Pretty Brown Girls With Pretty Brown Hair

Muppet Wikia published the back story of how the song I Love My Hair came to be. Read a insert of that post below.

“I Love My Hair” is a Sesame Street song performed by an Anything Muppet girl. She sings about how proud she is of her hair and the many ways she can wear it. The girl is voiced by Chantylla Johnson and puppeteered by Kevin Clash.

The video was posted on Sesame Workshop’s YouTube channel in October 2010, and quickly garnered online attention for its positive message.[1] Following the original debut of the segment, other airings feature a modified music track.


My 2 1/2 year old daughter Elyssa and I love the Sesame Street song I Love My Hair. The puppet is a pretty brown girl with a mini afro just like my daughter. In the video, the girl sings about how special, beautiful and unique her hair is because she can do it in all types of styles. Elyssa’s eyes always light up when she watches the video. She rubs her hair and dances around. Words can’t describe how happy it makes me feel to see her at such a young age celebrating and embracing her hair. After watching the video one night she laid in her bed and said “Mommy, I love my hair, I’m beautiful!” I smiled and said “Yes you are baby!!


My husband and I have been blessed with two girls, Elyssa (2 1/2 yrs) and Elaina (8 months) and we call them our pretty brown girls. We tell them that we love their brown skin, hair and eyes. When I comb Elyssa’s hair I tell her how pretty it is. In a world that tells our girls that they need to have light skin, with skinny bodies and straight hair to their butt, we as parents MUST teach our children that they’re ALL beautiful and special just the way God made them. We oil Elyssa’s scalp and comb her afro and let her pick out which bow she wants to wear and we tell her that she’s pretty, smart, holy, kind and a child of God. I’m not trying to raise self centered vain daughters, I’m trying to teach them early to love the skin they’re in. Our girls are fearfully and wonderfully made, Psalm 139:14 NIV.

Psalm 139:13-16 Message Bible

Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out;
you formed me in my mother’s womb.
I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking!
Body and soul, I am marvelously made!
I worship in adoration—what a creation!
You know me inside and out,
you know every bone in my body;
You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit,
how I was sculpted from nothing into something.
Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth;
all the stages of my life were spread out before you,
The days of my life all prepared
before I’d even lived one day.


I grew up attending mainly private schools where the African American population was small. In the 80’s and 90’s it wasn’t as cool to wear natural hair as it is now. I remember the white female students being so curious about the texture of my hair and the hair styles I wore and asking lots of questions. I remember being different and not always feeling special about it. While I loved my brown skin and big lips, I secretly wanted my hair to be long and silky straight permanently, not just for the few hours after my mom pressed it. My mom taught me that I was beautiful and made in the image of God. While my parents did a great job building my self esteem, I don’t believe that brown girls were embraced and celebrated like they are today. Today there are more brown baby dolls on the shelves, cool cartoons that feature diverse female characters like Doc McStuffins and organizations like Pretty Brown Girl and Black Girls Rock just to name a few. I believe that it’s so important for children of color to see faces and hair styles like their’s being celebrated; therefore we make sure that our girls have books and dolls that feature brown children as well as other races. We are all children of God and He made no mistakes when He created us. If we don’t teach our children to love themselves then who will?

Her name is Elyssa Janee’ Willis and she loves her hair!!


Sesame head writer Joey Mazzarino told New York Magazine:

“ My wife and I, we adopted our daughter from Ethiopia, so we’re two white parents raising an African-American daughter. We knew issues of skin color would come up, and then hair came up a bit last year when she wasn’t really loving her curls and wanted to have long, blonde, straight hair. She would put on wigs, she would want her hair like her mom’s or a Barbie, and I thought maybe it was an issue because she was being raised by white parents and she sees us every day.

But then when Chris Rock’s film Good Hair came out, I was talking to my executive producer about it and I realized, ‘Oh, this is a bigger issue. This isn’t just my child, it’s [happening with other] African-American girls.’ So I asked my executive producer, ‘Hey, can I take a shot at writing something for this?’ So I quickly sat down in my office and thought about what I say to my daughter, and we wrote this song…

My Journey To The Fab New Me & My 200th Blog Post!

Happy 200th blog post!! Thank you to everyone for reading, supporting and commenting! March 31 is my blogs 2 year anniversary. The blog has currently received over 60,000 hits! I love what God is doing through me to bless others! Please keep reading and I will continue to be led by the Holy Spirit regarding what to post!

My Journey To The Fabulous New Me

Recently, I went out on a date with my husband and to my surprise, it took me a minute to find my make up. I had to stop and ask myself how long it had been since I put anything besides lipstick on?? Then I wanted to wear my contacts (because I’ve been sporting my glasses for almost the last two years) but I didn’t have any contact solution in the house. I told myself that it was time to bring back the old me and step it up a notch! I missed the old me who wasn’t always running around the house grabbing diaper bags, packing baby food and combing her hair in the car. I love being a mom but I decided that I needed to make time for it all and be fabulous in the process!

