4 Reasons Why GLEE Is No Longer For Me

After I watched this week’s episode of Glee, I decided that this week was the final straw. I have been feeling uneasy about the show since the new season started and this week’s scenes helped me to remove the show from my DVR rotation. Glee used to be a fun young adult show about children in high school, enjoying the arts and going through teenage challenges. A few episodes into the new season, I decided to no longer support the show because:

1. Their pushing the homosexual agenda tough and I just don’t agree with that lifestyle at all. I don’t believe that people are born gay, I believe they were created in Christ’s imagine like the bible says. I don’t hate people who are gay, I just don’t support that lifestyle nor do I think showing gay or straight make out scenes repeatedly on a young adult show is appropriate. I would never let my children watch a show like GLEE. Which leads me to my second point.

2. The gay and straight make out scenes on GLEE have gotten completely out of hand!! Two female cheerleaders on top of each other in bed making out!? WTH!!  They constantly have episodes about the gay character Kurt and how everyone in the school hates him besides the GLEE kids. Just because someone does not agree with the gay lifestyle does not make them homophobic and it does not mean that they will participate in hate crimes against gays. I don’t love or hate Kurt’s character, I just don’t support his lifestyle. This week a male football player kissed Kurt on the mouth and is afraid to come out of the closet. The majority of the show was about homosexuality and how hard it is to be an out of the closet gay teen. I know these issues sadly are what a lot of our teens are going through and therefore they talk about it on this show BUT I don’t have to subject myself to the gay agenda, nor the young people around me.

3. GLEE is no longer a clean fun show for teens and families. I feel like they often show the teens in bed heavy petting and dry humping each other. The young man Marty in the wheel chair gave his virginity away to the “school slut,” and later felt major regret; that scene really disappointed me too. The fact that he showed regret was fine BUT WHY did that have to be written into the script in the first place? This isn’t 90210! The teens don’t have to sleep around with one another for the show to get ratings do they? In a day in age where teenage pregnancy, STDs and AIDS are ramped, WHY do we need to promote sexuality and promiscuity on young adult shows?

I know that sex sales but man has it gone to a whole other level. Sex isn’t everything and sex outside of marriage is hurtful, disappointing, lonely, confusing, drama filled and DANGEROUS. Sex outside of marriage is NOT glamorous and steamy, esp for teenagers, like the media tries to trick them into believing. There’s nothing glamorous about a dude taking your virginity, getting you pregnant and leaving you high and drive! I’m just saying this happens everyday.

4. The suggestive songs and dance routines continue to get more and more adult. The show takes place in a high school but it feels more like a college show. I know friends who no longer feel comfortable with their younger siblings (12-15) watching the show due to the heavy sexualized scenes and dance routines. I’m not saying the show has to be boring, or promote holiness, God forbid right? (yes I’m being sarcastic) I’m just saying there’s many types of music to sing and creative routines to do without having to constantly grind on each other and rub your bodies. It’s not cute GLEE!!!!

I erased the series recording of this show and a few others off my DVR last night. I’m learning to have boldness and obedience and no longer support things that grieve my spirit and that I know blatantly go against the word of God. If there is a gay character that’s appropriate on a show, that’s ok but when the shows push the gay agenda, repeatedly show gay and straight sex scenes and things get more wild by the episode, those shows will no longer have my support.

35 Responses to “4 Reasons Why GLEE Is No Longer For Me”

  1. marriagecoach1 Says:

    Kudos to you for taking a moral stand.

    John Wilder

  2. Rolisia Says:

    I total agree…hate to say it but Grey’s is starting to push agenda’s too…I stop watching the past few seasons because of these same issues…Great stand…if more Christians would take a stand, the show would become cancelled….or atleast back off of the taboo topics.

  3. michele Says:

    sadly, i find myself not watching anymore as well… i’m frustrated with lack of clean fun-loving musical shows. i don’t need the agenda; i just want to be entertained. i’ve learned that when shows start aggravating me more than they make me smile or laugh, it’s time to turn the channel. well stated, joanna.

    *i miss A Different World*

  4. SexIs4TheWed Says:

    If its secular then chances are its going to promote a non-biblical worldview. Most of us, often me included, ignore the subtle things in the pursuit of bring entertained and wait until it becomes obvious. Secular television is going to promote worldliness. Period. Look at the other shows in your DVR and see whether or not I’m lying. We’ve got to use discernment especially on what we watch because there is doctrine, agenda, and propaganda in everything. The question is whose and will we wait until they are outright pushing it down our throats or cut it off before it gets to that point. We all can be “the deciders”.

