Keep Having Faith, It Will All Be Worth It

Yesterday Pastor Butler of Word of Faith ( brought an awesome and encouraging word entitled “It Will Be Worth It.” He encouraged us to trust in God and don’t give up, not matter what things look like or how long we have been praying and believing in God for certain things. He instructed us to not put a due date on God’s reward. Like a pregnant woman who goes through challenges in her body throughout the 9 months (fatigue, nausea, funny appetite cramping, body changing and growing) when she gets to hold her healthy baby she is reminded that it was all worth it! Even though waiting is tough and we have to exercise patience, as Christians we have to choose to respond the right way and resist temptation. We must remember that we can do ALL things through Christ who gives us strength and eventually it will ALL be worth it!

7 Things To Do While You Wait For Your Blessing To Manifest

1. Keep Living Holy

*Hebrews 11:24, Psalms 24:3-5, 84:11

*If you do it God’s way, He will reward you.

*Single people, keep standing and living holy, it’s worth it. (I can testify to that!!)

*Walking according to God’s word will cause you to be blessed all the days of your life.

2. Keep Putting Up With Difficult People

*Walk what you talk, walk like Jesus.

*Eph 4:1-3, 1 Cor 13 AMP, 1 Peter 2:18-20, Heb 6:10 1 Tim 4:8

*Forebearing means to put up with in love. If your kind to the person that you’re putting up with, they won’t know that you’re putting up with them.

*If you please God, rest assured He will reward you.

*Vengeance is God’s. Feed your enemy, overcome evil with good.

*The greater reward is that your pleasing God. Prov 11

*God will reward the pain you went through so someone else will be blessed.

*Resistance is the most tempting when your near your break through. When you get your blessing, you will be able to encourage others to keep going. You will have a double harvest: on earth and in heaven. Eph 4

3. Serve God Through Serving Others

*We bless God by serving Him.

*The liberal soul will be made fat (those that give to others will be blessed)

4. Living Two Give

*2 Cor 9:11, Prov 11:24-25

*When you give, you get increase. Remember the two bible stories about the woman with the vessel of oil and the boy with the 3 fish and 5 loaves of bread. God increased what they had because they were willing and had faith.

*Confess- I’m a money magnet for God.

*2 Tim 4:7, 1 Cor 7, Prov 10:4

*Faith, Focus, Finish

5. Be Diligent In Your Assignments

*Married couples, be diligent in meeting each other’s needs. Husbands make sure you take time to romance, communicate, give compliments and non sexual touch to your wives.

*Wives make sure you meet your husbands need for sex and you show him the respect that he needs. A woman who does not have sex with her husband is foolish. The bible encourages married couples to have sex and come together as one so that they are not tempted.

*Parents be diligent in parenting and training your children regularly. Teach them God’s ways. Don’t be organized and implement structure at work and have your home life disorganized.

6. Keep Having Faith In God

*1 Tim 6:12, Gen 5:24

*Keep fighting the good fight. Keep trusting no matter what it looks like.

7. Keep Chasing God

*The story of Enoch, the first man to be raptured. He was so close and in tune with God, God took called him up to heaven.

*Keep following Him. Keep going after God. Remind yourself that He is yours and you are His. In His presence is fullness of joy.

*Don’t allow the enemy to get you away from what you need the most. Stay tuned in after God. The word WILL produce for you. Keep doing the word every day, everything else will come to pass.


One Response to “Keep Having Faith, It Will All Be Worth It”

  1. Janna Thomas Says:

    I love this title. I have kept faith this year and everything is coming into place right now for me. When you remain patient and believe, everything will be worth it in the end, Thanks Joy, great post!

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