‘Bumpaholics’ Women Who Are Addicted To Pregnancy

I came across this article from Health Today and I found it very interesting. There are women in the world addicted to pregnancy! It makes since because people are so nice to you when your pregnant; they help you, buy you gifts, tell you how beautiful your growing belly is etc. The article is a collection of professionals research and actual moms explaining what happens to the body when a woman becomes pregnant and what gratification she receives from her 9 months of glowing and growing! Check it out and share your thoughts.

The high of pregnancy
Having babies isn’t addictive in the way that alcohol and narcotics can be. But bumpaholics feel compelled to procreate for many of the same reasons that substance abusers turn to booze or drugs.

“Women who are obsessed with being pregnant are literally filling an emptiness inside of them, just as alcoholics and drug addicts use substances to fill a psychological void,” says Beverly Hills psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, M.D. Every one of us at some point encounters this void, adds New York family therapist Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph.D., author of “Financial Infidelity.” “You want to have a purpose in this world. You want to feel less lonely.”

For some women, babies fill that gap perfectly. Infants are dependent creatures. They can give their mothers a clear identity; they can also become handy social buffers. At a party or on the playground, a woman struggling with feelings of social anxiety or self-consciousness can hide behind the adorable infant in her arms. Any pressure to be cute or charming or funny disappears — your baby has that covered. “Bumpaholics breed to blot out their feelings of insecurity,” Weil says.

Boston psychiatrist and Fox News consultant Keith Ablow, M.D., says some women seem to view having more children as an alternative to addressing their own personal problems. “Bearing another child can sometimes provide a substitute for deciding on a career path, making a marriage work, or even wrestling with questions of self-worth,” Ablow says.

To read more of this article click this link http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/32360929


One Response to “‘Bumpaholics’ Women Who Are Addicted To Pregnancy”

  1. Rolisia Says:

    This was good…I’m not sure if I completely agree…I guess it depends. If you are able to take care of muliple children..why not? and as long as your children do not become little trophies to make you feel good about yourself….then the more the merrier…but if you are having children after children that you can not afford…then I this article brings up some valid points…
    I miss being pregnant…yes there are many perks (people do take more care of you, you get to eat more) but I miss having my son so close to me at all times…..

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