  5. NotAScientist Says:

    “Just because someone does not agree with the gay lifestyle does not make them homophobic and it does not mean they will participate in hate crimes against gays.”

    This is true. However…when was the last time you were in high school? High school kids are cruel, mean and generally uncivilized. A good majority will respond cruelly to anyone even the littlest bit different. Gay students, or students perceived as effeminate or homosexual, are easy targets.

    “The young man Marty in the wheel chair gave his virginity away to the “school slut,” and later felt major regret; that scene really disappointed me too.”

    Shouldn’t the fact that this fictional character felt regret for what he did be a good lesson to teach young adults?

  6. keilani Says:

    As I stated before I totally agree Joanna. The beginning of season 2 has been sexed up..the whole bi, and gay agenda. Plus they the str8 characters been engaged in a lot of sex. Now, I’m not naive to think this doesn’t go on in the world, BUT I don’t have to watch a program that I loved ( I was a total ‘gleek’) force me to accept those life-styles…NOT HERE. Since the word of God speak against it and God is NOT supportive of that LIFESTYLE, He loves the person but not the sin…I’m not supporting it. a friend of mine said the same thing, she’s not watching it again either. As christians we have a responsibility to not support something that goes against the word of God…no ifs ands or buts about it. The creator of glee Ryan Murphy is gay and he’s trying to force is personal agendas on the viewers, but he just lost one.

  7. joannawillis Says:

    Thanks everyone for their comments! I appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts!

    SexIs4TheWed, you are right, the majority of shows today go against the word of God. We must check ourselves and our beliefs and decide what is hindering our walk with God by us viewing those shows. It’s a real sacrafrice but as Christians we can’t support all forms of media.

    NotAScientist, “Gay students, or students perceived as effeminate or homosexual, are easy targets.”

    I am not saying that gay students or students that are different aren’t targeted, I’m saying that I do not want to support this show because of my beliefs. It’s never right to bully, tease or hurt someone because they are different then you.

    “Shouldn’t the fact that this fictional character felt regret for what he did be a good lesson to teach young adults?”

    Yes the regret part, which came a few episodes later, was good BUT why did that scene need to be in the script in the first place? This was the day of the same sex cheerleader makeout scene. I knew then that I should give the show up because it was getting ridiculous and against the things I stand for.

    • NotAScientist Says:

      First of all, I just want to be clear that I’ve never watched the show, and as far as I’m concerned you are within your rights to not watch it for any reason or no reason.

      “Yes the regret part, which came a few episodes later, was good BUT why did that scene need to be in the script in the first place?”

      Because for the majority of high school students, the situation (though not the specifics) is realistic.

  8. J Says:

    From my understanding the Bible explicitly forbids sex between two men but not two women (Leviticus 18:22). So perhaps showing 2 women kissing isn’t as bad as showing 2 men kissing. Today churches and society use the term gay as a blanket term, but the Bible makes the distinction and goes into great detail about the different kinds of sexual relations. Any Christians have some thoughts on this?

  9. Pam Says:

    I am amazed at how many of us are on the same page….I am throwing a Pray to Get Glee off of TV Party soon. They are really pushing that it is ok to be and accept these demons. that is what it is. A demon (plain and simple) and as long as we keep giving excuses, names, and reasons…. It will continue to become a larger problem. No sin is Bigger then the next but as Christians we cant accept or support any of it. doing so will allow those DEMONs free tokens towards are loved ones.

    (in my Mr Brown voice) The Devil is a Liar!

  10. jess Says:

    i have a lot of american friends so its not like i hate you guys… but i think you guys need to pray real bad. for your country and your children. cos i think your country is the most difficult place to be be a real christian with all this spiritual persecutions, its unbelivable. in my country, episode one will not even show..lol, if it does (mistakenly) they will probably burn down the studio.. lol seriously

  11. Grant Says:

    I personally think you are using religion to justify a mindset of bigotry. The producers and writers of glee are offering a lens into the lives of many homosexual teens that are bullied every day by people such as yourself. FINALLY there is a show that empowers these kids to live their lives as normal, productive members of society. Glee teaches these kids that there is an alternative option to suicide and depression: standing up for who you are.

