Thankful To God No Matter What

Happy Thanksgiving Morning World!

Before I got my family ready to head to Thanksgiving service, I wanted to take a moment and thank my Lord and Savior for being so awesome to me and my family this year. Many good things and challenges things occurred this year but God was always there through it all. Thank you Lord for salvation, peace of mind and peace in my home, marriage and baby. Thank you for a home, job, income and food in our fridge. Thank you for our health and even our health insurance for so many are without insurance. Thank you Lord for family that love, pray and support us. Thank you Lord being making the money stretch when things were tight and always making sure that our needs were met. Lord thank you for being forever faithful, powerful and able. Thank you for your love and mercy which is new every morning.

Today remember that no matter whats going on in your life, God is good. No matter what it looks like, He’s working things out for you. He has not forgotten you and He promised that He would NEVER leave you or forsake you. Rest in God’s peace and His promises today. Instead of thinking about the job, husband, car, good health report from the doctors etc that today you lack, take time to thank God for EVERYTHING that you do have. You may not have the best job but thank God for a pay check, it may not be the best car or home but you’re not sleeping on the street. If God woke you up this morning then that’s reason enough to say thank you Lord. It’s not over, as children of God we know WE WIN, WE HAVE THE VICTORY!!

Enjoy giving God thanks for your loved ones today. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for always being a faithful supporter of my blog. I love you all!!


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