It Always Feels Like Somebody’s Watchin Me

This Valentines Day, my husband gave our 10 month old daughter her first Valentines gift. He brought her some soft toy flowers and a cute basket. I  enjoyed watching him present her with the gift. Elyssa looked happy, surprised and intrigued by her new gift. The purpose of him giving her the gift was to start the tradition of being that special man in her life and being a godly role model of a father and husband to her. It’s so important for us parents to practice what we preach. Our children don’t need to see us talking the talk but not walking the walk. Their always watching so ask yourself what you’re showing them.

The night before Valentines Day, my husband came home with my vday surprise. He asked us to go in another room while he set it up. When Elyssa and I came out, Eddie had a beautiful arrangement of flowers, a huge I LOVE U balloon and my favorite candies and chocolates. We kissed and hugged and Elyssa watched us and grinned from ear to ear. It was as if she knew that something special was happening and she liked seeing us happy. I want to always provide her with the loving family that she needs and deserves. I will work hard to glorify God in my marriage so that she can see what it means to have a peaceful household with two parents that love God, each other and her.

Today I challenge you to be the best that you can be because people are watching you. People need to know that there is hope and they need to see Christ in you. Watch your words and actions. Live your life as if God is walking with you everywhere because He is even though you can’t see him. People are always watching you, esp once they find out you’re a Christian. So think twice before you speak badly of your boss or join in with others as they gossip behind each other’s back. Some people will never go to church so we have to bring the church to them. By setting a godly example for your children, friends, coworkers, you become a blessing and a walking example of God’s love.

Thank Heaven For Our Little Girl

Yesterday at my doctor’s appointment, we found out that we were having a little girl. We were excited to know the sex and beginning preparing for our bundle of joy. I could hardly sleep the night before the appointment because three weeks earlier, we attempted to learn the sex but our princess was in the wrong position. We really wanted to know what we were having so we could properly prepare the nursery, pick a name, plan the shower and start gathering the needed items for our little one.

I am excited about having a daughter for many reasons but here are my top two:

1. I am a daddy’s girl 100%. My father was always there to protect me, teach me the word of God, discipline, support, encourage and compliment me. I knew I was his joy because he nicknamed me Joy. My dad has always spoiled me but also taught me good work ethic, how to carry myself as a lady and how to pick a good man to marry. My father has also been a great example to us regarding how a husband treats a wife. To this day, we have an awesome relationship.

I look forward to my husband having that same relationship with our daughter. My husband Eddie is very caring, giving, kind, loving, thoughtful, loyal, dedicated, hard-working and most importantly, he is a man of God, like my father. I can’t wait to watch Eddie love his daughter and show her what it means to be a great father and husband. He will also show our daughter how a real man of God lives his life. Our daughter is already blessed to have him.

2. I look forward to teaching our daughter how to be a virtuous, godly, strong, confident, classy, smart, sweet, thoughtful and successful woman. I can’t wait to teach her how to focus on her relationship with God and her studies and to not get caught up in peer pressure and boys. Our daughter will have goals, dreams and sweet spirit. I know raising children these days is tough BUT with God ALL things are possible!! We are anointed to be parents. God will give us the wisdom, patience and diligence needed to be godly hands on parents. Being parents will be the most fun and challenging thing we will ever have done but we are ready and excited for this new journey!!

If more women had had a father in their lives as young girls, I believe that they would not feel the need to dress half-naked to get attention, sale their bodies for money, have a bunch of babies outside of marriage, date married men, be angry, jealous, unproductive, immature or have low self-esteem. I’m not saying that every girl who does not grow up with a father will be like this but many women are negatively affected by being abandoned by their fathers. Every little girl needs a man who shows them respect, love, guidance, structure and direction. Every little girl deserves to be told that they are special, smart, pretty and loved.

For those who never had an active father in their life

If you’ve never had your father in your life or your children don’t have their father in their lives, you don’t have to worry. The Lord Jesus Christ loves you. He created you and He is ready and waiting to love on you and your children and make you all whole. We all have a Heavenly Father and His love is so great for us that he died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead on the third day. He knows are hurt, pain and disappointment. All we have to do is come to Him with open arms, give our lives to Him and watch Him clean us up and make us new!! Ask Jesus to come into your heart today, get hooked up a church home and I guarantee you that your life will never be the same!!

