Get In The Ring And FIGHT

Happy Monday Morning!! Marriage is on my heart tough this morning so I wanted to post a simple but much needed message , fight for your marriage!!  Marriages are under attack and we all need to know who the real enemy is and it’s not our spouses, it’s the devil. God created marriage and marriage is awesome when we keep Christ at the center. There are days, seasons even, when being married is very challenging; maybe the money, communication or sex just isn’t there. Whatevers lacking in your marriage today, I  beg you not to give up! Put on your boxing gloves and get back in the ring. No one said everyday was going to be peachy but God promises us that when we seek Him and keep Him first, He will grant us victory in every area of our lives and that means our marriages too. I know sometimes you wish your husband would help with the chores, make more money, be more hands on with the children or show more interest in you. I know that you feel you’ve been doing all that you can do. No person, marriage or family is perfect but God is perfect. God has all the answers and He’s given them all to us in the bible. We need to stop focusing on what our marriages or husbands look like in the natural and see them how God sees them, how God sees us. God loves us despite our many faults, He grants us love and mercy everyday despite how hard headed we can be some days. Thank you Jesus for your love and mercy!! 

I know that sometimes it’s unsafe for two people to stay together because of abuse or violence occurring in the home and to those women I encourage you to seek safety and wise counsel. This post is talking to the wife whose fed up because marriage is hard and she’s thinking about leaving. No one promised you that everyday would be a fair tale, but God promised you that He would never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). God promised you that He wouldn’t give you more than you could bear. He promised you that you can do ALL things through Christ that gives you strength (Philippians 4:13) God promised that all things  would work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28) In good times and bad times, God remains faithful to remain by your side, now it’s your turn to be faithful to God and trust Him no matter what! Get on your gloves and prepare to FIGHT!!!

5 Ways to Fight For Your Marriage

1. Pray and read your bible, you’ll need the wisdom and power of God while you fight.

2. Be the woman and wife God called you to be no matter what.

3. Seek wise trusted counsel who will encourage you to keep fighting.

4. Walk in love and forgiveness even on the rough days.

5. Rehearse in your mind daily what you love about your husband and why your family is worth fighting for.

Prayer for marriages

Dear Lord,

I thank you for all the married people who read this post. Lord you know each of their needs, thank You that you hear their prayers and your working on their behalf. Lord give us the strength to fight for our marriages. Lord help us not to listen to the world’s views on marriage and divorce but to seek you and your word, knowing that you are faithful and able. Lord we cast down even the though of divorce. Lord help that word to not even be in our vocabulary. Help us to be prayer warriors and to pray without ceasing during the rough days.  Send those to help us on the days that we feel too weak to pray. Help our words to be kind and our hearts to be forgiving. Lord renew the love that we once had with our spouses when it feels like the love is fading. Thank you Lord for peace in our homes and in our minds. Thank you for victorious, passionate, happy, health marriages in your name AMEN!!


One Response to “Get In The Ring And FIGHT”

  1. Valencia Says:

    This is a great post. It is important to be on the offensive for our marriage, not defensive. The devil is REAL and he will find ANY hole in your life and ATTACK! Marriage is a sacred union that is hard work. Good marriages don’t just happen, people make them happen! Thanks for sharing.

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