Rape Protective Measures: Be Alert, Be Aware and Be Wise

Rape Protective Measures 


Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.  


There are 525,600 minutes in a non-leap year. That makes 31,536,000 seconds a year. Take 31,536,000 and divide it by 248,300 and it comes out to 1 sexual assault every 127 seconds or about 1 every 2 minutes (this information was taken from (http://rainn.org)

1 out of every 3 women have been raped. I am a rape survivor and unfortunately I know over forty other women who have suffered rape, attempted rape, sexual abuse or incest. I want to educate, encourage and empower women on what to do to assist them with being safe in their communities and what to do if they experience attempted rape or rape. I know this is a tough topic and it makes people uncomfortable BUT ignoring the issue won’t make it go away.   

When I was assaulted, I was in shock and had not clue what to do to fight off my classmate or what to do after I got away. Before the rape I was ignorant regarding the daily safety measures that I could take to keep myself safe from potential danger. Please ladies don’t walk around blind and ignorant. Read this information and utilize whatever info in it is useful to you. 



In NO WAY am I trying to: 


*Plant fear in women’s heads.  


*Am I suggesting that every women will be a victim of rape *Am I saying rape is 100% preventable. Rape is never the victims fault. No matter what you wear, where you go, or what you say, no one has the right to victimize you.   

We are to walk in wisdom, peace and protection by the blood of Jesus. There are things we as women should know and do to keep ourselves aware and safe. Please read this article and educate yourself. It is a secular article but majority of the info I found to be very helpful.   

This pamphlet on rape protective measures was prepared by Dean of Students Office for Women’s Resources and Services McKinley Health Education Dept. University Police and the University of Illinois. 


Rape is a violent crime, an invasion, a frightening experience.  


Rape affects all women, no matter what their age, race or economic status. All women are potential victims of sexual assault.   

By being aware, a woman can reduce the likelihood of becoming a rape victim. This does not mean all rapes can be prevented.   

Rapists commit rape — NOT VICTIMS.   

Psychological Preparedness   

1. Accept the fact that you are a potential rape victim. Many women operate under the. illusion “it will never happen to me. It may. 


2. Educate yourself concerning rape prevention tactics.  


3. Become familiar with community rape prevention and counseling. 


4. Become aware of locations and situations where rape is more likely to occur and avoid them, or take precautions.  


In a Dating/Friend Situation  

ask the person to leave. Don’t worry about hurt feelings. assertively1. The majority of rapes that occur are termed “acquaintance rapes” – the rapist and victim know one another. Trust your feelings. If you become uncomfortable in a situation, 






2. If possible, let a friend or roommate know who you are with and where you will be. Leave an address and phone number when possible.       





In Your Car   
1. Keep windows and doors locked.        


2. If you should be followed into your driveway, stay in your car with the doors locked. Sound horn to get the attention of neighbors or scare the other driver off.        


3. When parking at night, select a place that will be well-lit when returning to the car.      


4. Always make sure the car is locked, and have the keys ready when returning to the car.           

 5. Check interior of car before getting in.            

 On the Street  

1. Be observant of things around you. If someone is following you, go to the nearest house or store.           

2. Walk near the curb and avoid passing close to shrubbery, dark doorways and other places of concealment.           




4. Avoid short cuts through parking lots and alleys.         

5. Walk with a friend if at all possible. Don’t walk alone.          

6. If a car approaches you and you feel threatened, scream and run in the direction opposite of the one the car is going.    


7. When arriving home by taxi or private auto, ask the driver to wait until you are inside.         


8. Don’t jog in secluded areas.           


9. Know the location of the special emergency phones campus.      


In Your Home     

1. The best lock cannot function if you fail to lock it. Be sure to keep your doors locked.          

2. All windows should have secure locks and frames.         


3. All entrances and garages should be well-lit.       


4. Never open the door after a knock. Require the person to give their name. In the case of service persons ask for proper I.D. and refuse entrance if you feel uneasy.        


If You Are Sexually Assaulted   



The best resistance you can use against an attacker is your common sense. Think! Don’t panic. The most important element to remember is that you are not trying to fight the attacker, but are attempting to divert the person long enough to get away. Always look for a way to escape.         


If the attacker has a weapon, use your common sense.          

Fighting against it could be dangerous.      

1. Stay calm. Do not do anything that may upset the attacker.      
 2. Try to convince the person to put the weapon down.       

3. Talk to your attacker, show sympathy and understanding.          

4. Make the attacker see you as an individual, not as an object.          

 If the attacker is unarmed, you may be able to scare, distract or injure the person enough to make your escape. 

1. Scream “FIRE,” “POLICE,” or create a disturbance that will attract attention.            

2. Assert yourself and fight back if you can do so safely.            

3. Break away and run toward areas with people.          

4. Be observant so that you will be able to remember and identify the assailant.       


5. Report the incident to the police as soon as possible.        



Checklist for Victims of Sexual Assault   



 You may want to call the Rape Crisis Line () for instructions and support.         

 1. Report the crime immediately to the police.           


 2. Do not shower, douche, or change clothing.         



3. Have a medical exam and internal gynecological exam as soon as possible. A delay in time may destroy evidence.       


a) Semen smears must be taken by a clinician.        





 b) Inform clinician of exact acts committed upon you and have the clinician note any medical evidence of them.        



  c) Clinician should note any bruises or injuries bleeding, lacerations, etc.) external or internal.          







d) Have clinician test for venereal diseases (and pregnancy later, if relevant).         


4. Do not disturb the scene of the assault.          


5. Inform police of all details of attack, however intimate, and of anything unusual you may have noted about the attacker. Remember what the person said and how it was said. It may lead to the arrest of the assailant.           


6. Show police any external bruises or injuries, however minor, resulting from the attack.            


7. Police may request your clothes for purpose of evidence.             

8. Inform the police if you remember anything that was not previously reported.             


2 Responses to “Rape Protective Measures: Be Alert, Be Aware and Be Wise”

  1. Delonna Stinson Says:

    God is definitely using you through your blogs. This information is needed and very informative. Keep up the great work.

  2. joannawillis Says:

    Thank you Delonna!! I know this isn’t a popular topic but it’s one that we all need to discuss more often! I want people to be educated and safe. Thank God also for the blood of Jesus!!

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