**Question for parents with daughter** What is the best part about raising girls and the most challenging?

A Happy Father’s Day Message With Love

For the 28 1/2 years that I’ve been on this earth, I’ve been blessed to have such an awesome father, Jeff Wood. My dad has always been there to care for me, support me, pray for me, correct me, teach me, praise me, compliment me and spend time laughing and having fun with me. I never went a day without his love. I have never questioned my father’s dedication to God, my mom or his family. I am forever grateful to God for blessing me with my father.

I don’t take my father for granted because I know many people have never met their fathers or he hasn’t been consistently in their lives. To those individuals I want to say the my Lord and Savior is the Ultimate Father and He loves you and will never leave you! If you don’t know Him but want to, send me a message below and I can introduce you!

What’s awesome about God is when we truly surrender our lives to Him, He shows us how to be the man/woman of God that He’s called us to be. My father did not have a good example of a dad growing up. His father was in the home but didn’t take an active role in the parenting, he abused alcohol and was hanging out a lot. My parents got saved when they were 19 years old and my dad made a decision to live for God all the way, to be a man of God, to lead his home and to raise his children according to the word of God.

My dad is not perfect, no one is, but I wanted to share his testimony because many people wonder if they can be a good person or can be loved or used by God because of what they’ve been through or exposed to. With God ALL things are possible!! If you ask ANYTHING in God’s name, He will do it! If you want to be a better father, mother, student, spouse, professional, Christian etc God can help you do it!! Don’t use your up bringing or past as an excuse. God is willing and able. He’s faithful!!

My parents a decision at a young age to live for God and I am so very glad they did!! Because of their obedience to God and continual prayers, teaching and godly example, my brother and I are both married to wonderful Christian spouses and were both serving at our churches and living for God! Parents your children are watching you and their going to be affected by what they hear and see you do! Make sure your showing them the right way!!

Happy Father’s Day to my brother Joel, I’m so proud of the man, father and husband that you have become!! Happy Father’s Day to all Eddie and I’s uncles and cousins that are fathers. Also Happy Father’s Day to ALL the new fathers and fathers to be that I know! It’s many of you guys and I’m excited about the children you all will raise for the Kingdom of God! To every father whose working hard to love on their children, raise them right and provide for their families, I say thank you, God bless you and Happy Fathers Day!!!!!

Tips To Avoid Baby Mama Drama

Every day in America 4,184 babies are born to unmarried mothers (State of America’s Children 2008 Report). With this stat we know that the odds of a woman dating or marrying a man with a child(ren) is high. Having a partner with children can be very challenging for many reasons but today’s topic is baby mama drama.

If your partner’s baby’s mama is mature, understanding, a good parent or if she has a relationship with the Lord, that’s awesome and you should consider yourself blessed!! If she’s jealous, neglectful, angry, aggressive, rude and immature, you are in for a challenge BUT nothing is too big for God. If you are in a committed relationship or married to someone who has a child with someone else, there are things that you can do to help the relationship with the child’s mother go smoothly. Below are tips on how to avoid baby mama drama. I pray the tips are helpful to you. 

To the ladies that are baby’s mama’s, please know that I’m not saying all BM’s are mean and rude. I’m trying to help those that are facing challenges in this area to make their situation better. Please hear my heart and know that I have love and respect for any woman working hard to raise her child.

10 tips on how to get along with your man’s baby mama.

1. Pray for the mother. We all know that it is difficult to be a single parent, even when the father is involved from outside of the home. We also can admit that no one wants to be the baby’s mother while another woman gets to be the girlfriend or the wife. Pray and ask God to give her strength, wisdom, peace, joy, patience and the resources needed to raise her children. See her as a soul that needs to be won to Christ if she is not saved. We win people to Christ by our love walk and example shown in front of them. So no matter what happens, don’t curse her out and get ignorant with her, that will ruin your witness.

2. Confess good things over her, the baby, as well as you and your spouses’ relationship with her. Confess that she is a good mother, she is patient and kind, she has the fruits of the spirit. Don’t call her “the crazy or evil baby’s mama.” Don’t say, “me and my husband are gonna kill each other if he don’t do something about that woman.” Speak those things that be not as though they were. Call the mother blessed, kind, peaceful, mature etc. Confess peace and blessing no matter what it looks like. 

