My Praise Is ALWAYS Necessary

Good morning world!! I just wanted to send out a reminder this wonderful Tuesday morning that as Christians our praise is ALWAYS necessary!! No matter what you’re going through today, whether you feel sick or well, have lots of money in your pocket or hardly any, God is still good and our praise is necessary (absolutely essential, required to be done) Let’s get in the habit of continually praising God throughout everyday that He puts breath in our lungs. He’s been to good for us to walk around depressed, angry, stressed etc. Checkout this youtube video from Canton Jones, one of my favorite gospel artist. Our church, Word of Faith, was blessed to have him come and minister last Friday and it was FIRE!! Checkout the video and the lyrics. I believe it’s important to support gospel music.

Lyrics to Necessary Remix :

[Remix feat. Ramona Estelle, James Fortune][Verse 1:]
My praise is always necessary
It comes first not secondary
And I’m bold, He saved me and made me whole
Now I love him
When it comes to praise, gotta let go
Can’t hold back and I can’t say no
He deserves all my praise
I will praise him the rest of my days
Lord God, Almighty
I praise you, You’re holy
Yeah, You’re God of all nations
And I make this declaration

Praise is necessary, Praise is Necessary
Praise is always necessary [x3]
Praise is… my, my, my, my, my

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, praise You for the things You’ve done for me
Yeah, now let’s celebrate, got victory
Now I can praise Him in the morning, praise Him in the noonday, praise Him all through the night
And I will never stop lifting His name higher
Every single day because He set my soul on fire
Move these shackles like Mary, Mary
And know my praise is ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-necessary


[Verse 3:]
Oh, praise is necessary,
No matter what, it’s necessary
In any situation, it’s necessary
In any circumstance, it’s necessary
When I’m happy, it’s necessary
When I’m sad, it’s necessary
When I’m mad, it’s necessary
Praise is necessary

Praise is necessary, Praise is necessary
I lift my hands cause you deserve it
I lift my voice, I won’t with hold my praise


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