3 Ways To Meet Your Husbands Needs During Pregnancy

Marriage requires communication, patience, compassion, forgiveness, team work and so much more. When a wife gets pregnant, husbands and wives have to work even harder to meet each others needs and walk out the traits above. During the 9 month period a huge chunk of their time is focusing on mom and babies health and preparing for the babies arrival. Pregnant women’s emotions are sometimes all over the place, their tired often and their bodies are changing. Throughout all that we married women go through, we MUST still remember our husbands. We must remember that they have needs too. One of the worse mistakes women can make is act like it’s all about her throughout the pregnancy then all about her and baby when the baby comes. Husbands and wives are partners through every stage of life. We all have feelings, desires and needs. If we want our marries to stay happy, healthy, HOT and last forever, we must always work hard to make our marriage a priority.

Here are 3 tips on how to meet your husbands needs during pregnancy. I have not mastered these tips but I have been working on them and I have seen great results! Ladies read the tips and share your thoughts.

1. SEX! Often times women experience fatigue, discomfort and even sickness during pregnancy. Some days the last thing we are thinking about is sex but our husbands are thinking about it. The majority of our husbands are too polite to ask for sex as frequently as they were getting it before because they understand that we’re going through a lot but don’t abuse your husbands kindness. Remember that sex is very important in marriage because it’s a time where husband and wife come together to bond and become one.

My suggestion is for wives to initiate sex when they have energy and are feeling well, that way they can enjoy their husbands and show them that they love them and desire them, even though so much is going on inside their bodies. At 27 weeks pregnant, each week I keep track of our sex life in my mind and make sure that I set aside time to rock my husbands world a few times a week. Even in pregnancy I want to meet his needs and be the ONLY woman that he desires. Ladies do what you can to show your husband love, attention and sexual fulfilment throughout pregnancy.

2. RESPECT! With emotions and hormones changing daily pregnant women must work hard to keep their attitudes in check. I feel like I’m doing a decent job in this area but I have my moments and I know I can do better. Our husbands deserve our respect and we deserve theirs, no matter how we are feeling or what we are going through. Nothing gives us a license to purposely or continuous disrespect one another. When I feel my emotions or attitude rising, I try to shut my mouth, pray, just sit quietly for a moment or go lay down if I can. No one wants to be the mean pregnant woman whose husband dreads coming home to at night.

When you find yourself upset or agitated, before you react, ask yourself is it really that deep and how can I respond in away that will keep the peace and not put my husband on the defense. Holy Spirit is giving me great advice as I type this post because learning to think before I speak is an area that I am working on.

3. COOKING AND HOUSEWORK!  If you were the main cook and person that cleaned up around your house, things may need to change now that your pregnant. We need more of our husbands help during pregnancy BUT we should try our best to cook and straighten up sometimes when we are able. There are days when I can’t physically bring myself to cook or clean and those days my husband will jump in and help me but I make sure I cook a few times a week and clean on the weekends when I am able. I want to keep my husband happy, feed and have our home environment be one of peace. In marriage everyone has to sacrifice but especially when the wife is pregnant. Don’t adopt the world’s views on marriage, adopt God’s. God requires that we love, honor, respect and serve one another. Let’s continue to meet our husbands needs, let them know when we need their help and in turn we are working as a team and keeping the devil out of our marriages!

15 Responses to “3 Ways To Meet Your Husbands Needs During Pregnancy”

  1. Eddie Willis III Says:

    Husband’s 2 cents:

    A lot of people will find this helpful. I’m sure it’s not to often discussed. To all the women that are married and preggers us husbands sometimes just want to know that you want us. It’s always better for us to hear “I want to please you but I not ready yet” as opposed to “I don’t want to be with you right now” We already feel guilty in some respects for having the desire but that guilt is generated by fear and shame which is of the Devil. We shouldn’t be ashamed that we want to be intimate with our wives. The issue is prudence. The right time and the right place. So husbands be mindful of your wives and their needs for space and attention and affection and FOOD. Doing these things in love, and not out of expressed obligation will always encourage reciprocity.