3. Believe that God answers prayer and it will get better. If we ask in prayer, anything in Jesus’ name, we must believe that he answers prayer. Since you’re praying that the relationship between your partner and the mother gets better, you must believe that God hears you and things are changing in your situation. Whatever you need to see changed, believe that when you pray, God hears you and is working it out. If you believe, you can’t confess negativity, remember that.

4. Don’t compete with the mother. Know your role and be confident in your partner’s love and commitment to you. She is the mother, she deserves respect, but she is not the woman who holds his heart. Don’t let the pressure of the mother being his ex or the child’s mom rock you from being confident in your relationship. Be secure and don’t let her rock your boat! No man wants an insecure woman Don’t compete or compare yourself to her. Be you, do you, and let her be her.

5. Remember it’s all about the children. Sometimes in situations like these, the adults lose focus on what’s the most important, CHILDREN!! The children need love, proper raising, structure, discipline, teaching etc. Who really cares if the parents aren’t best of buds! As long as everyone is respectful and doesn’t speak ill of each other in the presence of the children, nothing else really matters. If you don’t get along with the children’s mother, do more praying than talking. Let God handle it and you let your light shine and keep your mouth closed!!

6. Walk in love and have patience. The bible tells us to love our enemies as ourselves. I’m not saying your partner’s baby’s mother is your enemy but sometimes it may feel that way! In those situations, showing her love and patience will make difficult situations easier. No one can cause drama and argue on their own. If the mother likes to push you and your partner’s buttons, lying, trying to start arguments or won’t let you see the children, stay in love and walk in patience. Consider getting a mediator or someone to help you work through the rough patches if necessary. Also, encourage him to pray about taking her to court so visitation and child support can be established and in writing.

7. Ignore the little things. This tip is simple, everything doesn’t deserve a response! If the mother makes little rude or jealous comments or the children repeat to you what she’s said, you don’t always have to confront her or even repeat it. Foolishness is foolishness and why feed into it. Pray a simple prayer for her and keep moving. You can win her to Christ by your lifestyle and love walk!

8. Look for ways that you and your partner can be a blessing to her and the child. If the mother’s car is down, encourage your partner to help transport the child where he/she needs to go. If she lost her job encourage your partner to drop a few groceries by for a while until they get on their feet again. Remember the children are both of your responsibility if you two are married, and you two want the children to have all that they need, despite how the mother behaves at times. He will be blessed for doing more than child support requires of him if there’s an important need.

9. Work with your husband to establish clear boundaries for the mother. By boundaries I mean not allowing her to call him at all hours of the night unless it’s a true emergency. Not allowing her to just drop by unannounced whenever she wants just to hangout. Encourage your husband to set boundaries with her so everyone’s roles and expectations are clear.

10. Be a team with your partner and make sure you two communicate. Make sure you support your partner in prayer, with your time by caring for and loving on his child appropriately and with a good attitude. It’s your job to be a team player! Also if you have contact with the mother, make sure she knows that you love her child and want to ensure that she’s comfortable and the child has all that he/she needs. If she knows that you love her child, she just may come around to loving you eventually!

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25 Reasons Women Should Love Men

Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

The man who has submitted his will and purposes entirely to God, carries God with him in all his works and in all circumstances.
Meister Eckhart

Right now somewhere in the world, a group of women are having a conversation about why men are no good. They’re calling men names and putting them down because they’ve suffered bad experiences at the hands of men. While the majority of women have a few stories about men, whether about their father, brother, cousin, uncle, grandpa, teacher, neighbor or lover who did them wrong, it ISN’T fair to adopt the attitude that all men are dogs, stupid and dishonest. God created man and He made man in His image. There are some awesome men in the world; I married one, was raised by one, grew up with one and know plenty. Thank you Lord for the men in my life. We need to celebrate the positive men that we know are handling business, going to work everyday, raising their children, serving at their churches, volunteering in their communities, being faithful to God and their wives etc.

We need to have positive confessions over the men in our lives. God created men and therefore men are good. I’m so glad we don’t live in a female only world. I can’t imagine life without men in it. I love my man and ALL that he does for me. He is my blessing and I am his. 

