A Wife’s Guide To Catering To Her Man

Ladies, our husbands work so hard and I know we appreciate them and verbally tell them often but let’s step it up a notch. Let’s all plan an evening where we can devote all of our attention to our husbands. I’m talking about doing it big, so it doesn’t have to be done often, but it will make him feel very special. For those with kids, this will require you getting a babysitter. For the ladies that are pregnant, do what you have the energy and ability to do. A romantic evening does not have to be expensive, so everyone should be able to participate. You may want to get off work early to be able to get home, freshen up, cook and set the mood. Here is a narrative full of ideas. You know your husband best, so do what you think he will like. Ok ladies picture this:

Your hubby comes home from work and you’re already there. The house is clean and smelling good. His favorite dinner is prepared. You have his favorite beverage chilling on ice and there are candles throughout the house. You have on one of his favorite outfits or pieces of lingerie. The look on his face will be priceless as he walks through the door. Give him a gentle kiss, tell him that you love him and lead him to the kitchen.

Over dinner just love on him with your words. Let him know how much you appreciate all that he does around the house, with the kids, at work, church etc. Let him know how strong, supportive, helpful and funny he is. Reminisce about things that you two did together that were fun or romantic over the years. Just laugh and keep the conversation light and care free. If you want you can treat him to his favorite dessert but it may not be necessary because you’re the desert for the night!

After dinner it will be time for a bath or shower and then a massage. Help him take off his clothes. Start with his shoes, socks and work your way up. Let him bath or shower alone. That is time for him to relax and for the anticipation to build of what’s to come next. If he insists however, of course, jump on in! The massage is the last thing before love making. Make the massage playful and sensual. The massage will be the foreplay before the main event! Once the massage is over, give him a playful strip tease and well you know the rest!!  Wives, I encourage you to be adventurous that night. Try new things with your hubby and be uninhibited. Your husband is your best friend. Don’t be embarrassed to be intimate and vulnerable with him. Let him teach you how to please him and you teach him how to please you. When we cater to our husbands, they in turn are excited to cater to us! Enjoy!!

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