    And yall wonder why I’m so happy (shout). My Wife is Great, My God Is the GREATEST. He gives wisdom to make wise choices. I love this women and if you haven’t noticed. She loves me. All glory belongs to God though because he loved us enough to bring us together and keep us together. It’s an honor just to Serve God but He’s the best tipper.

  2. Brian Morgan Says:

    Husbands Thoughts:

    Pregnancy is and was the greatest test of marriage thus far for us. It challenges your communication, emotions, and flesh as well. I can admitt during pregnancy you must defintely communicate more effecuively because so much is going on. I agree that respect is a huge factor because as a man you can feel disrespected when wives need their space or wanna be left alone, but I found myself remembering this was a neew experience was my wife therefore it helped keep me focused n quieter as well. As far as keeping house in order I had to step up when needed and it challenged me after a lng days at work to remember home comes first. Once baby is born the real work begans so it was just the beginning of helping my wife out.

    I love my wife because she loves the lord first. And that makes her even the more attractive pregnancy or not. It takes the spirit leading you both all the way to keep things flowing and in Gods’ will. One baby here and others to eventually come when its Gods’ will!! I enjoyed this post Joanna because it speaks truth and reality and we’re yet excited for you two!! Good stuff

  3. marriagecoach1 Says:

    You are truly a woman who “gets it” and is willing to follow God’s plan for a happy marriage. Kudos on a well written and well thought out blog.
    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  4. Anna D. Says:

    What about the other way around?

    What if the wife has a desire for sex, but the husband refuses because he is not attracted to my pregnant body? It seems like it’s “women must have sex if the husband wants to”, or “women should not expect sex from the husband if he does not want to.”

    God forgive me. I just feel so ashamed, unloved, and rejected.

    • joannawillis Says:

      Hi Ann

      The bible talks about the importance of married couples BOTH loving, respecting, having sex only together and meeting each others needs. If u feel like your needs are consistently not being met, then you and/or your husband need to seek godly marital counseling. Marriage is hard work BUT lots of fun too. Don’t let anyone or anything rob your marriage of happiness. Seek trusted counsel, pray and remain hopeful!

  5. Lisette Says:

    Thank you for sharing. This encouraged me greatly by it’s simplicity and truth. May God bless this and continue to use it!

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  7. mirriam mutepuka Says:

    my husband does not want to have sex with me he says he always sees me in pain during my pregnancy that make it difficulty for him to make love me. but I desire him even more now that I am pregnant what should I do

  8. melissa Says:

    its abit odd my husband was all over me when we first got married and then it jus t went down hill and now ill really want to have sex but he doesnt seem to be interested he does get really tired but how can a man not want sex ?? and iam now pregnant and we would have sex once or twice a week which was fab!! but now 3 weeks can go by and we wont have sex i have asked him and he says iam tired of course i want sex tomorrow or i have work tomorrow i feel so unattractive now can anyone help

    • shinee Says:

      Hi mothers of tomorrow….i do agree that my husband did say something similar “Tired” “work tomorrow” but to be seen in detail…. what my husband does once back home help me with the cleaning , watch tv than about 11 fall asleep …. I guess he has a soft corner on myself during pregnancy and its for sure we can’t find the full pleasure as we was on pre-pregnancy earlier…. I guess their are tired + less pleasure of sex + soft corner for the new baby + much love for the wife 🙂

  9. Ann Says:

    I love this piece it will really help thanks

  10. Nicole Says:

    Me and my husband do everything the same as we did before we became pregnant. were expecting twins but we do not let that stop us from having amazing sex and the foreplay has become even more amazing then it ever was the last 8 years of our relationship… our pregnancy has made our sex lives and just in general everything so much better ( and defiantly worth having my clothing tore off now ) lol…. sometimes sex changes with couples when they become pregnant, some men and also some women do not want sex as often or just don’t find it as much fun anymore however others such as us we enjoy the sex life better now that I am expecting! do whatever makes you feel comfortable and satisfied! 🙂 good luck to everybody out there pregnant or not.
    sincerely Nicole.

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