4 Tips On How To Let Him Work For Your Heart

In today’s society where so many women are single, it can become tempting for single women to either lower their standards when it comes to dating or not require the men to pursue/ court them like they should. Single women, remember that you’re beautiful inside and out, successful and loved by God. God doesn’t need your help in locating a mate for you. When you meet a guy who appears to have the attributes that you desire in a mate, let him pursue you. If he moves slowly or sometimes doesn’t show interest, then leave him be. If it’s God’s will it will work out. If it’s not, you don’t want him anyway!

4 Tips On How To Let Him Work For Your Heart

1. Before he officially asks you out, don’t always make yourself available to hang out or talk all day and night on the phone. These behaviors should be exclusive for your boyfriend.

2. When your out with mutual friends, let him seek you out and get to know you. Men go after what they want. If he hardly ever approaches you then either he’s not interested or not ready for a serious relationship.

3. Carry yourself like a lady. Watch your body language, the outfits you wear and the conversations you have. Be yourself and let him come to you. Don’t try to send him signals that you want him by dressing revealing, always approaching him and hanging on him. If you are a Christian, your calling yourself a woman of God, so carry yourself as one and trust God. Men like a chase, so let him work!

4. Have standards as to how you want a potential boo to treat you. If you want him to open doors, pay for meals, meet your parents etc that’s fine. Don’t let him beep the horn and wait in the car when he arrives to pick you up etc. We treat people how to treat us.

In summary, don’t settle, don’t chase him and don’t be available all the time. Let him work! If he believes you could be the one, trust me, he’ll seek you out! In the meantime, be confident, content and happy in your singlehood.

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6 Responses to “4 Tips On How To Let Him Work For Your Heart”

  1. TMarie Says:

    Good Stuff as always Joy!!! Keep It coming! Shout out from the single ladies! LOL

  2. Akia W Says:

    Good stuff Joy! I’ve seen many women get hurt and play themselves this way and blame it ALL on the guy. We have to trust God and let the men hear Him and pursue.

  3. Akia W Says:

    In reference to my comment above, I do want to mentioned that I have made that mistake in the past as well but thank God for His Wisdom as we learn and grow in Him!

  4. joannawillis Says:

    Thanks ladies for reading and sharing!! Akia you are very right!! Thank God for His mercy, wisdom and grace! When we know better we must do better!!

  5. Maxine Herron Says:

    Excellent blog. Thanks for sharing the information. Keep up the good work.

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