostate cancer. More sex will keep cancer at bay.

5. You will look better: Extra estrogen in women, a result of orgasm, makes hair shinier. Sweating during sex cleanses pores and gives your skin a healthy sheen. Serotonin produces a sexual afterglow. You will look younger and healthier after having sex.

6. Sex improves muscle tone: Regular sex can firm not only the abdominals, but also the legs and glutes. And for those of you who are extra adventurous, you can firm your arms, chest and back muscles.

7. Having sex slows the aging process: Sex lowers cortisol levels in the bloodstream, reducing stress and slowing the aging process. These lowered cortisol levels keep you healthy and younger looking.

8. Regular sex fights disease: Women who have more sex have higher levels of estrogen, which protects against heart disease. It also protects the body against Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis.

9. Sex transforms your relationship: Every time you have an enjoyable experience with your partner, your brain associates them with pleasure. Increasing the number of pleasurable associations improves your relationship.

10. Sex feels really good: Physically and emotionally, bonding with your spouse on this level creates an intimate bond. This bond is unlike any other. Your body feels good, your mood rises, you feel loved, and your spirit soars. Really, you need no other reasons to have sex. Pick any of the above reasons to surprise your sweetie with a romp between the sheets. You will both be glad you did.


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