Loyal Drama Free Friends, How Many Of Us Have Them? Happy Bday To My BFF!

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Prov 18:24

Every woman needs at least one friend that she can always count on to support, challenge and have her back. A friend that will keep her in line in love when she starts trippin. A friend who has a serious relationship with God and is able to remind her of God’s promises during the challenging times. A friend that makes her feel like she’s back in middle school because their always laughing and talking for hours when they get together. A friendship that is drama free and will never be broken because of selfishness or some loser guy. A friend who knows her value and worth in Christ as well as yours. A friend who makes sure you’re both living up to God’s standards and not the silly emptiness of the world.

I’ve been blessed with several awesome friends but today’s post is dedicated to one of my dearest friends who fits every part of the above description, Marcia Scott. Marcia and I have been close friends since the 8th grade. In the pic above, my daughter and I are on the left and Marcia is on the right. We were at her bday party on 1/27/12. I wanted to write today’s post for 2 reasons: 1. To honor Marcia on her birthday weekend for being the best BFF a woman could ever ask for. 2. To remind women that female friendships don’t have to be full of gossip, drama and jealousy.

Ladies you only need a handful of true friends who you can trust and who always help you to be better. If a friendship isn’t taking you up, it’s bringing you down. Do you friends encourage you to reach your goals and live your dreams? Are you friends hungry to walk according to God’s word or are they looking for opportunities to get into trouble and make bad choices? Today I challenge you to make a list of your closest friends and write out what makes them a good friend and a bad friend. For each friend, see which side of the list is longer and make a decision to hang out less and less with those that you see aren’t good for you. Ask God to send you godly faithful friends and He will honor your desire to be right before Him.

Prayer of Friendship

Dear Lord,

Thank You for your faithfulness and for always being a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Thank you for ALL of the awesome friends you have sent me over the years. Thank you for Marcia especially today Lord. Bless her in every area of her life and continue to give her wisdom, peace, joy, prosperity, strength and boldness for you.

Lord I pray for those who read this post. Help each of them to make better choices this year regarding their friendships. Give each of us the strength to walk away from friendships that bring us down and help us to trust that you will bring new friends into our lives that will help us to live joyful, peaceful and productive lives. We thank you in advance Lord, AMEN!

9 Reasons Why I Love Nursing My 9 Month Old

While nursing can sometimes have it’s challenges, it’s been an awesome joy and experience for my daughter and I. I wanted to share why nursing is great for us and I also hope to promote breastfeeding and dispel a few myths! Enjoy the list and feel free to post why you enjoy nursing. This pic is of me nursing my daughter at a park when she was 6 months old.

I Love Nursing Because:

1. It’s a wonderful way for Elyssa and I to bond. She likes to hold my fingers and gaze into my eyes while nursing. She enjoys cuddling up close to me and nursing till she’s satisfied.

2. The breast milk I produce is the perfect nutrients to keep her healthy, strong and developing on target. Breast milk also protects my baby girl from many illnesses and future health issues, therefore it’s worth the minor challenges I encountered in the beginning.

3. It’s super convenient and easy once she and I got the hang of it. I’ve never had to prepare bottles in the middle of the night or get frustrated when I run out the house and forget her diaper bag. I can just find a nice comfy spot and nurse her. My body provides her with everything that she needs. Now, latching is like second nature to her; she doesn’t need my help at all.

4. I’m able to educate those around me about the benefits and joys of breastfeeding. I’ve been blessed to have an awesome breastfeeding experience and to learn a lot along the way. I love posting about nursing on my Facebook status, having discussions with others online, at work, church and family events. Many moms and moms to be have sought me out to process their concerns and challenges about nursing and I’ve been able to help, encourage and give them resources. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to help another mom breastfeed successfully.

