A Happy Father’s Day Message With Love

For the 28 1/2 years that I’ve been on this earth, I’ve been blessed to have such an awesome father, Jeff Wood. My dad has always been there to care for me, support me, pray for me, correct me, teach me, praise me, compliment me and spend time laughing and having fun with me. I never went a day without his love. I have never questioned my father’s dedication to God, my mom or his family. I am forever grateful to God for blessing me with my father.

I don’t take my father for granted because I know many people have never met their fathers or he hasn’t been consistently in their lives. To those individuals I want to say the my Lord and Savior is the Ultimate Father and He loves you and will never leave you! If you don’t know Him but want to, send me a message below and I can introduce you!

What’s awesome about God is when we truly surrender our lives to Him, He shows us how to be the man/woman of God that He’s called us to be. My father did not have a good example of a dad growing up. His father was in the home but didn’t take an active role in the parenting, he abused alcohol and was hanging out a lot. My parents got saved when they were 19 years old and my dad made a decision to live for God all the way, to be a man of God, to lead his home and to raise his children according to the word of God.

My dad is not perfect, no one is, but I wanted to share his testimony because many people wonder if they can be a good person or can be loved or used by God because of what they’ve been through or exposed to. With God ALL things are possible!! If you ask ANYTHING in God’s name, He will do it! If you want to be a better father, mother, student, spouse, professional, Christian etc God can help you do it!! Don’t use your up bringing or past as an excuse. God is willing and able. He’s faithful!!

My parents a decision at a young age to live for God and I am so very glad they did!! Because of their obedience to God and continual prayers, teaching and godly example, my brother and I are both married to wonderful Christian spouses and were both serving at our churches and living for God! Parents your children are watching you and their going to be affected by what they hear and see you do! Make sure your showing them the right way!!

Happy Father’s Day to my brother Joel, I’m so proud of the man, father and husband that you have become!! Happy Father’s Day to all Eddie and I’s uncles and cousins that are fathers. Also Happy Father’s Day to ALL the new fathers and fathers to be that I know! It’s many of you guys and I’m excited about the children you all will raise for the Kingdom of God! To every father whose working hard to love on their children, raise them right and provide for their families, I say thank you, God bless you and Happy Fathers Day!!!!!


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