Here is a list of 20 positive things that men are. I thought of my husband, father, brother, male family members and friends when I was composing the  list. If you have men in your life who are struggling in some of these areas, continue to confession that they are those things in Jesus name! Continue to pray, encourage, uplift and support the men in your life. Call those things which be not as though they were!! And if you are believing God for a husband, continue to pray for him and call him the characteristics below that you desire him to be.

There are good men in the world and if you continue to attract the wrong ones, maybe you need to take some time to examine yourself ( and ask God why you continue to attract men that are bad for you. The cycle must stop. Your too precious in God’s sight to continue to get messed over) When I was 21, I discovered that the few boys, not men, that I dated had only been treating me how I ALLOWED them to treat me and therefore if I wanted to be mad at anyone, I realized I had to be mad at myself. I willingly made bad choices because I had rejected God’s way and adopted the world’s way. I rededicated my life to Christ and I changed my environment, attitude, associations, thought patterns and places that I hung out. Because of my lifestyle starting to line up with the word of God, I started hanging out with other singles at my church and I met my husband. Single ladies, just food for thought.

Women Should Love Men Because Men are:

1. Strong
2. Good with their hands
3. Protectors
4. Providers
5. Leaders
6. Sexy
7. Intelligent
8. Problem solvers
9. Funny
10. Talented
11. Athletic
12. Compassionate
13. Romantic
14. Passionate lovers
15. Determined
16. Helpful 
17. Loving
18. Created by God (in His image)
19. Hard working
20. Great fathers
21. Great husbands
22. Goal oriented
23. Heroes
24. Willing to put their lives on the line for their families
25. Dedicated to Christ

Not Just Another Baby’s Daddy

In today’s society, there are thousands and thousands of children being raised in fatherless homes or homes where the father is physically present but not taking an active role in the parenting, educating or discipline of the children. Our children need their fathers to step up to the plate and be more than babies daddies. Here are stats below about children without fathers and a top 20 list of reasons why children need their fathers to be active parents. 

Single ladies, make sure you married men that have the characteristics of great future fathers. If he’s lazy, selfish and lacks compassion and patience, he probably WON’T make a good dad, so let him keep steppin! 

Married ladies, include your husbands in the parenting, discipline and overall raising of the children. Let him lead the household as the bible instructs him to do. Take a team approach and raise the household together. 

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of Health/Census) – 5 times the average 

90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes – 32 times the average. 

85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control) 

80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes –14 times the average. (Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, p. 403-26) 

71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average. (National Principals Association Report) 

85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average.  (Fulton Co. Georgia, Texas Dept. of Correction) 

20 reasons why your child needs you to be an active father 

Fathers play a critical role in the development of their children; however, many fathers are uncertain about the responsibilities and privileges associated with this role. Children need fathers who love and care for them on a consistent basis. The latest research indicates that fathers who are actively involved in raising their children can make a positive and lasting difference in their lives. In contrast, this same research reveals a number of potentially negative outcomes for children whose fathers are not involved. Listed below are 20 reasons why your child needs you to be an active father. 

Being an active father: 

