How Social Networking Has Changed Our Lives

Sadly, I couldn’t imagine going 24 hours without using my cell phone, reading any emails, sending any texts or using the internet for anything. With the invention of PDA’s, iPhones, Blackberrys and Smart Phones in general, we literally have the world at our finger tips every where we go. Gone are the days of missing emails because you spent a few hours off site and weren’t by a computer. No longer do you have to only communicate with your friends by talking on the phone or mailing them a letter (how boring lol) Now a quick instant message, writing a message on their FB wall, hitting them up on Twitter or MySpace is the way to do it. I HATE checking my voicemail. If I don’t answer when someone calls, I prefer they send me a message that I can read because if I am too busy to talk, I can send them a message and get back to them faster.

What I love about Facebook is the ability to get information out to hundreds of people at a time on your status. I was so excited to post when I got engaged, married, we purchased our first home and when we found out I was pregnant. I also love encouraging others, reading my friends inspirational messages on their statuses and posting and viewing others pictures. It’s how we keep up with each other’s lives!

Social media helps with keeping in contact with family and friends who are out-of-state or who you haven’t seen in several years (from grade school, college etc) Social media is also great for promoting businesses, ministries etc.

Of course everything needs balance and it isn’t good to spend all day everyday online or on your cell phone. We can’t let social media/networking take the place of “real life relationships” or everyday human interaction. It is a good idea to put the phones away while on a date, the dinner table, when company is over, or while you’re at work. I’m bad at using my phone often and am working on putting it on silent and on the shelf at home and work more often. P.S I haven’t seen the movie Social Network yet but I heard it was really good.

**How has social networking change your life? Affected your relationships? Enhanced your business?**


One Response to “How Social Networking Has Changed Our Lives”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Social networking can be a great tool if it is used properly. It has been dangerous in my marriage because I have allowed it to take up too much of my time (I am hardly ever online anymore and don’t even have internet on my computer) and my husband has used it to link up with (in my opinion) the wrong people. He has even blocked me from his FB site. This is very painful and destructive to our marriage. What once I saw as a tool to keep in touch with my family and friends has now become something I despise.

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