Female Questions For God

I’m sitting on the couch with the hubby, listening to the rain. These questions started coming to my head so I grabbed my BlackBerry and started typing. Here’s a collection of funny female center questions for God. It’s my first after midnight post, nothing deep, just some cute questions to make my lady readers smile. Time to head to bed, until tomorrow, goodnight world.

Dear God:

1. Why are women and men’s sex drives and desires so different?

2. Why can’t ever woman have a monthly shopping allowance?

3. Why do women have a harder time losing weight then men?

4. Why are some women created with curves while others are not as blessed?

5. Why is most black women’s hair so challenging? (Can’t get it wet, gotta avoid many activities and weather conditions because our hair is so high maintenance)

6. Why weren’t the men designed to carry and deliver babies? (I think I can answer that one lol)

7. Why does it take some established married couples a long time to conceive and irresponsible teens get pregnant everyday?

8. Why isn’t it a law that people need to get a license and take classes before becoming parents?

9. Why can’t women get weekly paychecks to be full time daughters, wives and moms? $325 a week for daughters, $475 for wives and $650 for mothers.

10. Why can’t every women’s stomach be flat forever?

11. Why aren’t most men naturally good listeners?

12. Why don’t men often start sentences off with “I feel?”

13. Why do men have such a hard time being emotional and vulnerable with their wives and loved ones?

14. Why does working out absolutely suck?

15. Why when women get periods does their bodies feel like they’ve been beaten up and gonna fall apart? Isn’t the period bad enough?

16. Why can’t all men be great cooks?

17. Why weren’t babies created to sleep peacefully through the night from the moment they’re born?

18. Why do men have to watch sports religiously, loudly and aggressively?

19. Why can’t every woman who desires a child be able to have at least one?

20. Why isn’t it a law that teachers, social workers and counselors starting salary be $60,000?


One Response to “Female Questions For God”

  1. Janna Says:

    This was so cute and we must think alike because I feel the same way about certain things on this list. LOL to number 9 and 10. I can testify to number 15. Every time mines come, I feel like I got ran over by a bus, lol! Number 8 is the truth and I hope one day it is a law. So many people are good with kids but are not great parents and this is why kids are going wild today. So many people don’t realize that kids are a blessing from God and they take advantage of their blessing.

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