  1. Lets your child know that you love her. Love involves more than saying the words, “I love you.” Fathers who love their children demonstrate their love by spending quality and quantity time together. Children who feel loved are more likely to develop a strong emotional bond with their father and a healthy self-esteem.
  2. Provides your child with greater financial resources. Research clearly indicates that families with an active father are “better off” financially. This means that children with active fathers will be more likely to have access to resources that facilitate healthy development (e.g., food, clothing, shelter, quality medical care).
  3. Provides your child with a positive male role model. Children, regardless of gender, need positive male and female role models. Children tend to model behavior (positive and negative) that they witness on a consistent basis. Active fathers can promote positive behaviors by setting a proper example for their children.
  4. Provides your child with emotional support. In addition to financial support, children also need emotional support from their parents. Active fathers listen and support their children when they experience joy, sadness, anger, fear, and frustration. Fathers who support their children emotionally tend to raise children who are more in-tune with the needs of others.
  5. Enhances your child’s self-esteem. Self-esteem refers to how a person feels about himself. Children with high self-esteem tend to be happier and more confident than children with low self-esteem. Active fathers promote their children’s self-esteem by being fully involved in their lives and letting them know that they are highly valued.
  6. Enhances your child’s intellectual development. Children who are raised with actively involved fathers tend to score higher on measures of verbal and mathematical ability, and also demonstrate greater problem-solving and social skills.
  7. Provides your child with guidance and discipline. From infancy, children need proper guidance and discipline. Active fathers play an important role in teaching their children proper behavior by setting and enforcing healthy limits.
  8. Gives your child someone to play with. One of the primary ways that fathers bond with their children is through play. According to researchers, there are qualitative differences in the ways fathers and mothers play with their children. Fathers tend to use a more physical style of play (e.g., wrestling) that offers a number of benefits to children, including enhanced cognitive ability.
  9. Provides your child with someone to talk to when she has questions. Young children are full of questions. This natural curiosity helps them learn about their environment. Active fathers can be a valuable source of information for children who are seeking answers to life’s important questions.
  10. Increases your child’s chances for academic success. Children whose fathers are actively involved in their lives are more likely to achieve academic success than children whose fathers are not actively involved. These academic benefits appear to extend into adulthood.
  11. Provides your child with an alternative perspective on life. Research indicates that men and women often differ in their parenting styles; however, one style is not necessarily better than the other. Instead, it can be healthy for children to be exposed to different perspectives on life, such as a father’s.
  12. Lowers your child’s chances for early sexual activity. Children with actively involved fathers are less likely to engage in early sexual activity, thus reducing their chances for teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
  13. Lowers your child’s chances for school failure. Children with actively involved fathers are less likely to drop out of school than children with uninvolved fathers.
  14. Lowers your child’s chances for youth suicide. Children with actively involved fathers are less likely to commit suicide than children with uninvolved fathers.
  15. Lowers your child’s chances for juvenile delinquency. The benefits of having an active father throughout a child’s early years extend into the teen years as well. Children with active fathers are less likely to commit juvenile crimes than children with inactive fathers.
  16. Lowers your child’s chances for adult criminality. The chances that a child will commit crimes as an adult also diminish when he grows up with an actively involved father.
  17. Provides your child with a sense of physical and emotional security. One of the major benefits that fathers can provide to their children by being actively involved is a sense of security (physical and emotional). By being actively involved in a child’s life, a father promotes a trusting relationship. The child does not have to worry about being abandoned.
  18. Facilitates your child’s moral development. Children need a moral compass to guide them when they face difficult moral choices. Fathers, like mothers, help children to develop a sense of right and wrong that serves as a foundation for establishing moral character.
  19. Promotes a healthy gender identity in your child. Boys and girls benefit from having healthy role models from both sexes. Research points to the fact that mothers and fathers socialize their children in different ways. Fathers can help their children, especially boys, to develop a healthy sense of what it means to be a male.
  20. Helps your child learn important life skills. Most of the essential life skills that children need to survive are learned within the home. Fathers have a unique opportunity to teach their children valuable skills that will enable them to grow up to be healthy and productive adults. Fathers, your children need you! Make a commitment to be an active father. Your children will greatly benefit from your involvement in their lives. 



Daddy’s Girl

I woke up this morning thinking about God’s love. How important it is to be a spiritual daddy’s girl. Being a spiritual daddy’s girl is very similar to being a daddy’s girl in the natural sense. In the natural, I have a father (Jeff Wood) who means the world to me. He is the best earthly father that I know. My father has always raised me in the things of the Lord. He has always been in my home and active in our lives. My father has worked hard over the years to provide for his family and show us what it means to be a real man. My father taught me what to look for in a husband and he always lead by example.

My heavenly father, my Lord, is even more awesome than my natural father because he knew me before I was in my mother’s womb as the bible speaks about in Jeremiah. He knows the number of hairs on my head, He created me for a purpose and He has promised to never leave me or forsake me. My God’s love is unconditional. No matter how many mistakes I make, if I honestly come to Him and repent, he will forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteous. My God provides for me supernaturally, He opens doors that need to be open and He closes doors that need to be closed. No one compares to my heavenly daddy!! It’s important to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and to know what His word says about you. In His presence you will discover your purpose, your value/worth, your self-esteem will go sky high, trust me I’m a living witness!!

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