It’s Our Anniversary! 2 Yrs of Love, Friendship and Intimacy

Today marks the day two years ago, that I said “I do” to the love of my life, my best friend, Eddie Willis III. I thank God for my husband. I am forever grateful for his love, selflessness, patience, compassion, desire for only me, friendship, understand, protection, provision, leadership, respect and so much more. I never knew love like this before and I never knew it could feel this good!!

We have faced challenges over the last two years but we’ve been able to work through them together with peace, praise and thanksgiving. Marriage is hard work but work that we love to do. When I was single, I couldn’t imagine what married life would be like. I often wondered how it would be leaving my parents house/covering and living with a man, serving, submitting, giving, sharing and sexing (LOL) with him for the rest of my life. Ladies let me tell you, being a wife is challenging at times BUT I LOVE IT AND WOULDN”T TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD!!

When you have a husband that loves God and honors Him with his time, body, money and lifestyle, he will love you with all that he has, willingly and with a good heart. My husband isn’t perfect and neither am I but we serve a perfect God and we strive to be like Him. With Christ at the center of our marriage, we CAN NOT and WILL NOT fail!! It’s you and me baby for life!!!

Lord have your way in my marriage. Have your way in me. Help me to be the best wife that you have created me to be and bless my husband to be the best husband that you have called him to be. Prepare us for whatever may be coming our way, good or bad. Help us to trust in you always. May we grow to be 100 years old together, still laughing, cuddling, praying, praising and making love. Bless our future seed Lord. May you expand our family in your time. Thank you Lord for blessing us everyday and always doing exceedingly abundantly in our lives. We love you. Amen!