    • joannawillis Says:

      Hi Grant, thanks for reading. I have more concerns about the show then the fact that they have an openly gay character. I listed the top 4 reasons in this post. The show goes against a lot of my beliefs and therefore I choose not to support it any longer. No I don’t want gay teens or gays period to be depressed or suicidal. I want us all to be healthy mentally and safe. I just don’t support the show and I have a right to believe whatever I want just like you do.

  12. Porter Says:

    I read your post — I am amazed out how out of touch people are.

    When was the last time any of you visited the mall? or anywhere teenagers hangout?

    Glee is a great show. You are entitle to your opinions, and if you don’t like it you really don’t have to watch it. And please don’t give me he line about it pushing the homosexual agenda – there is no agenda. Wanting equality is not an agenda. None can make you gay anymore ethan you could make a gay person straight.

    Glee is tame in comparison to other shows on the TV.

    Heck it is tamer than the Bible… Just look up Ezekiel 23:20 for a shocker.

    As a parent you all have the right to censor you children’s viewing, reading and listening – That is your job.

    However, please realize that this is America and not everyone believes as you do – nor has an issue with “reality” that some people are straight, some are gay and some are even bi-sexual.

    You can only protect you children for so long before reality knocks on the door – be a good parent and past them you values, teach them to discern and ask questions, acquire knowledge – Just because you live next to lets say and Atheist or Muslim does not necessarily influence you child to become one any more than them becoming a Christian like you….

    Just something to think about…..

    • joannawillis Says:

      Thanks for sharing your views Porter. In some ways I agree with you and some ways I don’t. Your right, as parents we all have the responsibility to teach them how to love, be respectful, productive citizens etc. We also have to teach them our morals and values, mine are clearly different then your and that is ok. I’m not telling ppl to hate gays or the show Glee, I’m saying I don’t agree with the lifestyle or the show. Ppl have the right to be with whomever they want to be. Only God can judge us all. I try to live my life according to the bible and the bible and I plan to raise my children according to it also. I know the bible is graphic in certain sections but it has meaning, to teach ppl different lessons. Its not pointless vulgarity like I feel some shows on TV display. Thanks again for reading and sharing!!

  13. B Says:

    I agree that Glee can at times be over-sexed. My friends and I have commented that we would like to see less of that. This week’s episode was a really great lesson to kids about acceptance and tolerance of people who are different — an important message for all of us actually. It also featured the amazing rendition of “Teenage Dream” which was fantastic!

    I do have a question about one thing you said:
    ” I don’t love or hate Kurt’s character, I just don’t support his lifestyle.”

    Exactly what about his “lifestyle” don’t you support? As far as I can tell, his “lifestyle” consists of going to school, glee club, dressing flamboyantly, and taking care of his dad. Which one of these things are so offensive? Remember, until last week’s episode he had never even so much as kissed someone. Is it just the fact that he admits he’s gay that bothers you?

    It’s good to remember that being gay is not any particular “lifestyle”. Gay people have all kinds of different lifestyles. Even if they are not in a romantic relationship, gay people are still gay…even when they are brushing their teeth, having dinner, watching tv, working or going to school.

    I would love to see Glee refocus back on a less sexed-up show that focuses more on the heart of it’s character & the great music! But let’s also not forget…it is a show about teenagers…and sexuality is part of adolenscence.

    • joannawillis Says:

      Hi B! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I’m glad to hear that you agree that Glee can be over sexual at times and those scenes aren’t needed or really appropriate.

      Your right about Kurt’s lifestyle and the fact that all gay people or people in general do not have the same lifestyle. I personally don’t believe that God makes mistakes, I believe that He’s perfect and all knowing. Kurt’s character dresses, acts and talks like a woman even though he’s a man. I don’t agree with homosexuality or any other form of sexual sin. 1 Cor 6:18-20. I don’t believe that ppl are born gay or born in the wrong body. I know this will upset many people but I have the right to believe and stand for whatever I want, which is the word of God. I’m not pushing my views on others, I’m saying what my family and I believe in. Everyone has free will and the right to love whomever they want.

  14. Porter Says:

    Joanna, Thank you for you kind reply – yesterday.

    You stated “I don’t believe that ppl are born gay or born in the wrong body.”

