The No Wedding No Womb Campaign

I recently discovered the No Wedding No Womb Campaign and I have much respect for the message that Christelyn D Karazin is promoting to the black community. Ms. Karazin is the founder and organizer of No Wedding No Womb! (NWNW) an online initiative to address and find solutions for the 72 percent out-of-wedlock birthrate in the African American community.

As a social worker supervisor, daily I work with my staff to teach life skills and parenting skills to single mothers. Our clients are getting younger and younger and it saddens me to see a 21 year old woman with four children; the mom doesn’t have an education or a job, she doesn’t receive any child support from the fathers and limited family support. I believe that majority of women today do NOT know their value or their worth. If women knew that they were MORE than baby makers, they would have standards, take pride in their lifestyle and know that they deserve to be happy, healthy successful and loved, not hurt, angry and abandoned to raise babies on their own. The cycle must stop!!

I have a lot of respect for the NWNW campaign because their trying to educate the black community and break the cycle of black children continuing to be born into single parent homes. We must teach people about the importance of healthy relationships, monogamy, marriage and planning to have children. Gone needs to be the days of hooking up with people and shortly afterwards discovering that your pregnant. That behavior is dangerous, irresponsible and unfair to the children that continue to be born into broken homes. I am not saying that all children born into single parent homes are neglected, but studies show that children benefit from two parent homes. Every relationship/marriage doesn’t work out as planned but at least some people try to make those relationships work, even though they fail.

Here is a little information about NWNW:

  • What Is No Wedding No Womb?

No Wedding No Womb is a primary call directed to the black community to take action against the rampant births of children who are born without physical, financial and emotional protection.  It is a call for accountability for both MEN and WOMEN to be mindful of the huge responsibility and privilege they have when bringing a child into the world.

NWNW is a double entendre.  The phrase has two meanings.  The primary meaning of “wedding and wedded”, of course, is the marriage ceremony.  The secondary definition means “devotion.”  I chose “womb,” because that is the life source of children, it is the place that feeds, protects and nurtures the child.

  • Does No Wedding No Womb Seek to Bash Single Mothers?
  • Absolutely not.  NWNW calls for both MEN and WOMEN to put the needs of children first, and advocates that couples abstain from having children until they are emotionally, physically and financially able to care for them.
  • What gives you the right to do this?

I’m a baby mamma’ LISTEN TO MY MISSION: 65535 NO WEDDING NO WOMB-2.’  I do this for my daughter, and my daughter’s daughter, and all the children of our future.

To read more about NWNW and discover the answers to the questions below, please checkout the campaigns website

  • When you say, NWNW, are you saying that everyone should get married?
  • Is this just another abstinence program?
  • Are you bashing black men?
  • When you say, “No Wedding No Womb!” are you advocating that women get abortions?
  • Aren’t you being  judgmental?

**QUESTION** What do you think about the campaign? What do you agree of disagree with? Do you think the campaign will be affective?

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18 Responses to “The No Wedding No Womb Campaign”

  1. sylviahubbard1 Says:

    i’ve been listening to her twitter stream and maybe it’s me (because I’m a single mother of three – first two out of wedlock and the third legitimate, but we’re divorced).

    She depresses me.

    She gives me no hope that my children will equate to anything.

    She makes me feel that everything I’ve done get raise three great well behave honor rolled children will all be for nothing because there isn’t a father in their life.

    I’m determine to see my son not become a criminal. I’m determined to make sure my daughters don’t get pregnant or need a man to validate them or end up abused or stupid or anything like that.

    I’m determined to make her a liar.

    I’m a strong black woman and though I made a chose to not wait til I had a ring on my finger or abort my children I will accept my life and my children as a blessing and know that I made the right choice to be a single mother.

    • Christ Alone Says:

      I don’t think her message isnt that there is no hope for the single mother only that things are more difficult. The family within the proper biblical context is how God ordained for things to be. Not single parent homes, or split custody, or gay parents or anything of that sort. Though we cannot change the decisions we made prior to Christ, we can raise our children in the training and instruction of the Lord that they receive how god intends for us to live.

      Although positive there is no Christ in the message of this organization. So it is lacking. The only solution is Christ and they only have one video that promotes Christian principles.