Last Friday, I worked a half day then took 2hrs to do some shopping for myself, by myself. It was a warm winter day and the sun was shinning! For Michigan weather, this was a big deal! By the time I was done, I had purchased 3 pair of earrings, make up, contact solutions and other hair care and hygiene products. I also stopped to get my eyebrows arched; something that I never seem to do on a consistent basis but that’s about to change. My hair dresser was out-of-town so I asked my mom to come over and help me do my hair. I was tired of not slowing down and taking the time I needed for me. It’s no ones fault but my own. My husband is super helpful and he tries to get me to relax and not do so much but sometimes it’s hard for me to just sit down. I needed to make myself slow down and make myself a priority and over the last six days I’ve done just that!

Once my hair was washed, pressed and bouncy, I put on my contacts, make up and earrings.  I looked like a new woman! I felt confident;  like a million bucks! My husband and daughter came in the bathroom and both grinned from ear to ear. My husband told me how much he liked my look and how he missed looking into my eyes without my glasses. He of course told me I was beautiful before and he liked the changes I’d made. He wanted to take me out so we got dressed, went to dinner and had a fun family evening.

For the last six days, I’ve gotten up everyday in enough time to nurse my daughter, talk with my honey, get my lunch, coffee AND do my hair and make up. Before my daughter, I would wear make up on the weekends (Hey I’m a social worker don’t judge me 🙂 But now I’d like to wear light make up daily and take time to make sure that I have the look that I want before leaving the house.

Ladies, life is busy with school, work, children, church, house work etc BUT we must take time for ourselves. We won’t be able to effectively do all that we need to do if we don’t take care of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Here’s a list of ideas of things to do just for you: take a bubble bath, scrapbook, go to a movie, window shop, read a good book, work out, eat healthier and get more sleep. If you’ve been wearing the same hair style or make up, consider trying something new. When we feel comfortable, confident and rested, we’re at peace and much more happy. I’m sure our husbands, children, friends and coworkers were notice a change in our mood and will appreciate the new confident and relaxed us.  Take time this week and think about what you can do on a consistent basis just for you. Trust me you will be happy that you did!! Happy Wednesday!

How To Choose A Good Hair Dresser

Step 1: Know What Qualities to Look For

  • You may be wondering what qualities make a good hair dresser. Although the answer is subjective depending on what you are looking for, there are several general traits you might want to look for when choosing a new hair dresser. These include, but are not limited to:
  1. Good communicator
  2. Knowledge of health-related topics associated with hair
  3. Ability to recognize conditions or abnormalities on the skin, hair or scalp
  4. Friendly and personable
  • Step 2: What Are Your Needs?
    • Knowing what your hair needs are is extremely important in finding the perfect hair dresser. Some hair dressers, for example, specialize in highlights or perms, while others are known for their flair for the hippest styling techniques.
  • Step 3: Get Recommendations
    • A great way to find a hair dresser is by talking to others. You can:
    1. Talk to friends and family. If you are getting advice from people that know you and whom you already trust then chances are you will find you like the hair dresser they recommend.
    2. Talk to salon schools in your area. Usually they can tell you some of the better salons and stylists around town. Sometimes they may suggest you try their school, where for a discount you can get your hair done by students in training. Although not always ideal, it is one way to get a cheaper cut and style.
  • Step 4: Find a Good Quality Salon
    • Sometimes the best way to find the most qualified hair dresser is to first find the highest rated salons in your area. Usually top notch salons only hire the best, so if you find the right salon, you will most likely find the best hair dresser to fit your needs. You can also specify to the person in charge of appointments what your needs are and they can then tell you the person on staff that specializes in that particular hair cut or treatment. You can find salons in your area by:
    1. Word of mouth. Again, friends and family will usually be honest and suggest a decent hair dresser for your needs; assuming, of course, that they have a good flare for hair!
    2. The internet will provide a wealth of information. You may even find sites that rate the salons and their stylists.
    3. Drive around town. Sometimes by walking into a salon and asking questions you can at least get a feel for the place and the hair dressers there. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either! You might even want to talk to some of the customers there.
  • Here are some questions you should cover during your hair stylist consultation:

    • What are the main products that you use in servicing your clients’ hair?
    • What types of services do you offer? (Relaxers, roller sets, deep conditioning, wraps, braids, etc.)
    • What hair types and textures do you work with? (Natural, kinky, relaxed, etc.)
    • How long have you been a hair stylist?
    • What are your hours?

    Here are some things you should look for at a salon:

    • How is the stylist interacting with her clients? Is she handling their hair with care? Is she explaining what she’s doing before she does it?Is she listening to her client?
    • Does their seem to be a long wait for the stylist to get started? Does it seem like people have been there all day?
    • Is the salon clean? Are there places for salon equipment? Is the washing area clean? Is clean up being done as work is being done? Are stylists eating in the same area as hair is being done?
    • How is the atmosphere? Is it air conditioned? Are the hair stylists getting along with each other? Are there lots of of unwatched children? Is there cursing? Are street vendors allowed to solicit inside the salon?
    • Is the salon convenient for you? Is there ample parking? Is the neighborhood safe whether you choose to visit morning or evening.