5. Nursing has helped me to lose 60 pounds! I lost the 30 that I gained during my pregnancy soon after birth and since then I’ve lost an additional 30 pounds. This week my coworker complimented me on my weight loss and asked me how I did it. When I told her that all I’ve been doing is nursing and Elyssa AND I have benefited greatly from it, she was very surprised and said she never knew that weight loss was a benefit of nursing.

6. Nursing has helped us to save lots and lots of money! Breast milk is what’s best for babies and it’s FREE!! Between breast milk helping babies to remain healthy, it being free and helps with weight loss, I’m not sure why more women don’t nurse. Trust me, nursing is worth the initial challenges as mom and baby learn the techniques. Don’t believe that nursing is very hard, that it hurts and is too time consuming. Everyone’s experience is different but my experience has been easy and rewarding.

7. I use my breast milk to make baby food. Elyssa’s pediatrician gave me the great idea of using my breast milk when making her food due to me having a big milk supply. Making her baby food has been lots of fun and very easy. Also making her food helps us to control what goes in her body and saves us money. I can spend $2 on 2 jars of baby food or I can take $2 and buy a few fresh veggies and prepare a few trays of pureed food.

8. I can donate my breast milk to help other moms and babies in need. I’ve donated 405 oz of milk so far and I plan to donate more in the future. I’ve been blessed to have a high milk supply and Elyssa never took well to bottles so the milk that I pump at work each day starts to pile up. I hooked up with the Human Milk For Human Babies Facebook page and located the Michigan page. I went to the page and let the moms know that I had milk to donate and I hooked up with 5 moms over a 2 month period to donate the 405 oz. It was an amazing feeling to be able to bless those families!

9. It brings my daughter so much joy. When I come home from work each day, Elyssa is smiling and reaching for me because she’s ready to nurse. In the middle of nursing, she stops, looks me in the eyes and gives me the BIGGEST smile! Sometimes she even babbles a few sounds as if she’s saying, thank you mommy, I love you. Those moments make me feel wonderful and reminds me why I nurse.

Bottome line, breast is best! I hope this blog post has helped you and answered some of your questions or concerns about breastfeeding. Feel free to email me questions at http://www.joanna.willis@hotmail.com

Helpful FB breastfeeding pages






Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:13-14 KJV

What things do you need to forget about from 2011 and keep pressing in God in 2012? What or who did you let hold you back, put you down and prevent you from being all that God called you to be? Whatever it was, it’s time to give it to God, move forward in Him and walk in ALL that He has for you this year.

Here’s a list of things to forget and press on in Jesus this new year.

1. Failed relationships/friendships

2. Failed businesses/ministries

3. Financial struggles

4. Your loved ones drama that you can’t control or change

5. Feelings of depression because you’re not where you felt you should be by this age

For many, last year was an extremely hard year. Unemployment, financial struggles, martial, emotional and physical issues BUT GOD! If your reading this then you made it into 2012, your still breathing and you have a chance to partner with God and watch Him do miraculous things in your life and your loved ones lives. Forget about what the news, doctors, employers, neighbors or even yo mama said. What does the word of God say? What did God promise you? That He would never leave you or forsake you. That He loves you so much that He died on the cross for you. That He has plans to prosper you and give you a future.

I know it’s hard and sometimes impossible to just shut tragedies and concerns out of our minds. Seek help from a counselor, pastor or trusted loved one if you need to talk, cry and/or pray your way out of last years issues. It’s ok to need someone to help you get over your problems,  but it’s not okay to let your past control you and hold you back. We are to cast our burdens to Jesus because He cares for us!

Lets check ourselves today. What have we been confessing? Who have we been talking to? Are we speaking death over ourselves and our situations or are we speaking life? Is your best friend reminding you or the word of God and encouraging you when you’re venting about your problems or is he/she telling you  that nothing good ever happens to you and you should just give up? Forget the drama, forget the failures, keep pressing towards God, towards His love, promises and His word. 2012 WILL BE an awesome year because God is on our side.

Psalm 118:6 The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?

Israel Houghton- Moving Forward http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw1DxO_umwo

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