How Mama Got Her Groove Back

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful, intense, challenging and precious gifts in the world. I’m still amazed that I’m a mother and that God blessed us with such an amazing baby girl! I’m forever grateful to God for answering our prayers regarding becoming parents. Mommies, on the most challenging days, we must remember that some women would give anything to have a baby to potty train or chase around the house and clean up after. Moms we’re truly blessed!

Unforunately, often times us mommies lose ourselves in actively raising our children and caring for our husbands and homes. Self care is important and we must make it a habit to take time for ourselves! Ok moms, put down your brief case, dishes or the baby and listen up. Here are 3 tips to help you get your groove back!!!

1. Wear clothes that flatter your post pregnancy body. Don’t allow yourself to feel less confident or guilty because you may not be able to fit all of your old clothes just yet. Getting the baby weight off is usually a process and that’s ok. Your beautiful how you are! We must all learn to work what our mama’s gave us!!

 I’ve lost 60 pounds since having my baby girl so I have the opposite frustrating problem; ALL of my clothes are too big! I’ve had to dig through the closet for the clothes I haven’t been able to fit in years and freshen them up so I don’t have to walk around naked 🙂 The point is, when we wear clothes that flatter our body type, we look neat, sexy, professional and like we’ve got our groove back. The other day I was going through my clothes and I found a cute fitted sweater and the blazer that I usually wear with it. My husband encouraged me to not wear the blazer and to be proud of my new slim body. I felt empowered in the sweater because I felt girlie and sexy because I had on clothes that fit and flattered my shape. 

2. Start incorporating cute accessories or heels (if your really daring lol) back into your wardrobe every now and then. I just started wearing heels in October and my daughter was born in April! The main reason I wasn’t wearing heels was because I felt like I was always dragging a million things around (car seat, stroller, diaper bag, my purchase) and I didn’t need the hassle of trying to balance all of that while wearing heels. Clearly I was never a professional heel wearer because then it would’ve been a breeze! In October, we went out and I decided to wear some cute heels boots that I can’t remember the last time I wore them. It was fun to be a hot wife out with her fine husband; it was like we were dating again! We had lots of fun while Elyssa was safe at home with her grandparents!

3. For the married mommies, let’s talk about the importance of date night and sex! Even though you may be tired from the joys of motherhood and working in or outside the home, your hubby still needs time and intimacy with only you. Try to schedule maybe two date nights a month, where you and your hubby send the children away for a few hours or have a sitter come to your house and you two go somewhere. My husband and I went to grab an early dinner and then just sit at Starbucks and laugh and talk, WOW did it feel so good! I got to wear a cute purse and heels and not have to stop to nurse, change any diapers or search for her pacifier; it was great!

Ok now on to the good stuff, SEX! Intimacy is very important in marriage and no matter how busy or fatigued we are, we MUST make time to come together with our husbands. Sometimes I feel so tired but my husband’s affection and attention helps to settle me and get me in the mood. He wants to please me and I want to please him. Of course our daughter sometimes hinders our plans (I jokingly say she has sexdar like radar) but we work to get her back to sleep so that we can get back to catering to one another. I know some people reading this will think it’s TMI but I hope I’m helping to save a few marriages with my honesty. Ladies, I know some days your covered in baby food with laundry stacked to the ceiling but during those moments, please don’t push your husband away. Kindly let him know you need his help around the house or with the baby, and when the house is settled, spend some time making each other a priority. Laugh, talk, cuddle and make love frequently. Work to make your spouse your true BFF, after all, marriage is for life!!

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