Rejecting The “Gold Digger” Mentality

A gold digger is a woman who seeks money and expensive gifts from men. Today’s society encourages women to only go after the men with big money. The bigger the car, house and wallet, the better the man. Some women go to great lengths to get a man with the big bucks. Women get plastic surgery to make themselves look like models, they spend money that they don’t have on expensive designer clothes and jewelry so that they can be noticed by the men in expensive circles.

On a smaller scale, women in everyday urban and suburban neighborhoods, are looking for men that will take them out and get they’re hair done, nails did, car note and cell phone paid. Neither the first or second group of women that I mentioned is looking for love, their all looking for the CASH!!

As women we often say that we don’t want to be used for our looks, bodies or money but if were not careful, we will adopt the worlds mentality and treat men that way. Men shouldn’t be treated like money bags as if that’s all their good for. We must treat people how we want to be treated. If you KNOW you have NO interest in a guy, why let him continue to take you out, spend money on dates and buy you gifts? What if the tables were turned and you were in love with him, bragging to your friends ” he may be the one,” only to find out that he was using you for some selfish gain. We must treat others how we want to be treated.

5 Things To Do To Reject The Gold Digger Mentality

1. Know who you are in Christ. When you know who you are in Christ, you will reject the world’s messages that tell you that you have to be a certain body type, hair length, skin color, live in a certain neighborhood and drive a certain car. The bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God loves you, He made you just the way you were supposed to be made. You are beautiful in His sight.

2. Stop listening to music and reading books that encourage women to get money and dog out men. There are good men in the world and men are a blessing. We need to adopt positive messages about men. Women want respect and so do men.

3. Know that God is your source. You don’t need any old man to pay your bills and get your hair done. Work hard, pay your tithes, bills, walk according to the bible and trust that God will provide you with all that you need.

4. When deciding whether you want to go out with a guy, pray and seek God. Don’t go off of his appearance only. Yes he should be attractive in your eyes but looks can be deceiving. He may look like he has money but he may not. He may look like he doesn’t have lots of money but he may. We as women should care more about a man’s character, heart, ambitions and integrity more than his wallet.

5. If your current circle of friends encourage you to be a “gold digger” leave them alone and pray that God sends you new friends. Birds of a feather flock together. If your girls are always wanting to get dressed up and go looking for the next big fish, they aren’t the women you want to hang around. You need a man after God’s heart. A man whose honesty, hard working, loving, kind and fine!! When men seek after God and do things His way, the money and success always comes, because their walking according to the word!


5 Responses to “Rejecting The “Gold Digger” Mentality”

  1. Janna Says:

    Good tips!

  2. Red Joe Says:

    Good Stuff!

  3. joannawillis Says:

    Thanks Janna and Joe!!

  4. Joe Says:

    This subject is the three hundred pound gorilla in the living room no one will ever talk about.
    Before the recession so many women in church had very distorted expectations. They would not give an honest guy the time of day unless they were making at least 3 to 4 hundred k a year. Of coarse no one made anything close to that. The only guys who did were the hustlers and players and that was all smoke and mirrors. The odds of actually securing such a guy are in the winning the lotto type of odds. The greed of these typical church girls was truly stunning.
    As a guy I must accept reality, the reality is most women in church are hypocrites and goldiggers.
    Another amazing little fact is how easily these women will trade up if the rare opportunity presents itself. Marrage means nothing to these women when it comes to getting more money. As one of those rare guys who actually have more than average money, I have experienced this many times, women who were very willing to dump there less financially well endowed husbands to trade up.
    While it is true there are small numbers of women who are not given to the gold digging mentality they are very few in number.
    As a guy I feel you must accept this reality and figure out ways to deal with it.

  5. Joe Says:

    Think of this, there are a maximum of 450 NBA players at any time, a very desirable gold digger target.
    The pot odds of encountering one of these guys is 682,237 to one. You are into the getting hit by lightning type of odds at this point. I think some gold diggers may have to hold out for the next half a million years. Maybe by then they will have evolved a little

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