Boobs In or Boobs Out, That is the Question

Over the last month it’s been strangely hot in Michigan. We didn’t get our usual snow storms or winter weather. Spring is finally here and hopefully the cold weather is behind us. As we prepare for continuous warm days, I felt the need to remind us ladies to watch what we wear. As women of God we want to please the Lord in our wardrobe. Now this doesn’t mean we have to wear turtle necks and head wraps BUT we should make sure our body parts aren’t hanging out for all to see. God has called us to holiness and modesty. I believe there’s a way to be modest but fashionable. Checkout this list below and let me know what you think.

Top 4 Reasons To Put Your Boobs Away and Be Stylish But Modest

1.  Everyone doesn’t need to see your goodies, leave something to the imagination. Your body is sacred and private. You want the man your interested in to work to get to know you, date you and marry you. When you wear your breast out, you don’t appear to be the woman wanting to have a lasting relationship, you look like the woman looking to get laid. Make sure your attire is representing you correctly.

2. You’ll attract guys who are only attracted to your body and you’ll give them the wrong impression about you. You’re a intelligent, hard-working woman but when you show up wearing a top that everyone can see through and is so low-cut even the women have to look away, no one will think of you as anything but the  girl who doesn’t cover up.

3. Your more than a sex object, your God’s child. Your self-esteem shouldn’t be based on how many guys are drooling over you. The bible says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are so important to the Lord, He created you and knows everything about you. He knows the past hurts that you’ve experienced and He wants to heal you, love on you and comfort you. By dressing revealing to get attention, you’ll only find lust, not love. Love desires you with your clothes on, lust desires you only when your clothes are off.

4. Young girls around you are watching so ask yourself what are you showing them? I’m always amazed when I see a woman walking in the mall half-naked with 3 kids trailing behind her and one in the stroller. That woman is looking for attention the only way she knows how but sadly her children are watching and she’s sending them the wrong message. As women and mothers, we must show our children and other young girls around us how to carry themselves. We must watch our dress, conversations and relationships because their watching and what we do affects them. Ask yourself what your wardrobe is teaching your girls.

Full Figured Fashionista Part 2: My Personal Tips

Full Figured Fashionista part 1 was an article of professional fashion tips, part 2 includes a few tips that I use on a daily basis to make myself fashionable.

1. I always make sure I have on the right size undergarments. If your panties or bra are too big or small, it will mess up your look. You always want to have a smooth and even look and that starts with what’s underneath your clothes. You can have a sales clerk measure you so you know exactly what size you are.

Body magic!! Body magic is a wonderful undergarment smoother. I would encourage all plus size women who have a few curves or rolls that they want to hide to Invest in a good undergarment smoother. When you want to wear a tight blouse or dress and don’t want your belly or love handles to show, a body magic will come in handy!

2. I always try on my clothes in the store to make sure they fit me right (meaning the clothes show off the curves I want to show and hide the ones I don’t) There’s nothing worse than seeing a full-figured woman wearing too tight and too small clothes!! Whether you wear a size 2, 12 or 22, wear your size with confidence! If you’re a 22, don’t try to were a 16. You may feel better about yourself on the inside because you’re wearing a smaller size, but on the outside you look silly. Love the skin you’re in!

There are different cuts of pants available to accommodate ladies with the long legs, short skins, skinny or thick legs, ladies with lots of hips or no hips can all look fabulous! Ask a sales lady to help you find what looks great on you!

3. When I shop I try not to buy clothes that look the same. I want to spice up my wardrobe and have a variety of colors and styles. Try not to always buy the same colors and styles, be adventurous sometimes. Make sure your clothes match though, don’t dress up like Punky Brewster lol!

4. I fell in love with accessories a few years ago. Accessorizing is so much fun and can be very inexpensive. I love big earrings and I never pay more than $8 per pair. I often find great deals between $3-$6. Look for sales on purses, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I often find great sales at little clothing stores at the mail, Claires, Forever 21 etc. Ashley Stewart has great accessories too! The right accessories can spice up any outfit. Its fun to mix and match the accessories with different outfits too in your wardrobe too.

5. I am a bargain shopper so my last tip would be to shop smart for your budget. Always be wise with your money. Looking good doesn’t have to break the bank. JCPenny has a good plus size section and Rainbow and Dots do too. Ashley Stewart and Lan Bryant are good stores also. There are plenty of places you can shop at. For shoes I shop at Payless, Village Shoe Inn, Burlington and DSW.

