3 Reasons To Be Married Before Starting Your Family

I’m typing this post from our new nursery. My husband Eddie had to build a wall for the nursery because the previous owner knocked it down to expand the livingroom. Now the wall is up, the room is painted, the furniture has been purchased and put together and the decorations are done. God has been so good to us!! He is forever faithful!

I wanted to share three reasons why starting my family after I was married has been a blessing to me. Before I get into it however, I wanted to say that I believe that ALL children are a blessing from God, no matter how they were conceived. The bible teaches us that we are to be holy and abstain from sex until we are married. Read 1 Cor 6:18-20 & 1 Cor 7:1-8 The bible is what I try everyday to live my life by and the teachings in the bible are where I get my views from.

3 Reasons to Be Married Before Starting Your Family

1. Marriage is committment.

When my husband and I said “I Do” to one another, we made a committment that we would be married in sickness, healthy, richer or poor, till death do we part. We made a decision that divorce was not an option and no matter how hard things got, we would continue to seek God and He would get us through. We were blessed to be able to plan when we wanted to start our family and God honored that request. My husband has always desired to be a husband and a father and therefore he has been very involved throughout my pregnancy. He’s attended all my doctor’s appointments, helps me research baby stuff online, reads pregnancy books with me etc. Because we are committed to Christ, our marriage and each other, we are committed to our soon coming daughter together as well. No matter how challenging life may get, we know that God is on outside and we have no reason to fear.

2. Marriage is the ultimate form of team work.

My husband and I are committed to working together as a team. In marriage, you are supposed to be able to count on your spouse to be a helpmate to you. Husbands and wives should try their best to serve one another with a willing attitude and a loving heart. My husband and I work together to get the house work done, grocery shopping, pay the bills and get the meals prepared. I don’t have to worry about having to prepare for the child inside of me alone because I’m not sure if her father will stick around. Because we are committed to Christ, each other and working together as a team, there is NOTHING that we can’t do! We are unstoppable!

Often times when the couple is not married, the mother has to take care of herself during the challenging moments of her pregnancy. When the baby arrives, if  her partner does not live with her, she has no choice but to operate as a single parent, handling late night feedings etc on her own. During pregnancy, women deserve and need to be nurtured, pampered and assisted with every day task, esp towards the end of pregnancy. Right now I can’t tie my shoes, stand on my feet for long periods of time or even have the energy to complete simple daily tasks. I NEED my husband to serve me with a good attitude and help me. The good thing is, he desires to take care of me, he always has, but esp now that I am doing the important job of growing his child safe inside of me.

3. You have someone to love, laugh and learn with throughout this new season of life.

My pregnancy has been enjoyable. I haven’t experienced any complications and have hardly ever gotten sick. God is good!! One things for sure, my body and hormones continue to change but through it all, I’ve had my husband by my side the entire time. He continues to helping me laugh off the awkward pregnancy moments, google things and learn about pregnancy when I have questions or concerns and love me even though my body is growing and my emotions are sometimes out of wack.

No woman should have to go through pregnancy alone. Women need a loving support system to help them go through each stage of pregnancy and into parenthood. It hurts me to see pregnant women neglected, lonely and sad that the person who promised to love them hit the door as soon as the baby was conceived.

Ladies to help avoid the possibility of being a single mother, try not to give up the goods for free, know your worth. If a man truly loves you, he will propose to you and wait to have sex with you until you two have become on before God. First comes love, then comes marriage, THEN comes the baby in the baby carriage!!


2 Responses to “3 Reasons To Be Married Before Starting Your Family”

  1. Janna Says:

    This was a great article to read. I’m so happy for you guys and I’m glad that everything is working out. I get so sick of seeing relationships not lasting and many couples heading to divorce court. This article was very enlightening to read and also give some of us hope. Please do me a huge favor by taking some pictures of the nursery so I can see. Thanks and love ya!

  2. pregnantbeauty Says:

    Great comment-Janna!

    Eddie and Joanna do give hope for many! The divorce rate is troubling and society as a whole needs much encouragement in the area of marriage. My husband and I have been together for nearly a dynamic decade and we’ve been happily married for 8 years! We gladly work together raising our 4 precious children and we happily work together in ministry and business. Like minded couples like Joanna and Eddie is refreshing to see. Great Blog Joanna! Keep being a great example for what is possible in marriage with God.

    Pastor Karla Walker

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