What To Do When Your Husband’s Sex Drive Is Low

Below are two secular articles about how to handle your husband’s low sex drive. I think the tips are helpful things to consider. I would like to add the importance of prayer, loving communication, patience, compassion and seek godly counsel. There is a reason for everything. Your hubby may have physical, medical, emotional concerns that prevent him from desiring or performing often. Also, if the relationship between you two is stressful, this may decrease his sex drive. If he does not feel that he is receiving the love and respect that he needs from you, he may not desire sex from you. It could be many different reasons. I am not saying it is the wife’s fault at all. I’m saying that couples should work through either spouses low sex drive together so that they both can feel comfortable and fulfilled.

This can be a difficult thing for men to discuss so pray and ask Holy Spirit when and how to address the subject with him. Let him know how much you love him and desire to be intimate with him. Ask him how he feels and what would help him get in the mood more often. Don’t judge or criticize when he answers you. If you do that, he may not trust you enough to open up for a long time. Men don’t like to be vulnerable and when they trust us enough to open up, we have to handle them with care. Men don’t like going to the doctor but sometimes their issues could be medical. In that case, make sure you encourage them to see their doctor and even offer to company them. It maybe a good idea to talk to someone at your church about the situation as well if you need spiritual guidance and encouragement.

How to Talk to Your Husband About His Decreased Sex Drive

By: Linda Ray

1 Let your husband know your needs. Therapists at Mental Help say that many women are not accustomed to asking for what they need and want, instead expecting their mates to read their minds or just intuitively know what they need. Express your own desires for more sex, and you may be pleasantly surprised with the response.

Step 2 Make an appointment to see a doctor for a medical checkup. Accompany your husband to the doctor and listen to the physician’s explanation of the effects of any medications your husband is taking. Antidepressants and blood pressure medicine are notorious for causing decreased sex drive. Once the doctor realizes the side effects, he may be able to offer suitable alternatives that do not affect the libido. The physical checkup also may uncover a problem, such as poor circulation or prostrate problems that can affect your husband’s sex drive

Step 3 Set the stage for a romantic evening by arranging for a date night. Choose an activity such as a leisurely dinner out at a nice restaurant or a weekend away at a bed and breakfast, where you will have the opportunity to talk without distractions. Sometimes talking is easier in a new environment. The lack of stress and day-to-day interruptions will help to foster communication and may even light a romantic spark that’s been difficult to light at home

Step 4 See a counselor. Professional marriage counselors are trained to help couples open up to talk freely about their sex life. They can ask questions that may be difficult for you to ask your husband. A therapeutic setting can set the stage for open discussions about sex between you and your husband and allow you to uncover the reasons why he is experiencing a decreased sex drive. Counselors can offer ideas and tips on new techniques that may improve your sex life.
Tips & Warnings

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One Response to “What To Do When Your Husband’s Sex Drive Is Low”

  1. Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) Says:

    letting the man know about the problem is a tricky issue, the message should go as smoothly as possible, taking care not to hurt feelings.

    At the same time, letting him know is also equally important. A very good article. Congratulations.

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