Boobs In or Boobs Out, That is the Question

Over the last month it’s been strangely hot in Michigan. We didn’t get our usual snow storms or winter weather. Spring is finally here and hopefully the cold weather is behind us. As we prepare for continuous warm days, I felt the need to remind us ladies to watch what we wear. As women of God we want to please the Lord in our wardrobe. Now this doesn’t mean we have to wear turtle necks and head wraps BUT we should make sure our body parts aren’t hanging out for all to see. God has called us to holiness and modesty. I believe there’s a way to be modest but fashionable. Checkout this list below and let me know what you think.

Top 4 Reasons To Put Your Boobs Away and Be Stylish But Modest

1.  Everyone doesn’t need to see your goodies, leave something to the imagination. Your body is sacred and private. You want the man your interested in to work to get to know you, date you and marry you. When you wear your breast out, you don’t appear to be the woman wanting to have a lasting relationship, you look like the woman looking to get laid. Make sure your attire is representing you correctly.

2. You’ll attract guys who are only attracted to your body and you’ll give them the wrong impression about you. You’re a intelligent, hard-working woman but when you show up wearing a top that everyone can see through and is so low-cut even the women have to look away, no one will think of you as anything but the  girl who doesn’t cover up.

3. Your more than a sex object, your God’s child. Your self-esteem shouldn’t be based on how many guys are drooling over you. The bible says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are so important to the Lord, He created you and knows everything about you. He knows the past hurts that you’ve experienced and He wants to heal you, love on you and comfort you. By dressing revealing to get attention, you’ll only find lust, not love. Love desires you with your clothes on, lust desires you only when your clothes are off.

4. Young girls around you are watching so ask yourself what are you showing them? I’m always amazed when I see a woman walking in the mall half-naked with 3 kids trailing behind her and one in the stroller. That woman is looking for attention the only way she knows how but sadly her children are watching and she’s sending them the wrong message. As women and mothers, we must show our children and other young girls around us how to carry themselves. We must watch our dress, conversations and relationships because their watching and what we do affects them. Ask yourself what your wardrobe is teaching your girls.

5 Responses to “Boobs In or Boobs Out, That is the Question”

  1. marriagecoach1 Says:

    I subscribe to grandmas advice to women, show enough skin to let them know that you are a woman but hide enough to show them that you are a lady. At little exposed cleavage never hurt.

    Blessings on you and yours

  2. Red Joe Says:

    Very Good and we men can struggle with this too!

  3. Keilani Says:

    You know I agree whole-heartedly. Men themselves would tell you they dont want to see every thing but they want to use their imagination. If they wanted to see exposed boobs they’ll go to the strip club (that’s what I say)
    There’s a difference between sexy and sluty contray to what some women believe. 90% of sexy is attitude and that attitude is confidence. I can be sexy rocking jogging pants and a hoodie (ive been approached many times in this outfit) sexy is how you carry yourself, not what you wear for the most part.

  4. Keilani Says:

    Oops *contrary

  5. Valencia Says:

    The fashion choices today can leave a lot of parts out there. I get so tired of women posting pictures on FB with the rear out and then all the comments they get from males. Wrong type of attention. Wear what flatters you but don’t have all your parts hanging out.

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