    While I understand your overall context- I do have a problem with the sweeping generalization – I have to ask you how do you explain inter-sexed individuals those born with both male and female genitalia? Or those who are born with XXY, XYY, XXX, or XXO Chromosomes –

    While you state that Kurt’s character “dresses and acts like a woman” again a very sweeping statement. Not too long ago in this country “Dandy” or being “Dandy” was a prized behavior by virile heterosexual males — I mean look at the clothing of some of our founding fathers…Wigs, Frilly Lace, Makeup — all were accepted society norms….and now todays metrosexual which Kurt’s character does dress like.

    Just look at the Hibeto Tribe and Huli Wigmen where the men would be considered very effeminate by our your standards.

    I know many heterosexual males that dress a well as or as good/similar as Kurt’s character – And even ones who act just as “effeminate” if not more so …. Not all gay people are effeminate, not all gay people dress well, or can even decorate…

    You are falling in to some very basic “stereotypes” of what gay people are and are not….. Just as you a person of color may have been group into “stereotypes” — which is ultimately a form of judgment in my opinion.

    Just something to think about

    • joannawillis Says:

      Hi Porter,

      Your very welcome. I do know that some ppl are born with both male and female body parts. I’m sure that is a very challenging thing for parents to face. I don’t know what I would do if I was faced with that decision, to make my child female or male or allow them to have both parts until they were old enough to decide.

      I don’t mean to stereotype all gay ppl. I hate when ppl stereotype or generalize ppl. I don’t think I was doing that but thanks for causing me to think about my words.

      Yes men did dress feminine in different cultures and times in past history. Men are great dressers now, gay and straight. Ppl have the right to dress how they want. I didn’t stop watching the show because of how Kurt dresses.

      Listen ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate the discussion but I think we’re getting too deep into it. The show has gone in a direction that I am uncomfortable with therefore I choose to no longer support it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts respectfully. I hope we’ve all been able to hear where each other are coming from and been exposed to different perspectives.

  15. Gaye Says:

    Hey Joanna,
    I just recently posted on my fb page, this exact thing. I am at the point of wanting to sue anyone who pushes the gay agenda to children. Where do grown folks get off teaching kids to have any kind of sex. Pre-teens and teens should just get through school. They change their thoughts about things almost as often as they change their underwear so for responsible adults to push this on children and confuse them it totally idiotic. Currently, I have a friend whose daughter has been confronted by her 14 year old female friend who now says she thinks she is gay and wants to experiment with my friend’s daughter. I am outraged. Schools are teaching teachers how to handle the gay agenda. I think they should handle it by pushing education over premarital sex

  16. Kevan Dewitt Says:

    thank you.
    i watched the first episode of the new season today
    wanting to hear the music and see the performers sing
    the script and theme was so full of disgusting and vile comments that were beyond humor. It was as writer was trying to overpower the talent of singing and performing with such outrageous comments, disgusting examples of the worse of crass teenagers. And the cheerleader’s coach is simply Putrid. If that is humor– then Satan is funny! And He most certainly is not funny. Wickedness is misery.
    Teens face great and real challenges — sure you can show that — But the scripts are written to extol a lovely blonde as funny if she is stupid, overly ‘horny’ and a lesbian. The script extols the humor of the obvious allowed demoralization of the students with slushy ritual. And the sexual comments go way way beyond what would be in a normal high school. If in a terribly sick society that extols feminism and emasculation of real men to the point of real life stories of 1st and 2nd grade boys being punished or expelled for supposed ‘touching’ of girls– There is no way a high school would let one of these scripted kids acting so nasty to stay in the school for a day.
    I am done with Glee. The talent and music and performing efforts of the youth and the choreography will never really be appreciated and allowed to grow and blossom in the field of filth the writers and promoters and sowing!! Shame on them.

  17. qeenofanything Says:

    hey I just turned 15, and I don’t watch the show for exactly the same reasons. My friends think I’m being lame, but they don’t think like me so I don’t worry about it…I feel like I’m the only conservative in a school of liberals b/c I live in a blue state…I really liked reading this b/c u get it!

  18. joannawillis Says:

    Hi Queenofanything!

    Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts! Its great to hear from a teenager on this topic! I know not all teens are super liberal with no morals. Its okay to be conservative, it’s actually a great thing! Please continue to stand up for what you believe in. God bless you!