    My Pet Peeves About Beauty Shops

    The going joke in my family is that I didn’t have any hair when I was born. I was the cute bald baby, who didn’t sprout hair until I was 4-5 years old. My mom says that my hair was so short and scarce that only my babysitter could grab the baby hairs and put my hair into a semi style.

    As time went on, I got older and my hair grew and grew. My mom never put a perm in my hair and therefore when I got older, I didn’t either. My mom washed and pressed my hair from the time I was a young girl until I was in college. I got my hair done at the shop for special occasions but for the most part my mom pressed my hair. I was fine with sitting in my mom’s kitchen, next to the stove, talking with her and getting my hair done for free.

    The times when I got my hair done at a shop, things NEVER seemed to work out. I got my first hair cut at 16 and it was uneven and my hair wasn’t pressed hard enough, so it was an afro by the evening. I got my first set of streaks when I turned 18, but they were too light, the color blended in with my hair and no one could see it.

    As I got older and started making money after college, my mom encouraged me to find a beautician that I liked and could afford. The beauticians that I went to either cut my ends too much, didn’t streak/die my hair correctly, didn’t press my hair hard enough or had me waiting for hours to get a simple wash and press. I finally found a beautician that was affordable, close to my house and very friendly. My cousin recommended her to me. I have been going to her for at least 4 years now and she does a great job. She presses the mess out of my hair and she keeps it healthy and looking good. Even though I enjoy my beautician, I still have pet peeves about how things go down in the shop sometimes. I love my people and I’m not trying to be negative about black beauticians but some of them need to do better. Below is a list of beauty shop pet peeves that I’ve experienced or heard about over the years.

    Things That Should Not Go Down In Any Shop

    1. Loud vulgar music

    2. Beauticians showing up late to work

    3. Beauticians booking too many clients and making their clients wait all day.

    4. Beauiticans moving slowly as if their clients have nothing better to do but to sit in the shop with them all day.

    5. Beauiticans that let their clients use vulgar language and have inappropriate conversations.

    6. Beauiticans that like to sit down and eat when they should be finishing up your hair

    7. Beauticans that won’t return your calls promptly when your trying to schedule

    8. Beauticans that are nosy and talk to much

    9. Beauticians that cut too much of your ends and play dumb when you confront them about it

    10. Beauticians that don’t keep the shop environment peaceful and professional

    Black folk we have to do better! If you own a business you want it to be the best in town! You should be professional in your attire, language and shop environment. People should be lining up outside to get in because your reputation and craft are stellar. Don’t fall into the stereotype of many black on businesses (esp barber and beauty shops) where you are late to work, make your clients wait, your shop is a club scene and people are always talking about inappropriate topics (who is sleeping with who) Fight to be better. Customer service is everything!! Trust me, your business will increase when you professionalism does also!

    **Ladies what have been some of your experiences with beauty shops? What would you like to see change about the way black beauticians do business***

    Good Hair, My Journey From Press To Natural

    I have been talking about trying some natural hair styles for a year and I NEVER stepped out and tried any. My fear of looking wild because I have so much hair is one of the things holding me back. Also, I have not done my own hair in at least 3 years if not more. By this I mean, I have not washed, blow dried or pressed/flat ironed my own hair. I am not good at getting it bone straight so I don’t waste my time trying anymore. I would LOVE to be free of getting my hair pressed every 3 weeks and trying to maintain the straight texture until I see my stylist again. I love wearing my hair pressed but with summer coming and me exercising more, there has to be a better style than a wrap. I have never had a perm but I have been a slave to the pressing comb my whole 28 years of life. Its time to get free!! LOL

    My coworker shared a website with me that I will checkout Currently, I don’t put any products in my hair except a little oil when it gets dry. I wrap it at night and comb it and go each morning. This is another reason that has hindered me from trying a new style; my current style is boring BUT effortless. I don’t have to spend lots of time in the mirror and I don’t have to spend lots of money on products.

    So if I get some assistance from ladies on what to do, where to go and how to do it, I WILL step out and try the natural look. God has blessed me with a full head of healthy hair and I want to see what types of creative styles I can do with it!! I wore my hair in a blow dried and wild with a head band last Thursday before I got braids and I really liked it. The wind was blowing in my hair and I didn’t have to worry about sweating out my press! I was honestly nervous about going out in public without my hair pressed, which is sad. Once I was out, the nervous feels started to away and I felt comfortable. I would like to feel comfortable and confident with a new natural look.

    Questions for the ladies who wear their hair natural.

    1) Where do you get your hair style ideas from?

    2) What products do you use?

    3) When you first started wearing it natural, were you nervous to step out and try something new?

    4) What advice do you have for me to get started?

    Thanks ladies in advance for your help!!

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