10 Tips To Making Your Marriage Bed Even HOTTER in 2012

It’s so important for us married folk to keep thinking of ways to keep our marriage bed holy, smokin hot, healthy and happy. Husbands and wives need to continue to create ways to please one another and have fun in the bedroom. Wives, let’s consider trying a few suggestions on this list to help us step up our bedroom game in 2012. You know what your husband likes and if you don’t then simply just ask him. He needs to learn your sexual desires and needs and you need to learn his. Enjoy trying new things together. Learn to let loose and laugh as you discover pleasure together. Don’t try to be anyone but yourselves. Trying new things does require a little bravery but you can do it and your husband will appreciate your thoughtfulness and attempt to take ya’lls intimacy to the next level!

10 Tips To Making Your Marriage Bed Even HOTTER in 2012

1. If your husband is into lingerie, consider purchasing a sexy outfit once a month or every other month. Men are visual and he’ll enjoy seeing his bride in somethings short and sexy.

2. Try a new position once a month. Either you can think of the position if your good at being creative or you can propose the idea to your husband and you two enjoy thinking of new ways to please each other together.

3. Practice kissing your husband longer and more passionately, whether during your intimate moments or just when saying goodbye before heading out to work. Show him with your actions that you adore him and appreciate him. A soft sensual kiss may be just what he needs to start his day or end his day.

4. Think of creative ways to initiate sex more often. Husbands like to feel desired and they like to know that we’re looking forward to making love to them.

5. Send loving and sensual text messages to your husband during the day, letting him know that he’s on your mind and you can’t wait to come together with him later. This gives him something to look forward to and he’ll be excited to know that you desire him sexually.

6. Purchase lotions or body butter to help you smell good and to leave your skin smoothly irresistible. You may even want to have some smell goods set aside only for love making so that when he smells you in certain scents, he knows it’s time to come together.

7.  Think of ways to make your bedroom more romantic such as candles, rose petals and music. Every time you two come together you don’t have to set out all the stops but every now and then it’s nice to set up your bedroom extra special and enjoy the romantic environment.

8. Try ways to spice up your four play. Only do things in bedroom that both of you are comfortable with but whatever you do, learn to sometimes slow it down and enjoy every touch and tingle.

9. Build your husband’s ego regarding how much he pleases you sexually. Tell him more often how much you love his love and love-making.

10. Ask your husband about his sexual fantasies and attempt to make them come true if you feel comfortable. Share your fantasies with him also and keep learning to please each other.

YES life is busy with careers, children, house work, church, family, school etc BUT we MUST make our marriages a priority. We must be faithful, honest, trustworthy, giving, selfless and learn to committment affectively in order to have the marriages that God intended for us to have. Sex is a very important part of marriage so don’t neglect coming together.


2 Responses to “10 Tips To Making Your Marriage Bed Even HOTTER in 2012”

  1. marriagecoach1 Says:

    You are singing my song and preaching my gospel. Keep it up, tell those ladies that they don’t have to be ambivalent over their sexuality.
    John Wilder

    • joannawillis Says:

      Thanks John. Im always going to encourage my married ladies to embrace their sexuality and work together with their husbands to improve their intimacy in and outside of the bedroom!

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