      • sylviahubbard1 Says:

        I don’t need someone to constantly remind me how difficult this is. I experience it everyday.

        we as humans are not here to down trodden on others. We should be here to lift people up.

        She doesn’t. she tries to make me feel bad for the choice I make.

        And note that I don’t say mistake I made. I said CHOICE. It was the only choice! And I wouldn’t have made a different choice to save my life.

        My children are my blessings and I certainly don’t need anyone telling me constantly my children will be criminals all the doggone time because of choices I made.

        My decision is between Christ and I and I should not be judged by mankind.

  2. SexIs4TheWed Says:

    This should go without saying. Sex outside the marriage bed is sin. Its crazy that we need secular organizations to promote abstinence within the Christian community. Before we are in Christ we practiced a lifestyle that was opposite of a biblical world perspective but as new creatures telling men to keep it zipped and women to keep them closed should kind of go without saying. Despite all of the excuses some will make nobody stumbles into sexual sin(of course excluding rape and molestation). You have to consensually agree to commit the sexual acts. This is not a falling into a sin but a willful deviation into sin. And 1 John 3:6 tells us that those who continue in darkness have no light. People of God put into practice the bible it isnt a book, its a manual.

  3. joannawillis Says:

    Thank you all for your insight on this topic. I haven’t heard this woman speak and I have recently discovered the campaign so I cant say that I subscribe 100% to everything that she says. I know that it is not a Christian organization but that does not mean that we cant take some helpful nuggets from the message.

    Sylvia, I agree with you. Just because a woman is a single mother does not mean that she isnt doing all that she can to raise her children right and it certainly doesnt mean that the children wont be blessed. God loves us all and has a plan for us all. I don’t want women who are raising their children alone to be depressed or discourage. I want them to be encouraged, determined and supported.

    I like the idea of teaching the black community about marriage and planning pregnancies instead of continuing to have unplanned pregnancy after unplanned pregnancy. Raising children alone is hard and is not the way God intended families to look like. It is by the grace of God that I did not have children outside of marriage before I was saved. I will never look down on someone who has a child outside of marriage because that could have been any one of us who have had sex before marriage. I just want to teach our communities about abstinence, true love, holiness, and the purpose of dating and marriage. Sex is a beautiful thing inside of a marriage relationship.

  4. sylviahubbard1 Says:

    i don’t think anything she says is christian personally.

    We are supposed to be encouraging to all despite what choices others have made.

    just my opinion!

    • SexIs4TheWed Says:

      I agree that this is what they refer to in the UK as “positive gas”. It’s all gas but no fuel. It sounds good in theory but their is no real redemptive message here if it lacks Christ. I agree that women who have children out of wedlock already know the difficulties they face, but I don’ t believe they are trying to discourage single mothers by posting their findings and statistics. I think they are trying to discourage single women from getting pregnant. This is a poor tactic however because exalting the negative consequences doesn’t help to yield positive results. There are two concepts in Christianity about repentance: attrition and contrition. Attrition is obedience out of fear of damnation. Contrition is obedience out of genuine love from God. Which category do you think bear fruit for the kingdom of God? So if we try to scare people into abstaining it won’t work. Only those who are contrite will humble themselves.

      On the other hand, we have to carefully define what it means to encourage others. Some may feel that stating the truth is offensive. If I say that being gay or lesbian is a damnable sin many will say that I am being unloving and homophobic. How so? If I say that adulterers, fornicators, thieves, idolaters, effeminate, sexually immoral, liars, proud, etc. will have their place in the lake of fire am I being unloving? No. I am repeating what the word of God says which is convicting to a sinner. It discourages sin but offers the light of hope in the gospel. That while we were yet sinners Christ died that we may be saved.

      In conlusion, on one hand you shouldn’t offer the negative in attempt to scare women into abstinence ; however, you must present to them their error that may see their flaw and if humbled and convicted they may seek proper redemption and abstain not from fear of having a difficult time but because they love the Lord and want to regard sex in its proper ordained position.

  5. shai Says:

    I am unable to hear the message on this computer. Will try to hear it at home.

