Diary Of A Excited Mommy To Be

Guess what world, my husband and I are expecting our first baby!! I’m 7 1/2 weeks pregnant. For the past three weeks, I have been patiently awaiting the day that I can talk about my pregnancy on my blog. We wanted to go to our doctor’s appointments and get the official good news before sharing it with the world. All of the doctor’s appointments, including our 1st ultrasound, went perfect! Our blessing is growing big and strong and will present him/herself in the beginning of April 2011.

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mommy. I’ve always loved babies and enjoyed caring for them. I enjoyed babysitting and assisting others with their little ones.  As a little girl, I would carry several dolls around the house, take them with me to church, the mall and sometimes snuck them in my book bag to go to school. I enjoyed doing their hair, feeding them and showing them love and affection. My parents and family members brought me all types of dolls; dolls that could walk, pee and eat. I had soft baby dolls, hard big dolls, Barbie dolls and Cabbage Pack Kid dolls. My dad would go to garage sales and buy me strollers and car seats for my dolls. I proudly played with dolls until I was 15 years old. Many of my dolls are packed away at my parent’s house and I plan to give them to my daughter one day. I know that having a baby is much different than playing with dolls. There will be late nights, early mornings, diaper changes, crying spells etc BUT God has given Eddie and I the grace to handle those things and loved ones to come over and help us when needed!

Regarding the sex of the baby, Eddie would like a baby boy first and honestly it doesn’t matter to me. We both want 2 children, a healthy baby boy and a healthy baby girl, it really doesn’t matter to us what order they come in. Our parents, siblings, extended family, church family, friends and coworkers are super excited for us! The love and support that has already been shown is almost overwhelming! It’s so nice to have people rejoice with you and speak God’s blessings over you!

I have been feeling really good. No morning sickness or nausea and I praise God for that! I am making sure I take my prenatal pills, drinking lots of water, that I eat my few small meals a day, eat the right things and not too much of anything. I don’t believe in giving into every craving and gaining 60 pounds during pregnancy. I’m asking God to give Eddie and I wisdom in all areas so that we can be in His will and He can be glorified in our lives. We are so excited for our new season of parenthood! We are praying, trusting and believing! My mom told me that pregnancy is an act of faith. A few months go by before you even feel the baby or start showing but you know he/she is in there. Also it takes faith to know that your baby will be okay and so will you, even on the rough days or nights. God blessed us with this baby and He will protect us and walk with us on this new journey!

My Pregnancy Prayer

Lord God I thank you right now for our baby. I thank you for granted us the honor of becoming parents soon, we do not take that lightly. Lord we thank you that our baby is growing strong and healthy. Thank you that my pregnancy will continue to be healthy with zero complications or concerns. Thank you that my blood pressure, sugar, weight and everything else will be normal and on target. Thank you for peace of mind when my body starts changing and I don’t understand everything that’s happening. Thank you for patience for my husband and wisdom for him to know how to care of me and the baby. Thank you for our marriage being stronger than ever before. Thank you for our support system, bless them Lord for their love and encouragement shown towards us. Thank you for favor going before us and prospering our way. Thank you that our baby will have overflow of blessings and our home will lack in no area! You are a forever faithful God and we give you all the glory in advance, in Jesus name AMEN!!


2 Responses to “Diary Of A Excited Mommy To Be”

  1. Lalisha (Le-Le) Says:

    This is so beautiful! You guys are truly blessed and I am very excited for you and Eddie! I pray that God continue to bless you with good health during and even after the pregnancy and with a healty baby boy or girl! I thank you for being a light to so many young women including myself and I thank God for your beautiful spirit! Again Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Janna Says:

    I am truly happy for you guys. It’s so exciting for you to be pregnant and for so many people to rejoiced with you. I truly believe that when people share exciting news, everyone should rejoiced. It’s so sad that when I hear many women who are pregnant, they are depressed, stressed out, sad, not married, and having an unplanned pregnancy. It’s just so good to hear that some women who are pregnant realized that babies are a blessing from God and will bring blessing to their lives. May God bless you and Eddie on your extended family!

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