How To Choose A Good Hair Dresser

Step 1: Know What Qualities to Look For

  • You may be wondering what qualities make a good hair dresser. Although the answer is subjective depending on what you are looking for, there are several general traits you might want to look for when choosing a new hair dresser. These include, but are not limited to:
  1. Good communicator
  2. Knowledge of health-related topics associated with hair
  3. Ability to recognize conditions or abnormalities on the skin, hair or scalp
  4. Friendly and personable
  • Step 2: What Are Your Needs?
    • Knowing what your hair needs are is extremely important in finding the perfect hair dresser. Some hair dressers, for example, specialize in highlights or perms, while others are known for their flair for the hippest styling techniques.
  • Step 3: Get Recommendations
    • A great way to find a hair dresser is by talking to others. You can:
    1. Talk to friends and family. If you are getting advice from people that know you and whom you already trust then chances are you will find you like the hair dresser they recommend.
    2. Talk to salon schools in your area. Usually they can tell you some of the better salons and stylists around town. Sometimes they may suggest you try their school, where for a discount you can get your hair done by students in training. Although not always ideal, it is one way to get a cheaper cut and style.
  • Step 4: Find a Good Quality Salon
    • Sometimes the best way to find the most qualified hair dresser is to first find the highest rated salons in your area. Usually top notch salons only hire the best, so if you find the right salon, you will most likely find the best hair dresser to fit your needs. You can also specify to the person in charge of appointments what your needs are and they can then tell you the person on staff that specializes in that particular hair cut or treatment. You can find salons in your area by:
    1. Word of mouth. Again, friends and family will usually be honest and suggest a decent hair dresser for your needs; assuming, of course, that they have a good flare for hair!
    2. The internet will provide a wealth of information. You may even find sites that rate the salons and their stylists.
    3. Drive around town. Sometimes by walking into a salon and asking questions you can at least get a feel for the place and the hair dressers there. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either! You might even want to talk to some of the customers there.
  • Here are some questions you should cover during your hair stylist consultation:

    • What are the main products that you use in servicing your clients’ hair?
    • What types of services do you offer? (Relaxers, roller sets, deep conditioning, wraps, braids, etc.)
    • What hair types and textures do you work with? (Natural, kinky, relaxed, etc.)
    • How long have you been a hair stylist?
    • What are your hours?

    Here are some things you should look for at a salon:

    • How is the stylist interacting with her clients? Is she handling their hair with care? Is she explaining what she’s doing before she does it?Is she listening to her client?
    • Does their seem to be a long wait for the stylist to get started? Does it seem like people have been there all day?
    • Is the salon clean? Are there places for salon equipment? Is the washing area clean? Is clean up being done as work is being done? Are stylists eating in the same area as hair is being done?
    • How is the atmosphere? Is it air conditioned? Are the hair stylists getting along with each other? Are thereĀ lots of of unwatched children? Is there cursing? Are street vendors allowed to solicit inside the salon?
    • Is the salon convenient for you? Is there ample parking? Is the neighborhood safe whether you choose to visit morning or evening.

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