Nursing, Burping and Pumping OH MY! Diary of a Breastfeeding Mommy

My daughter just turned 12 weeks and she and I are still learning and enjoying the breastfeeding process. I returned to work when she was 10 weeks old, therefore I’m pumping twice a day at work and she is being bottle fed during the day. When I get home around 4-5:30 pm she smiles and cooes and starts pulling on my shirt and it makes me feel so special. My baby girl wants something that only I can give her; nursing is our special bonding time and it’s good for both of us.

I know that breastfeeding isn’t for everyone but for m baby and I, it was the right decision. Some of the pros of breastfeeding: it’s good for the baby and helps to reduce a baby’s chances of developing diabetes, obesity, ear infections and respiratory illness and many other illness. Breastfeeding is free, it helps with the mother’s weight loss, it’s convenient (you don’t have to carry or prepare bottles) and it’s great for the mother child bond.

When Elyssa was born, I didn’t get her to successfully latch until several hours after her arrival. I was determined not to give up and I didn’t want to give her formula unless it was absolutely necessary. I had lots of support from my husband, mother and a nurse name Sharon that I will never forget. I will never forget the joy and relief Elyssa and I both felt the moment she latched and began to receive everything she needed from me. 

My husband and I took a breastfeeding class and therefore we were knowledgeable on the pros, cons, joys and challenges of breastfeeding. My mom breastfed and therefore I always wanted to too.  Lack of knowledge and support are many women’s main reasons for not breastfeeding. I have been extremely blessed throughout this process because I also have a network of new mothers who are breastfeeding. I talk, text or Facebook with them weekly; we share tips, encourage one another and provide each other with support. Every nursing mother needs to know that she has other nursing mothers in her corner for the days that she feels like giving up or feels like what she’s doing isn’t working.

For the last three weeks I’ve been pumping at work and it’s been going well. The work days are busy but I make time to pump twice, once in the AM and once in the PM. I’ve been blessed to have a large supply of milk and never have had to worry about not being able to produce. I don’t take this for granted at all. I thank God often for giving me all that I need to provide Elyssa with all that she needs.

Another interesting thing about breastfeeding is locating an appropriate place to do it while your out and about. It definitely requires some planning but it can be done! Many establishments don’t have clean safe places for nursing mothers to care for their babies so at first I was nursing in bathrooms or my car until my friends gave me some helpful advice. One friend told me to nurse in dressing rooms at stores like Target, Wal-Mart or at the mall. One friend highly recommended that I get a nursing cover so that I could nurse her wherever and still feel covered. I stopped taking her to bathrooms and learned to feel comfortable nursing her under my pretty lavender and white nursing cover if I didn’t have a bottle with me. I’ve only nursed in public a few times, surprisingly I felt comfortable and Elyssa did very well. She’s older now and getting her to latch is usually not a struggle.

God has blessed my body to be able to produce what my baby needs. I LOVE nursing Elyssa. I look forward to coming home from work, nursing her and holding her close. I enjoy looking into her eyes and seeing how happy she is to see me and get nourishment from me. For me, breastfeeding does not hurt. Usually if it hurts it’s because she isn’t latched on correctly. Sometimes she gets worked up if she doesn’t latch on as quickly as she wants but I remain calm and I help her get situated so that she can latch comfortably and correctly. With her taking bottles now, it does help me to have other’s be able to feed her if I need to go somewhere or take a nap. Pumping and nursing is the best of both worlds because either way, she’s still getting her mommy’s milk!

Questions: Did you or do you plan to breastfeed your babies? Why or Why not? What were some joys and challenges that you faced? Do you have any questions about breastfeeding? If so, feel free to post them below or email me at

6 Responses to “Nursing, Burping and Pumping OH MY! Diary of a Breastfeeding Mommy”

  1. marriagecoach1 Says:

    Doctors say that there is only ONE right way to feed a baby.
    Blessings on you and yours

  2. Tish Says:

    Thanks Joanna, for the helpful and right on time info sis.

  3. Gina Says:

    After 3 weeks we discovered our baby had tortacollus it’s basically stiff neck. So we had to see a specialist. What I still find amazing is that if I wasn’t Breastfeeding and perhaps only bottle feeding I would of never known and it could of caused major problems later on. Breastfeeding keeps you in tune with your baby on a physical level and emotional. I always can determine Amelia’s mood based on her bahavior at the breast. Way to hang in there Mamma ! ! Keep hanging! Keep night feedings going as long as possible for your supply! We are still feeding 2-3x a night at 9 mos!:)

  4. Rolisia Says:

    I think I always knew I was going to bf. Not sure why..but I think bc I knew it was the healthiest for our son and it cost nothing. I think the biggest challenge is always having to think 2 hours ahead especially when he was smaller. If I went out I was constantly thinking, Where am I going to feed him?? and we were totally against the bathroom, so my opportunities became smaller and smaller. The joys are as Gina stated, always being able to know what was going on with Isaac…it is a oneness that the english vocab does a poor job in expressing. If he pulled away or ate more than usually I knew something was going on. But I loved that fact that any at anytime I had the best medicine and food for our son…I love everything about bf….11 and half months strong…with no formula in sight..not to brag or to make anyone feel less if they gave their child formula, because I was always prepared if we had too…and it was not going to be the end of the world.

  5. joannawillis Says:

    Thanks so much everyone for reading and commenting! I do believe that breast is best. Like Rolisia said, I have nothing against moms who use formula, I’ve been blessed to not need to use any so far.

  6. Erica Says:

    I had a difficult start with both of my babies with nursing. I had to pump the first 3 months. The first month I pumped 8-12 times a day. The 2nd and 3rd month I pumped 8 times a day. There were a lot of tears and emotional struggles because it was like having twins…pump then feed the baby a bottle. God performed a miracle both times and my babies latched btw 3-4 months. I would read the exclusive pumpers message boards on baby center when it was tough on me emotionally and I felt like giving up. It reminded me that I wasn’t the only one and some moms pump 8 times a day for an entire year. My husband and mom were a tremendous support and kept me encouraged. I could not have did it without their support and help around the house and with my younger son. I am SO glad I hung in there. Not every mom has the best start nursing, but it can get better. Trust God. It’s ok to cry and be frustrated. One piece of advice that stuck with me the many time I wanted to give up was don’t quit on your worst day…wait until a better day and then decide if nursing is the best decision for you and baby. Thank you LORD for your miracle working power!

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