My Journey To The Fab New Me & My 200th Blog Post!

Happy 200th blog post!! Thank you to everyone for reading, supporting and commenting! March 31 is my blogs 2 year anniversary. The blog has currently received over 60,000 hits! I love what God is doing through me to bless others! Please keep reading and I will continue to be led by the Holy Spirit regarding what to post!

My Journey To The Fabulous New Me

Recently, I went out on a date with my husband and to my surprise, it took me a minute to find my make up. I had to stop and ask myself how long it had been since I put anything besides lipstick on?? Then I wanted to wear my contacts (because I’ve been sporting my glasses for almost the last two years) but I didn’t have any contact solution in the house. I told myself that it was time to bring back the old me and step it up a notch! I missed the old me who wasn’t always running around the house grabbing diaper bags, packing baby food and combing her hair in the car. I love being a mom but I decided that I needed to make time for it all and be fabulous in the process!

Last Friday, I worked a half day then took 2hrs to do some shopping for myself, by myself. It was a warm winter day and the sun was shinning! For Michigan weather, this was a big deal! By the time I was done, I had purchased 3 pair of earrings, make up, contact solutions and other hair care and hygiene products. I also stopped to get my eyebrows arched; something that I never seem to do on a consistent basis but that’s about to change. My hair dresser was out-of-town so I asked my mom to come over and help me do my hair. I was tired of not slowing down and taking the time I needed for me. It’s no ones fault but my own. My husband is super helpful and he tries to get me to relax and not do so much but sometimes it’s hard for me to just sit down. I needed to make myself slow down and make myself a priority and over the last six days I’ve done just that!

Once my hair was washed, pressed and bouncy, I put on my contacts, make up and earrings.  I looked like a new woman! I felt confident;  like a million bucks! My husband and daughter came in the bathroom and both grinned from ear to ear. My husband told me how much he liked my look and how he missed looking into my eyes without my glasses. He of course told me I was beautiful before and he liked the changes I’d made. He wanted to take me out so we got dressed, went to dinner and had a fun family evening.

For the last six days, I’ve gotten up everyday in enough time to nurse my daughter, talk with my honey, get my lunch, coffee AND do my hair and make up. Before my daughter, I would wear make up on the weekends (Hey I’m a social worker don’t judge me 🙂 But now I’d like to wear light make up daily and take time to make sure that I have the look that I want before leaving the house.

Ladies, life is busy with school, work, children, church, house work etc BUT we must take time for ourselves. We won’t be able to effectively do all that we need to do if we don’t take care of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Here’s a list of ideas of things to do just for you: take a bubble bath, scrapbook, go to a movie, window shop, read a good book, work out, eat healthier and get more sleep. If you’ve been wearing the same hair style or make up, consider trying something new. When we feel comfortable, confident and rested, we’re at peace and much more happy. I’m sure our husbands, children, friends and coworkers were notice a change in our mood and will appreciate the new confident and relaxed us.  Take time this week and think about what you can do on a consistent basis just for you. Trust me you will be happy that you did!! Happy Wednesday!

Full Figured Fashionista Part 2: My Personal Tips

Full Figured Fashionista part 1 was an article of professional fashion tips, part 2 includes a few tips that I use on a daily basis to make myself fashionable.

1. I always make sure I have on the right size undergarments. If your panties or bra are too big or small, it will mess up your look. You always want to have a smooth and even look and that starts with what’s underneath your clothes. You can have a sales clerk measure you so you know exactly what size you are.

Body magic!! Body magic is a wonderful undergarment smoother. I would encourage all plus size women who have a few curves or rolls that they want to hide to Invest in a good undergarment smoother. When you want to wear a tight blouse or dress and don’t want your belly or love handles to show, a body magic will come in handy!

2. I always try on my clothes in the store to make sure they fit me right (meaning the clothes show off the curves I want to show and hide the ones I don’t) There’s nothing worse than seeing a full-figured woman wearing too tight and too small clothes!! Whether you wear a size 2, 12 or 22, wear your size with confidence! If you’re a 22, don’t try to were a 16. You may feel better about yourself on the inside because you’re wearing a smaller size, but on the outside you look silly. Love the skin you’re in!

There are different cuts of pants available to accommodate ladies with the long legs, short skins, skinny or thick legs, ladies with lots of hips or no hips can all look fabulous! Ask a sales lady to help you find what looks great on you!

3. When I shop I try not to buy clothes that look the same. I want to spice up my wardrobe and have a variety of colors and styles. Try not to always buy the same colors and styles, be adventurous sometimes. Make sure your clothes match though, don’t dress up like Punky Brewster lol!

4. I fell in love with accessories a few years ago. Accessorizing is so much fun and can be very inexpensive. I love big earrings and I never pay more than $8 per pair. I often find great deals between $3-$6. Look for sales on purses, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I often find great sales at little clothing stores at the mail, Claires, Forever 21 etc. Ashley Stewart has great accessories too! The right accessories can spice up any outfit. Its fun to mix and match the accessories with different outfits too in your wardrobe too.

5. I am a bargain shopper so my last tip would be to shop smart for your budget. Always be wise with your money. Looking good doesn’t have to break the bank. JCPenny has a good plus size section and Rainbow and Dots do too. Ashley Stewart and Lan Bryant are good stores also. There are plenty of places you can shop at. For shoes I shop at Payless, Village Shoe Inn, Burlington and DSW.

Well I hope these tips were helpful! Happy shopping!!

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