How To Keep Your Hubby Happy, Satisfied And Eager To Get Home

Everyone knows that there are some women in the world who like to prey on married men. These women are on the search for someone else’s man, a challenge, a fling. I personally am not worried about any women trying to steal my husband because I don’t believe my husband can be stolen. Husbands and wives decide whether they are going to be faithful and committed to their marriages. As married people and even before we say I Do, we have to make up in our minds that marriage is FOR LIFE and we’ll do everything we can to stay faithful and happy.

Wives, we don’t want another woman to show our husbands more respect, affection or admiration than we do. I hate it when I see a wife tearing down her hubby because I know that if she keeps rejecting him, another woman would gladly pick him up.

Whether your marriage is good, bad or ugly right now, you have to decide to stick it out, pray, be patient, long-suffering and diligent. As wives, I feel it is vital for us to do all that we can to keep our homes peaceful, our husband’s happy, satisfied and eager to get home.

8 Tips to keep him happy, satisfied and eager to get home.

1. Watch your attitude. Some husbands don’t like to come home after work because they know their wives will start arguing and nagging them when they walk through the door. We as wives need to learn when and how to address our concerns without nagging or flying off the handle.

2. Keep your appearance up. If you did your hair, wore nice clothes and did other things to look good before marriage, you should try your best to keep that up after you say I Do! Men are visual and you want your hubby to know and believe that his wife is the finest woman around!

3. Keep a clean house. I know majority of wives work but there’s no reason for our homes to get trashed. Try to pick up during the week and exactly clean on the weekends when you have more time. You want your honey to feel comfortable in a clean home. Of course he should help you keep the home clean but that will probably take your guidance to help him 🙂

4. Find common interest so you can go out and have fun together. The couple that plays together stays together. Make time to get out and have fun, laugh, flirt, enjoy one another’s company. Married couples should spend more time together than apart.

5. Meet his sexual needs. Most men want sex a lot. Try your best to keep up with him and give him rain checks when you need time to rest. Try not to reject him with a negative attitude when your tired. He may feel that you don’t love or desire him. We don’t want them to make us feel that way when we ask for affection or communication. Married sex is awesome and if you need to, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart, mind and body and help you to enjoy it.

6. Be a safe and trusted person for him so that he can be vulnerable around you. Men don’t let their guard down easily. If you want him to open up, you must be patient, compassionate and trusting.

7. Be his ride or die chick. He needs to know that if he can’t count on anyone else (besides God) he can count of you. Through the good times in his career, health, finances and the bad. Love him, support him and pray for him always!

8. Be forgiving, don’t keep bringing up his past failures. When you get into intense fellowship with your hubby, don’t bring up old mistakes, failures or issues. It is not helpful and it will only make things worse. When we say we forgive people, we have to truly forgive and ask the Holy Spirit to help us forget. Even if the memory is refresh in your mind, if you keep bringing it up, the situation will never rest and the person will never get a chance to heal or redeem themselves.


7 Responses to “How To Keep Your Hubby Happy, Satisfied And Eager To Get Home”

  1. Delonna Says:

    Very informative. I love these tips!

  2. marriagecoach1 Says:

    You epitomize the proverbs 31 woman. You are singing my song. preaching my message. I say the same things on other blogs and women come out of the woodwork to call me a misogynist, sexist, neanderthal and those are just the words that can be printed in mixed company.

    Feminists demand their right to say no at their whim. Feminists put men down for their sexuality. Of course you have never seen a feminist point anyone to Jesus.

    I tell women to wear frilly lacy lingerie not deadly dull boring white virginal nylon panties with no lace and utilitarian bras. And a frilly nightgown. We are visual creatures. I tell women that if they were going to be given a present, would they want it in a crumpled up old grocery sack or would they want it in pretty papers and lovely ribbons? They can’t seem to make the analogy about their lingerie.

    In part it is not all the women’s fault. The churches teach little girls that sex is bad, dirty wrong and good girls don’t do that. By the time that they are ready to embrace their sexuality, they can’t enjoy it because of all of the negative conditioning and it reflects in the virginal lingerie.

    You never hear positive sermons or sunday school lessons on how sex is a wonderful gift from God and according to Proverbs 5 a woman’s breasts are supposed to satisfy a man at all times and she is always supposed to RAVISH him with her love. Ravish is just another word for GREAT SEX.

    Kudos on anohter outstanding post
    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  3. joannawillis Says:

    Thanks Delonna and John.

    John you are very right, many churches do not preach positive messages to women about sex and marriage. Many women have negative views about marriage and sex because of the wrong religious messages that their mothers and churches have given them. God is blessed with holy married hot steamin passionate sex. We as wives should enjoy sex with our husbands and know that sex is not dirty or bad. I am on a mission to spread positive messages to women to help them live the lives that God has created and called them to live.

  4. Gaye Moore Says:

    As a person who has been married for 35 years, I would like to piggy back on the point about doing things together. That really becomes crucial as the marriage ages. A fair warning to all young marriages with children. Make sure to stay boyfriend and girlfriend and do things together. Many wives and husbands focus on the children and when the children leave home, the couple finds that they don’t know each other.
    I observed something very disturbing, so much so that I took a survey of several couples who were married 50 years or more. Here is the one question I asked. “What do the two of you talk about?” The first lady’s response was, “have you asked anyone else this question?” I told her that she was the first person I had asked. She then responded” I’d like to know their answer.” Then she began to ponder. She told me that when there was an election, they talked about the candidates That then equates to talking every two to four years. The next time I asked a husband and he began to look up into his head to find the answer. With hesitance, he said they talked about tv shows. The next couple I spoke with, the wife chimed in “We talk about everything, the children, the grandchildren and so on.” As she said this, I watched her husband’s body language and his attitude seemed to reflect, “that’s what YOU talk about.” I asked another couple and the husband’s response was “I still chase my wife around the bed. I can’t catch her anymore, but I do still chase her.” LOL I then asked a widow and her response was, “My husband and I did everything together. ” These are the ones that really stood out in my mind. Doing things together, not only helps for great company and great memories, it makes for great conversations.

  5. Versandra Says:

    Thanks for another informative article. I’m sure you will follow-up with one addressed to men. I would love to share some loving touch tips especially for those with physical contact as their primary “love language.”

  6. QueenPinky Says:

    This is so good.

    Role reversal has changed the way women feel about pleasing, taking care of and being there for men. Women feel like they wear the pants now and they neglect a lot of the things on your list.

    I still feel like men are sacred and need to be pleased. Women have to show that love and sometimes bend over backwards (or what they think is bending over backwards, because I don’t think anything listed here is to hard to do for our men).

    Very good read!

  7. Cindy Holman Says:

    Joanna – I love your blog – you and I write in a very similar way – and I agree with what you have to say about men and woman – it breaks my heart when couples ‘don’t get it’! Keep it up sister! God Bless!

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