  19. Jas Says:

    As a 12 year old I disagree. (Shocking I know) Yes I agree its gotten ALOT more suggestive and stuff but it doesn’t stop kids (me) from finding out anyway. The new generation is already too mature so watching Glee won’t make much difference. My parents don’t mind me watching because they trust me to not be urm gross… So yeah. Its more down to trusting your kid or whatever not to become a slut.

    • joannawillis Says:

      Hey Jas! Thanks for reading and posting a comment. I feel that it is parent’s jobs to censor or shield their children from things that aren’t good for them. Its still very important for parents to trust their children and pray for them because they can’t be with them every second of the day.

  20. gleek Says:

    I agree with you, i dont agree with the heterosexual agenda and the straight and christian lifestyle, im gonna quit watching all the TV shows.

  21. Glee (Or Any Other TV Show) Cannot “Turn Someone Gay” | pop goes the culture!: Says:

    […] this criticism really angers me. While I’m at a slight loss as to what, exactly, the ‘gay agenda‘ entails (tolerance? acceptance? not being a hateful human being?), there’s a larger […]

  22. Jakes Says:

    Do you know that the bible is full of mistakes? The bible isnt the litteral word of God. It is stories that were retold form generation to generation. Then written down much later, full of mistakes and mythology. Do yourself a favor, do some research, and you’ll realize it just another belief system, that teaches people to judge people. Instead of just loving

  23. Guy Says:

    Joanna, my wife and I are with you. We used to watch the show a lot, but haven’t watched it for quite some time. We weren’t trying to make a statement or anything – to put it simply, we didn’t think the quality was there anymore. The show had changed. While I am a Christian and do not support the homosexual lifestyle (notice I didn’t use the word “gay” which is a term created to make it sound good and acceptable), I don’t mind if there is a homosexual student and a point to be made about being a homosexual student in today’s world. But, it didn’t stop there. Homosexuals make up less than 1% of society – a fact based on several university clinic studies over the past 20 years.

    So I ask: why do the producers of Glee feel they need to keep “jamming down our throats” a pro-homosexual agenda to 99% of their societal audience that is “not” homosexual. I sometimes want to jump up and say “okay, we get it – homosexual people exist in society – you’ve made your point.” But like far too many progressives in Hollywood, they mistook our (the 99% of who not homosexual) giving high ratings to one episode about homosexuals in high school as meaning “okay, the rest of American society that is not homosexual must want us to cram more of it down their throats.” Wrong!!! And Glee’s downfall in ratings is absolute proof of my conclusions.

  24. Hayden Says:

    I don’t blame you. I, at one point in my life, was too brainwashed by religion. I used to pastor a Baptist church and participate in all sorts of youth groups. Then, one day, with research and education, I realized I was wrong. Maybe you will too, who knows.

    I can promise you a few things. The Bible is not necessarily the “literal” word of God, but stories put together by different authors. Evolution, the process that we evolved in order to adapt to our surrounding environment, is a fact. Yes, a fact, not a mere “belief” or opinion. When I say fact, I mean, it actually happened, whether you believe it did or not. Facts are not dependent on anyone’s beliefs. While it’s fine to have your religious views, making up your own events is quite another story. I know you didn’t give your stance on evolution, I just wanted to throw that out there incase you weren’t aware that it is indeed a non-negotionable fact.

    Which leads me to this – it’s rather sad that there is a group of people out there who are being denied rights because of a group of people such as yourself who simply “believe” their lifestyle is wrong. At one point in history, Christians believed blacks were inferior to whites, that interracial marriage was a sin, and that slavery was a God-given right. Now we look back on that and times have surely changed. Gays are going through the same struggle that blacks once did. How would you feel if someone forbid your lifestyle because they didn’t like your hair color? Or eye color? Or freckles? All because they believed in a religion that said your genetic makeup is wrong. It’s the same thing. And I hope you realize this, like I did. I’ll pray for you.

    • joannawillis Says:

      Hayden thank u for commenting. I believe the bible and I try my best to live according to the word of God. God is love and he loves us all but hates all of our sin, straight, gay, liars, cheaters etc. I dont preach hate or discrimination I preach what my God and my bible say in love. We all have the right to belief and say what we want and I will not allow society to bully me into being quiet. We will have to disagree and thank u for the prayers, I will be praying for you also.

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