    I am a single mom. My child is now 20. It is good to say no wedding no womb. But we have to REALLY address why women have sex and children outside marriage.

    I had emotional issues I did not understand and at a young age( 17) and started having sex. I thought this would be the One. He was a good friend. We were too young to handle what was growing on and we never married.

    Just to say don’t have sex is not enough. We need to address the roots of the problem. Especially how we don’t teach boys to wait.

    My mom was from a two-parent family and had me as a single mom. Many folks who are single parents came from two-parent homes, so we need to look deeper.

    I can respect folks who are Christians and say come to Jesus. However, for many of us, that is hard when other issues prevent us from really being able to get saved and live a better life.

    • SexIs4TheWed Says:

      The root of the problem is sin and separation from God. it really is that simple. why do we sin? because we are born of sin and separated from God. How can we abstain from sin? To die to the flesh and be born of the spirit and of water.

      Realize that God is bigger than your issues. You don;t try to solve your problems first and then come to Jesus. You come t Jesus bearing your full heart and soul. Is is only in Him and through Him that you will ever come to rest and live a better life and by that I mean God’s definition of a better life.

      • shai Says:

        And sometimes we have to look at things at a human level. If I am abandoned, abused or neglected, that has to be addressed too. To just say it is a sin does not help.

        Compassion for a person, understanding helps first then to just throw scriptures as a person who is not saved. The best teachers for me where ones who looked at the human and spiritual aspects.

      • SexIs4TheWed Says:

        Indeed we cannot become too far removed from the emotional needs of others. We must focus on both the emoitonal and spiritual needs but we must realize that both point to the same answers. That sounds impractical to some but think about this. When Jesus said love God with your whole heart, body, mind, strength, it reveals to yo that a heart after God can see through the storm that God is more relevant than their tribulation and that His presence brings comfort beyond the hurt and pain of abuse, neglect, rape, molestation, etc.

      • shai Says:

        The roads lead to the same answers and sometimes you move from the initial roads to others that finally lead to the answer.

        Everyone starts a different spot and you have to address. That to just be cut and dry, cuts off the receiver getting a good message.

  6. joannawillis Says:

    Sylvia I agree with you completely. The way to motivate and educate people is not to discourage, depress or judge them. We need to get the message out to young girls that it is okay to wait to have sex, cherish their bodies, love themselves and wait to have children until they are married. I will read more of the NWNW articles and follow her on Twitter to read more into her message. I changed the title of this post to The No Wedding No Wound Campaign instead of why I support it because I cant support something that I have not fully researched.

    I know this isnt a bibical campaign but I did want to share the following:

    I am a Christian and I live my life according to the word of God. I do not appologize for what the bible says about tough subjects that make people feel convicted or uncomfortable. I do however agree that the way the message is preached can hurt people and turn them from Christ. Christians need to walk in love and not judgement. We need to pray for those around us and let our lifestyle and our lights shine. By saying that children need two parents and people should wait to have sex and babies until their married is not a judgement statement, its the bible. How you say it is the problem. People need to make sure their message is compassionate and not rude and jugdemental. We as Christians cant win the lost if we’re constantly hurting and offending them.

    • shai Says:

      Joanna, that is it right there>>”We as Christians cant win the lost if we’re constantly hurting and offending them.” To shove something down a person’s throat and not have compassion, does not appeal to a person’s soul. I know some folks don’t mean any harm. Some are so caught up in the message they forget about the delivery and the receiver.

  7. Janna Says:

    I think it is a choice if people want to get marry or not but I think your blog was saying that more families are more likely to be stable if they stay together then to be separate. We do see today that more kids do run into more trouble when both parents are not present in the household but I will say, I have a lot of friends who were raised by strong single woman and they had no problems. I personally think that women need to make smarter choices when choosing their mates. It’s not just about having sex and having kids everyone. What about having respect for your body and not sleeping with everyone you meet? What about your self-worth? What about the diseases that is present in the world today? I am sick and tired of so many women dying daily of STD’s diseases. Some of these STD’s are not curable and sometimes pass on to the children. I feel that people should slow it down and be careful on who they sleep with and make smarter choices. Your choice can affect your child’s future.

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