Love, MARRIAGE, Then Comes Baby in The Baby Carriage

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love weddings and I love marriage. Between 2008 and 2010 we know almost 50 couples that have gotten married; needles to say we’ve been to A LOT of weddings! My husband and I are always excited when we see young, black couples on fire for God and taking their relationship to the next level, marriage. Love is committment and to see happy and excited grooms taking their bride and vowing to take care of her and love her as Christ loved the church is an AWESOME thing to apart of. All men aren’t out here trying to shack up with women and have lots of baby mamas. There are men who love God and trying their best to live holy and honor God in their bodies! If you don’t know any men like this, then you need to ask God to show you to a church home that teaches the word of God. Go where God leads you and He will take care of the rest.

So usually there’s friendship, courtship, dating, engagement, marriage and then after a while a baby arrives. Now that wedding season has come and gone, it’s now to be baby season!! I know 26 ladies that are pregnant now or gave birth this year. Many of my family and friends had babies last year as well. 19 of the 24 ladies are married and that’s a great number if you ask me. Babies are a blessing regardless as to whether the parents are married when the child is conceived or not. Also, I don’t believe in people getting married just because a woman is pregnant. Marriage is forever and each couple needs to be sure that they love each other enough to stay together for life through the good, bad, happy or sad. If you aren’t sure, DON’T SAY I DO!

I went to one of my closest friend’s baby’s shower this past weekend. Her name is Rolisia and we have been friend’s since 1999. We met when we were 17 1/2 years old up at Oakland University. Rolisia has been like a sister to me throughout my adult life. Her shower was filled with love, class, elegance and fun. There were several other married pregnant women at her shower. I pray this was encouraging to the single women as well as the married women who don’t have children yet. I know it blessed me to see how God answers pray and always blesses the faithful.

The speech she gave at the end of the shower really touched me. Rolisia spoke about how good God is for blessing her with the ability to conceive a child and how she can’t complain about the challenges of pregnancy because many women can’t carry a child. Her husband was present at the shower and she took time to publicly acknowledge how awesome he takes care of her. I really loved that part! She shared how Clarence takes care of everything for her from the big things to the little things. To myself I thought, that’s what it’s all about.

God did not intend for women to be poor, exhausted and stressed out single mothers. God intended for a husband and a wife (meaning men and women only) to have children and raise them up for the kingdom together. When marriages are strong and have Christ at the center, I’m sure parenting is much easier. It is impossible to parent appropriately and effectively when the parent’s are fighting (verbally and physically) in front of the children, neglecting the children, the home, bills and each other because their all out for self. We all need Christ. It’s only because of His love, mercy and grace, that we are able to wake up each morning and be in good health and our right minds.

As married couples, our job is to raise and train up godly seed that will grow up to be holy, bold and strong warriors for Christ. The next generation needs leaders that will not do things the worlds way but will bring their peers closer to Christ. I’m so excited that many of my friends are having baby boys because we need more godly men in the world. Men that will respect themselves, the women around them, stay out of jail, stay in school and be leaders at their churches but also in their communities! Children don’t just grow up to be great, we as parents and families have to pray, teach and role model for them. I’m excited about this season of babies and my husband and I are in expectation for when God blesses us with a baby. Whether your married or single, have children or not, lets continue to for the youth of today and our children and future seed. The young people need Christ more than ever before! God is faithful and He hears and WILL answer our prayers!!


5 Responses to “Love, MARRIAGE, Then Comes Baby in The Baby Carriage”

  1. Rolisia Says:

    Joanna you are truly anointed…I love reading your blogs and even though I do not always get a chance to repsonse it alwayas leaves me with a nugget that I can savour. I love the fact even though you have not walked in the season of being a mother you have truly grasped the concept of what it means to be a Proverbs 31 wife and mother. This is awesome to have this knowledge placed in you before you become a mother. In life I always prepared for the next stage of life…when I was single…I was married to God and worked on Our relationship to prepare me for marriage….when I was dating I prepared myself for marriage (staying committed, having a plan, structure), now that I am married Clarence and I started preparing ourselves for parenthood a few years ago (guarded our household , lifestyles, fianaces saved, our communication to each other)…God is so faithful. Please keep writing and inspiring. Love ya.

  2. Amina Says:

    So true Joy! Thanks for posting this! Congrats to Ro & Clarence!

    BTW, I was abt to tweet something this past weekend abt all of the baby showers by the couples who wedded btwn 2007 & 2008! Seed time & harvest! 🙂

  3. jsmith1983 Says:

    I am new to the blog world and ran across your blog while I was searching the home page. I am a new mom and have been married for three years. Your posts were absolutely inspiring! I’m so glad I found such an uplifing blog! It’s going to be a blessing reading about what God has put on your heart. Thank you for blessing me today!

    • joannawillis Says:

      Hi JSmith! Welcome to WordPress!! I love my blog and I’m honored that God uses me to bless, encourage and inspire others! He gets all the glory! I will have to checkout your blog too. Please subscribe to receive future posts in your email. God bless you!

      Thanks so much Rolisia and Amina for your continual love, encouragement and support.

  4. Nicole' Says:

    This was really good Joy! Being married and expecting our first child is one of the most beautiful things to experience. I am so grateful to God and my husband to see me through these sometimes tough days and nights.

    Some people only look to when the baby is born, I’m seeking God on how to raise godly seed that will make an impact on this earth for Jesus.

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