5 Tips To Survive House Hopping On The Holidays

I love spending the holidays with both sides of our families but sometimes house hopping can be  a bit taxing. My husband and I were both raised to value family and we still get together with our family members to celebrate birthdays, promotions, new babies, anniversaries etc. Because we were both raised that way, I would feel horrible if we didn’t try to visit both of our families on the holidays, because I know it would mean so much to everyone to see us. I was thinking about tips that could help us and my readers this holiday season when it comes to house hopping. Here are a few things that I came up with.

 1. Get an early start

If possible, start your visiting in the early afternoon, whether the family you visit is prepared to eat or not. You can sit, fellowship and greet your extended family as they come in and get comfy. You could help finish the meal, take out the trash or set the table before you leave. If their’s time, stop back by this house later in the evening but if not, at least you made it by and showed the family some love.

2. Organize your locations

If you have several stops to make, make sure you organize each location to save time, gas and energy. If you have two houses on the eastside and one of the west, don’t go east, west then back east. Getting an early start and being organized with your house hopping strategy, will help you to enjoy the day and not feel as worn out.

3. Rotate whose mama’s house you eat dinner at and which you eat dessert at each year.

If your families serve their meals around the same time, you should rotate whose’s mama’s house you go to first each year. You want to make both mama’s feel important and try to make your holiday house hopping fair. Mama’s don’t like it when they feel like their children constantly pick their in-laws over them without trying to plan alterative times to visit. Try your best to show both families love; I know sometimes it’s hard. This leads me to my next tip.

4. Pick an alternate day to visit one of your families and have a holiday meal together.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter etc don’t have to be celebrated on their actual days. If house hopping is too taxing and several family members have multiple homes to visit, see if they would be willing to get together on another day (right before or shortly after the holiday) so everyone is less rushed. The holidays are more enjoyable when people have the time to sit down, eat and not have to continue to look at the clock.

5. Be grateful that you have family and friends to visit.

Unfortunately, many people are alone and/or hungry on the holidays and have no one to visit them or to go visit. Lets always give God thanks for providing us with loved ones, even if their crazy sometimes. It’s a blessing to have people to miss you when you’re not there and want to have you over as much as possible. Remember this when your trying to figure out a way to make multiple stops in one day, at least you’re loved.


3 Responses to “5 Tips To Survive House Hopping On The Holidays”

  1. Akia Says:

    This was great advice Joy! I’ve watched my parents master this growing up as well. I remember going over both Grandmas’ houses and eating two meals! It was fun though and we got to see everybody. To this day, I make an effort to at least alternate holidays if I can’t make it over one side of the family’s gathering over the other. And yes, I am thankful I have so many loving family members to visit at all. Good stuff!

  2. joannawillis Says:

    Thanks for reading and sharing Akia! It sounds like you and your family have a good arrangement going on! Thats awesome!

  3. j Soul Says:

    Good post!

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