Blackout 2003, The Day The Lights Went Out


Hard to imagine, but today marks the 10-year anniversary of the nation’s largest blackout that hit eight states and turned off the lights for some 50 million people. Where were you when the blackout hit? I was 21 and away at college. My roommate and I initially thought the power was just out in the surrounding areas near our school but we quickly figured out that the problem was much bigger than we thought. Cell phones wouldn’t work, street lights were out which made it hard to get anywhere and stores, ATMs and gas stations were out of commission. Since we couldn’t cook any food and most food joints were shut down, we went to a nearby female professor’s house for dinner. It was a hot summer day which made for a hot summer night on the second floor of our apartment. We lite candles and tried to study to drown out the heat and silence but it didn’t work. The next morning we were awakened by a glorious voice yelling my name; it was my dad!! My dad was outside my apartment window calling my name, he had come to take us home! We still didn’t have use of our phones and my roommate’s car no longer had any gas so we would’ve been stuck if he had not arrived! Once home, my family fired up the grill and we ate meals and endured the blackout together. It was a unforgettable experience; almost everything was shut down and all we could do was wait.

As I watched the news last night with my husband, experts said even though it’s been ten years since the blackout, the situation could happen again?! That’s sad and kind of scary to know that ten years later the situation potentially happen again, thought they said the probability is low thank God!

So, WHERE WERE YOU THE DAY OF THE BLACKOUT? What was your experience like?