Write It Down: 6 Reasons To Keep A Journal

Every since I was a little girl, I’ve keep¬†journals off and on. I have journals at my house dating back from the early 90s and its hilarious to read them! Journaling has always been a way of organizing my thoughts, releasing my fears and frustrations and writing down important information that I wanted to reference later.¬†

6 reasons to keep a journal:

1. To track your progress. If your working out, changing your eating habits, applying to jobs or school, planning your wedding or about to start trying to have a baby, it’s always great to keep record of where you were when you started your journey, how you felt throughout it and how you felt when you accomplished your goal.

2. To let off steam! When your upset, hurt, frustrated, disappointed or confused writing your feelings down usually helps a lot. Your getting your feelings out instead of holding them inside. Remember whatever you write others are subject read. Make sure you don’t write something really hurtful in the midst of your anger that your loved one may find and read. Be careful with your words and put your journal in a safe place.

3. To keep record of words from the Lord. When the Lord speaks to you at church, through the bible, in a dream, during your prayer time etc, you ALWAYS want to write it down so that you can reference it later.

4. To make a keepsake for yourself or others. Some people keep a journal to write down important milestones in their life or someone else’s (like their children) If you kept a record of your child’s first steps, words, tooth, you could share that with them when they got older.

5. To organize your goals, dreams, vision and purpose. It’s important to have short and long term goals. You could start by writing out your dreams and them pray about how to make them reality. Once you have goals, make sure you write out action steps as to how you plan to accomplish them. Pray, seek God, seek out those that can advise you and give you support, guidance and direction regarding your goals.

6. To keep a prayer and testimony journal. It’s awesome to see how God brought you through last years trails. When things get rough you can refer back to how good God is and all the obstacles He carried you through. God is faithful and if he did it for you once, He’ll do it for you again.