Stop Giving The Honey Up For Free

Even though the media teaches women that they need to be skinny, desperate and aggressive to get a guy, as mature women of God, we have to work hard to reject those views and remember who we are in Christ. Our “honey” stands for our bodies but it can also stand for our time, money, heart, affection, hopes/dreams etc. When we give our honey up too fast, (before marriage) we are no longer pleasing God and the men no longer get the thrill of the chase. If a man wants something bad enough, he will work hard to obtain it, no matter how long he has to wait. You don’t have to worry about needing to give him your all in the beginning to keep him. I believe the opposite is true. Most times when we as women give in and open our legs, hearts and dreams to men too fast, they quickly leave as fast as they came. The thrill of the chase is over, we’ve made it to easy and their excitement/respect for us has diminished.

If you’re not married PLEASED don’t give your man money! Your boyfriend could be your potential husband, provider and leader of your home. How can he prepare to be those things for you if your always giving him money and supporting him? Let the man be the man. Ya’ll can help each other out but don’t carry him!!

If your man isn’t your husband, than sex, being available to 24/7, cooking/doing laundry on a daily basis and sharing bills/bank accounts is OFF LIMITS!! Stop giving the honey up for free!! If you don’t have a wedding ring AND official marriage papers, stop playing house and get your life back. These things should be reserved for married folk only. Marriage is forever, it is a life long committment. Marriage is about serving, giving, loving and so much more. If we aren’t married yet I’m giving you everything I have, what is your motivation to marry me? What do we have to look forward to?

Another way I observe single ladies giving up their “honey” is by wearing really tight, short and low cut clothes. It’s a blessing to have a good body and we all know what assets we have that were proud of BUT please be classy and leave room for the imagination!! If he gets to see EVERYTHING your working with before the relationship is even established, let alone before you get married, he may not want to purchase your honey because he’s seen it and is ready to move on to the next sexy bee. I know the summer is here and ladies like to wear cute outfits but try not to wear a free honey sign on your back. Let them wonder, let them work for it, if they want it, let them put a ring on it!!

Don’t believe the myth that  people need to try out the “honey” before buying it. When God is truly at the center of a relationship, there will also be love, trust, honesty and full committment; everything else falls into place. God is faithful. When we honor God with our bodies and lifestyle, He honors us by granting us peace, fulfillment, joy and wisdom in our relationships. You don’t have to give up the honey or try things out like living together and playing house to know if that person is the one. My husband and I did not leave together before we were married. There were things to get adjusted to but that’s to be expected. We remain patient, prayerful and understanding and therefore we get along and have peace in our home.

No one is perfect, we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If you have been engaging in activities that haven’t been pleasing to God or if you have lowered your standards in hopes of catching a man, it’s never to late to turn from your ways and make better choices!!

Prayer for the single lady

Dear Lord

Please forgive me for adopting some of the world’s views on men, dating and sex. Please forgive me for not living as the woman you’ve called me to be. Lord help me to trust you and your word when it comes to relationships, sex and marriage. Give me the strength to say no and to be holy. Help me to set appropriate boundaries with men. Help me to carry myself as a lady and glorify you in my words, thoughts, actions and lifestyle. Daddy, please continue to prepare me for my future mate and prepare my future mate for me. Please send me other Christian female friends who are sold out for you and enjoying their season of being single. Help me to focus more on you than on my desire for a man. Thank you Lord that in your perfect timing, a special man of God will come into my life. I love you, trust you and praise you in advance. AMEN

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9 Responses to “Stop Giving The Honey Up For Free”

  1. Beautiful Thought Says:

    Amen!! Thank you Joana!

  2. Monica Says:

    Love it!

  3. joannawillis Says:

    Thanks so much ladies!!

  4. msijg Says:

    AMEN! This is hard to do in a society that discourages chastitiy but being a virtuious woman is not over rated!

  5. tomeika Says:

    thank joanna that was great….it gives me a better reason to enjoy my single hood!!!! thank god for a woman like you!!!

  6. Ashley Brown Says:

    right on time!!!! thanks Joy!!!

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