Don’t Be Or Date A Knock Off Christian

Yesterday Pastor Butler from Word of Faith Southfield MI preached a real, on time convicting message about being an authentic Christian and not a knock off. I thought the message was great and I wanted to share some of my notes. Before I share the notes, please read the definitions of knock off and authentic, that will help you understand the message even more.

Knock off is defined as a counterfeit, an imitation, usually one that is made with the intent of fraudulently passing it off as genuine.

Authentic is defined as not counterfeit or copied; “an authentic signature”; “a bona fide manuscript”; “an unquestionable antique.”

*Don’t be a secret agent Christian

*Live boldly for Christ

*Don’t be a knock off Christian, be authentic (genuine)

*Your faking days are over, either you’re in or your out.

*The world need us (true, dedicated Christians) Don’t lose your flavour.

*Don’t be a good for nothing Christian (not beneficial to God or those around you) Don’t be a Christian in words only or only on Sunday.

*When you have only the appearance of a Christian you are worthless to the body of Christ because you’re not doing your part.

*Don’t be a practical atheist; they believe in God but they live their life as though He does not exist.

1) you know it’s wrong yet you still do it

2) you know it’s right but you refuse to do it

3) you know He needs you yet you refuse to serve.

Remember we may be able to fool others but we can never fool God. It’s time to stop playing church.

*Be holy in how you handle ALL aspects of your life. Your music (what’s on your IPod play list? Does it bring God glory? What about your DVD collection? The concerts your attend? Your FB and Twitter updates? Your friends, where you hang out, what you talk about, day-dream about, watch on TV? Let each of us examine ourselves. To be an authentic Christian means to be set apart, holy and truly sold out to Christ.

5 Keys To Being Authentic

1) Deposit God’s word in your heart every day.

2) Protect your heart (guard it)

3) Do life together, have meaningful Christian relationships.

4) Regularly attend church (and get involved)

5) Develop a daily prayer life

Scripture references: Romans 1:16, Matt 5:13, Isaiah  29:13, Matt 6:5,  1Peter1:14, John 8:31-32, Matt 28:19-20, John 13:34-35, John 15:8

Don’t Date Knock Off Christians (my personal thoughts)

Now singles, as you work hard to live holy, obedient and authentic before God and man, it only makes sense that you date people who are also doing the same.  You don’t want to date someone who is only pretending to be a Christian. By pretending, I mean they go to church sometimes, know the basic scriptures but they don’t know God intimately and their lifestyle is not godly at all. If their just going through the religious motions, then let them keep going without you.

It is such a blessing to have a true man of God for a husband. Eddie is not perfect but he desires to be more like Christ and he strives to please Him in all things. Because he wants to be like Christ and glorify Him in our marriage, he does not treat me bad, lying to me, come homing at all hours of the night etc. He wants to please God and walk out His word in our marriage. I want to please God and walk out His word in our marriage too. Marriage is challenging when both people know Christ so I can’t imagine marriage when Christ is not at the center.

You want a spouse that will lift you up spiritually, not drag you down. You don’t want a girlfriend/boyfriend that goes to church with you because you dragged them and then the rest of the week their trying to have sex with you. What’s the point? What does light and dark have in common? NOTHING! Choose ye this day who you will serve! God is faithful. Remember when you delight yourself in the Lord, He WILL give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4) Keep being obedient to God’s word and watch Him bless you with a mate that will be more than you could have asked or dreamed of! He did it for me, He can and will do it for you!!

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