5 Signs That Your Not Ready To Get Married

Remember that a successful marriage depends on two things: 1. finding the right person and 2. being the right person~ unknown.

Marriage is for life and therefore people need to be ready for it when the day comes. We need to educate ourselves about what marriage truly is, what is means to us and our future spouses and count the cost as to whether we are honestly ready for it. Marriage is not about the wedding day, it’s not about sex or having beautiful children together, it’s about loving, serving, sharing, submitting and walking out the good and bad of life with the same legal partner for life. Marriage is awesome. It’s lots of fun, romance, laughs, good times, great sex etc. Marriage is also frustrating, difficult and challenging at times. Single people please talk to seasoned happily married Christian couples about marriage and find out how they have been blessed to be happy and in love after all these years.

5 Signs That Your Not Ready To Get Married

1. You like to be alone and unaccountable to anyone.

2. The thought of having to share your income and bank accounts with your future spouse makes you feel like your going to be sick.

3. You think submission is a four letter word.

4. Sex is the furthest thing from your list of needs and priorities and  having to meet your future spouses sexual needs frequently sounds frustrating and ridiculous.

5. The thought of having to keep a home (cooking, cleaning, doing laundry) makes you break out in hives.

Of course this list is meant to be some what humourous BUT it’s all true. If you don’t want to cook, clean, submit, get yo sex on often, share finances or your time and space with a mate PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T GET MARRIED RIGHT NOW. It’s ok to stay single, cultivate your career, seek God about your purpose, enjoy hanging with your friends, stack your money and enjoy your life. What’s not okay is having sex outside of marriage and/or dating people for many years that you have no intention of marrying and wasting their time. If your living a holy life and you’re enjoying your singlehood and don’t desire to be married there is nothing wrong with that. But if you feel that your season of dating and eventually marriage is approaching, please get an understanding about marriage and seek God BEFORE saying I DO!

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3 Responses to “5 Signs That Your Not Ready To Get Married”

  1. John Wilder Says:

    You are a great woman who is singing my song, preaching my gospel, teaching my message. You would not believe the women who come out of the woodwork to call me all manner of vile names because my message is the same as yours. We have women demanding their right to say no to their husbands sexual overtures on thier own whim and have no problem forcing him to do without sex against his will.

    Ladies, here is a clue, men are at their most emotionally vulnerable when he approaches you for sex. Too many women not only slam the door in his face but usually add some condascending inuslting comment about his sexuality. This would be the same as a man putting you down because you have periods. Mne are extradordinarily sensitive creatures, the same as you, but we don’t get to reveal that vunlerability because far too many women spit it back in our faces.

    I have never seen a feminist point anyone to Jesus. So you can have it the world’s and feminists way where we have the highest divorce rate on the planet, or you could try it God’s way that has been proven to work over and over again.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  2. Jessie Davis Says:

    Hey Joy (HolyGhost Girl),
    Thank you for the sound advisory from your blogs. I do enjoy reading them. This was good!!

  3. Janaryann Greene Says:

    OH YES! When the student is ready the teachers will come!!! Thank You for the awesome insight and REAL TALK about marriage. As I read the blog the second time, I started to realize I have finally arrived at a place where I am ready to share myself completely the man that GOD will Bless me with as a husband. I have been really letting GOD work some insecurities, and irresponsible immature habits and thoughts out of my way. Now I am ready to do those 5 things, and remain adaptable and compliant to My Husbands realistic needs and desires…..Keep Up the GOOD WORK!!!

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