Wedding Night Advice For Him and Her

When couples have waited to have sex with each other until marriage, the wedding night becomes a big deal. Whether the couple are both virgins or have waited to become one together during their courtship, they have abstained and are ready to get it on! God created sex and sex is beautiful in His sight. Don’t believe what the world tells you about needing to try out your future spouses goods before marriage to see if you two are compatible. When you honor God with your body during single hood, He honors your marriage bed. God won’t leave you hanging, He rewards the faithful. Single people, try your best to remain holy and if you stumble, repent and get back on track!  
Advice For The Bride To Be: 
1. Pack a few pieces of lingerie and cute pantie sets for the honeymoon. If you have a bridal shower you may already been given these items. You want to look good and feel confident and comfortable on your wedding night. 

2. Research birth control methods. Explore your options with your doctor and future hubby to be. Make sure you pack your contraception for that special night. Also, before that night track your ovulation. You want to know when you’re fertile so you can prevent pregnancy.  

3. When you get home or to the hotel that night, take a shower to freshen up and relax. If your tense during sex it will be painful. Relax and have fun.  



4. Be uninhibited! Your husband is your life partner and best friend. He’s been waiting to become one with you for a while now. Don’t worry about being anyone but yourself. Be sexy, playful and unashamed. Your body isn’t perfect, no one’s is. When ya’ll are getting it on, he won’t care about any imperfections trust me! 
Advice For The Groom To Be: 

1. I know you’ve been waiting to become one with your lady but there’s no need to rush. You want to take your time and make her feel comfortable and loved. She maybe shy at first so help her relax and come out of her shell.  

2. Plan to make the room special for her. The day of the wedding, you may want decorate the room or have someone do it for you. Maybe put some flowers, candles and chocolates in the room; whatever she likes.  

 3. Don’t forget the KY! KY will help to keep your bridal lubricated and comfortable. If she’s comfortable and happy, ya’ll will be to make love all night long if you two so desire!  

 4. Remember she is your bride and your life partner. You are there to please her as much as she is there to please you. Forget about what you did with any previous partners or viewed in the movies. Learn your brides body and what she likes. Keep your married bed undefiled and holy! Don’t worry about being a master in the bedroom. Pray and ask God to bless ya’lls coming together and just have fun. This is the first night of the rest of ya’lls lives together!


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9 Responses to “Wedding Night Advice For Him and Her”

  1. Eddie Willis Says:

    Thank you sista Willis. You are such a blessing. I like the way you break it down.

    I’d like to add that husbands should take an active role in contraception and birth management. Investigate what is going into your wife’s body. You and she are ONE now and her health is your health. Be aware of ovulation rather you are starting your family or delaying you gratification. Married sex is GREAT.

  2. Rolisia Says:

    Nice post…so many truthful topics….the world has no idea that u can have a great sex life in marriage without testing the waters.

  3. Kim Says:

    Love it! You’re right, waiting until the wedding night to have sex with each other for the first time gives both parties something to look forward to…and with God in it…Holy Ghost will make sure it’s GOOD! 😉

  4. Erayna Says:

    Great post Joanna!

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