Are You Marriage Material? Review This Pre-Martial Checklist

Do you desire to get married? Review this checklist and find out if you’re ready. If you answer no to 5 or more of these 13 questions you may want to keep preparing yourself for marriage in the future, but not today. We’re all at different stages of life and that’s fine. No one is perfect but when preparing to get married (and stay married for the rest of your life), you want to make sure that you understand what marriage is about and that you’re actually ready.

Eddie and I waited 3 years to get married; 1 year of friendship, 1 year dating and 1 year of engagement. Each person has to seek God about their life and desires and make sure their lining their lives up with God’s will and plan for them. Some people felt that Eddie and I dated for too long but we did not let other people’s opinions make us feel pressured and cause us to step out of God’s will for our lives. Each person and couple is different and there isn’t a blueprint that we must all follow for dating and engagement. Allow God to prepare and guide you in ALL areas of your life! With God, we can NEVER go wrong!

Pre-Martial Checklist

1. Do you have a job? Are you learning to be responsible with your money?

2. Are you selfless? Do you like to share?

3. Do you listen and communicate well?

4. Are you responsible and dependable?

5. Are you working towards cancelling your debt and becoming debt free?

6. Do you have a relationship with God and a prayer life? Are you seeking God about your life and future?

7. Are you a committed, honest and faithful person?

8. Are you able to compromise? Apologize when you’re wrong?

9. Are you a team player? Do you care for the well-being of others?

10. Do you enjoy intimacy and affection? Do you look forward to sex with your future spouse?

11. Are you respectful and easy to get along with?

12. Are you secure in who you are? Do you love yourself?

13. Are you patient and thoughtful?

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