Say Yes To The Dress

Whether your engaged or single, it’s never too early to start thinking about your wedding day desires. Most women enjoy looking in wedding magazines and talking about what visions they have for their wedding dress. Wedding dress shopping is lots of fun and I’m sure most engaged woman would agree. I’m not saying go try on dresses if your single but I am saying it doesn’t hurt to know what styles you like so you have an idea when your day comes.  Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is every woman’s dream! It’s so much fun to be the center of attention as you try on gown after gown. Shopping for my wedding dress was the first time that I looked and felt like a real princesses. The decision on which dress to select is an important one and doesn’t gave to be super complicated or stressful. Here are some tips that helped me select my dress. Oh, before you start shopping, make sure you ask your hubby to be what styles he would like to see you in. You want his jaw to drop to the floor when he sees you coming down the aisle!! Happy dress shopping!

1. Look at bridal magazines or pictures online to get an idea of the type of dress styles you think you like the best. Pay attention to the different neckline styles (sweetheart, halter, off the shoulder, etc) Checkout

2. Schedule a few appointments at local bridal shops so that you can try on dresses and begin your search. Try to avoid Saturday afternoons because that’s the busiest day and it can be hectic in the stores or bouquets.

3. Try not to take to many people with you on your first appointment. You want to be relaxed, have fun and not have to deal with too many people’s opinions and comments.

4. Set a budget with your groom and parents (or whoever is helping you with the wedding) before trying on any dresses. There’s no point in trying on $3000 dresses if your budget is $800. Don’t believe the hype, it is more than possible to get a beautiful wedding dress between $300- $1000. I got my wedding dress for under $1000 from a bridal bouquet and so did the majority of the brides I know.

5. Try on multiple dress styles a) because it’s fun and you only get married once b) to see which styles flatter your shape the most. This means try on dresses that may not look super cute on the hanger, once you try it on, it may open your eyes to a whole new look! I recommend at least going to two bridal salons to try on dresses, compare styles, prices and ordering time for when the dress would be ready.

6. Be a bargain shopper! Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices. If the owner wants to seal the deal on your sale, she will work with you. I asked for a discount on my dress, even though it was already marked down. After some negotiation, the owner, my mom and I came up with a prices that we all liked.

7. You’ll know which dress is “the dress” for you because you will dream about it and you won’t be able to stop thinking and talking about it. Every dress you try on after it will not compare to it. Don’t be an impulse buyer; wedding dresses are a major investment! Sleep on the decision, pray and if you have peace, go back and get your dress!!

*Married ladies, what was your experiences with dress shopping? Did you LOVE your dress? What was your favorite bridal shop?*


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