Well I hope these tips were helpful! Happy shopping!!

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Learning To Become A Full Figured Fashionista

I want to expand my wardrobe and learn more about fashion, so I googled tips for full figured women. I am full figured and while I would like to lose some weight and tone up, I have embraced my curves and learned to love the skin I’m in. Nascha Joli at wrote the article below and I found it to be helpful. Check it out and let me know what you think. Feel free to list any tips that you have found to be helpful also.

Fashionistas come in all shapes and sizes and the fashion industry is starting to recognize this. Designers are responding by offering more fashion lines and retailers that cater to full-figured women. With more options available, full-figured women looking to expand their wardrobe and embrace their inner fashionista have more options now than ever. With so many choices it can be easy to make a fashion faux pas.

In Figure It Out: The Real Woman’s Guide to Great Style by Geri Brin and Tish Jett, a style guide for full-figured women that showcases style options to flatter every shape, the authors suggest that style is not about size, trends, fads or the biggest names in fashion. They insist that style is about following classic lines and wearing clothes with a flattering fit. With this in mind, here are some tips for the full figured woman who wants to embrace fashion and style.

Start With the Basics of Good Fashion

Buy quality fundamentals. The most important part of any woman’s outfit begins with a clean bra and pair of panties—that fit. It seems like such obvious advice but there are so many women who are wearing the wrong bra and panty size. Additions such as shapers, camisoles and girdles may add to the look of the outfit, but these too must fit the woman perfectly. When in doubt, get measured by a professional to be sure about the proper size.

Purchase clothes that are flattering and suit individual style. Clothing that flatters a woman’s curves and body shape almost always boosts her confidence and makes her look better. Women who are busty should embrace their breasts size and wear clothing that shows some (but not too much) cleavage. Women who are bottom heavy or pear shaped should embrace the size of their hips and buttocks and not try to hide it. Wearing clothing that appears like a tent in an effort to hide curves will not only make a woman look and feel heavier, but may also appear unattractive. Flattering clothing has the opposite effect.

Building a Fashion Wardrobe

Buy clothes in the right size and of quality material for a better look and a better fit. Almost nothing looks worse than clothing that does not fit or is made of unflattering and cheap material. It is always better to save up and spend more for quality clothing that fit better and will last longer.

Consider hiring a tailor. In Figure It Out, the authors insist that every woman should have a tailor. Tailors give off-the-rack clothing that sophisticated custom look. For a few extra bucks, an average outfit can become above-average with an impeccable fit.

Classic cuts go a long way. Build a wardrobe with classic items such as a tailored white blouse, slacks and trousers, a fitted blazer, cardigan sets, black dress, skirts for day or evening etc. Having these staples are important when building a fashion wardrobe as they can be worn for many occasions and for work or play.

Play With Fashion Styles, Trends and Accessories

Do not fear trying new trends and styles. Full-figured women should embrace change, but in moderation and only those that flatter the body. Fashion designers are including more styles in larger sizes making the latest trends more accessible. Do not be afraid to go out and try a new look, just make sure that it is the right size and flatters the body.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Full-figured women should amp up the accessories. A gorgeous bag, hat or jewelry set can make even the simplest outfit appear ten times better. Accessories do not have to be designer products or very expensive. As long as they speak to the fashion sensibility and personality of the wearer and compliment the outfit, they should be worn.

Mix day and evening wear. Choose outfits that can easily transform from day to nice. Wearing a beautiful black dress with a blazer to the office during the day for example, easily transforms into the perfect outfit for the after-work cocktail party, sans the blazer of course.

Full-figured women who are looking to embrace the fashionista within now have a range of stores and designers to choose from. With so many options to compliment individual style, it is now easier than ever to become a full-figured fashionista. Accessories are a girls’ best friend, but classic clothes tailored to fit one’s body means a better fit and a unique fashionable look. With a friend or mentor in tow, fashionistas should always buy appropriate clothing in the correct size and not be afraid to try anything new.


  • Brin, Geri and Jett, Tish. Figure It Out: The Real Woman’s Guide to Great Style. Sixth & Spring Books: 2004. ISBN: 1-931543-61-5

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