6 Reasons Why I Love My Mega Church

 I attend Word Of Faith International Christian Center. I have been a member since Dec of 2002. My life has been forever changed since attending this church. I was born into a Christian home but we had not attended a word based church before Word of Faith. It’s refreshing to be apart of a church that teaches the word of God, not false doctrine,  manipulation and control. If it is in the word of God, it is taught in a practical way so that we can apply it to our everyday lives. At Word of Faith we receive weekly teaches on helpful life changing topics such as: how to run your family business, marriage advice, financial wisdom, guidance for parenting, how to walk in love, forgiveness, holiness, God’s power and purpose for your life, how to walk in faith and not fear, God’s healing power, prosperity and so much more. We are encouraged to read the bible and know God for ourselves and train our spiritual ears to hear His voice. We are not following a man, we’re following Christ.

I know many people can not imagine going to a larger church because of the size and lack of intimacy. My experience at Word of Faith has been the complete opposite of that. I have made more long-term friendships over the last six years with believers than I have ever in my whole life. The young people were very friendly and welcoming. The group I began to hang with spent a lot of time going to movies, out to eat, parks, house fellowships to listen to gospel music, play games, have prayer, bible studies and discussions. I got involved in children’s church, the book store and then the choir. Yes the church is large BUT  it quickly became my home and the members became my family.

Here are 6 reasons why I love my mega church:

1. The word of God is taught in a way that I can understand and apply to my everyday life. I am excited about the word and the things of God.

2. My Bishop and the first family are loving, led by God, wise, down to earth and have a heart for the people, to spread the gospel and win souls for the kingdom. The ministral team is the same way. They are always available to pray, counsel and provide spiritual guidance and support.

3.  Through our singles meeting bible studys, I learned what it meant to be a godly proverbs 31 woman. I learned the true purpose of dating and how to be holy in my lifestyle, thoughts and behavior. I meet my husband at the church and we grew in God and friendship together. When he felt led, he prayed and approached me and we dated for the purpose of marriage. Now we’ve been married for 26 months and we are forever grateful for our church continually teaching us the word of God and how to apply it to our everyday lives. The church has a marriage ministry that we now participate in as well.

4. I have grown so much in God because of the word and the fellowship with the believers there. I learned what it meant to have an intimate relationship with the Lord and see Him as my daddy and not the big man in the sky.

5. Because of attending the church, I began to attend GphiG campus ministry meetings at Oakland University. I developed relationships with my ministers there and we still keep in contact after all these years. Min. Angela Bullock taught me so much about being a woman of God and seeing God as my heavenly daddy. Min Carmen Bessant played a vital role in me beginning counseling and getting set free from the past issues of the rape that I experieced in 2000.

6. 95% of my friends attend my church. Word of Faith’s members are my family. My friends are my accountability partners, prayer partners, encouragers and so much more! We pray together and play together. It’s almost impossible to walk out your relationship with God without any fellowship. Believers who don’t attend church and don’t surround themselves with the other sold out believers will fail. The bible says not to forsake the fellowship of the believer.

For more information about our Southfield MI main headquarters church or our many our church locations throughout the world, please check out http://www.woficc.com

Word of Faith Int’l Christian Center

Bishop Keith A. Butler, Pastor
Pastor Andre Butler, Co-Pastor
20000 W. Nine Mile Rd.
Southfield, MI 48075

Phone: 248.353.3476
Fax: 248.353.3693
TTY: 248.355.0242

24-Hour Prayer: 1.800.541.PRAY (7729

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3 Responses to “6 Reasons Why I Love My Mega Church”

  1. Andrea Moss Says:

    Excellent blog post! I have been a member there since 1981! So I have watched us grow from a small church to what we are today. As the church grew in size I grew spiritually too. I love it.

  2. TMarie Says:

    Yay!! Yes I agree Joy! WOF has been such a blessing to me as well. I started going through Campus Ministry in 2000 and haven’t left! I grew up in the small church and a medium size too. By far, there is NOTHING like my home church!

  3. Pamela B-Jones Says:

    I Love this blog!!! I grew up in a very small and personal church, Pastored by my Godparents. I never thought that I would leave and attend a “Big” Church. I love my Church so much and I love the fact that it is small Church Within a Big Church. Word of Faith cators to the Members and Visitors, Campus Ministry, Childrens Ministry, Youth Ministry (GPHI), Senior Citizens Ministry, Married Ministry, Singles Ministry, Divorce Care Ministry, and so much more…We always have Ministers available at any time we need them. And our Pastors, and Ministers Deliver the word and it is Backed up by the Bible! I can honestly say I do not miss my small Church. and I am so Blessed to have been able to break away from the tradition of going to church and not being taught THE WORD. That’s what it is about Being Taught the word, Living according to The Word, and Bringing Souls to Christ by using THe Word…<-Can't go wrong there. I Love Word of Faith!!!

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