Wedding Etiquette For The Single Lady

May through August are the major wedding months. Most people love weddings but if your single, attending wedding and after wedding may become a drag. Like everything else, it’s all about how you look at it. Being single, independent, beautiful and successful is a blessing. To have a man is an added bonus. You don’t need a man to complete you trust me.

Here are seven tips for single ladies to help them survive the wedding season:

1. Don’t adopt the mind set that you must have a date to attend a wedding. People attend weddings to show love/support for the couple and to help them celebrate the start of their new lives together. Weddings should not br the place where single people feel crazy pressure to either find someone to bring or hook up with someone there. Taking a date is a wonderful thing but not having a date isn’t the end of the world and it doesn’t mean you can’t attend the wedding!

2. Be confident but not conceded if/when a gentleman approaches you at the wedding and starts conversation. If he’s attractive and you would like to get to know him better, make sure you ask good interview questions to see if he’s worth your time and meets your standards. Be polite but collect some important data too (is he saved, what church does he attend, does he have a job, kids etc) 

3. Don’t be desperate. In the movies you see girls who go to weddings, dressed half naked, completely throwing themselves at the single male guest. Have class, don’t take the desperate approach!! There is a way to dress sexy and not be falling all out of your clothes. Leave something to the imagination. Guys don’t marry the desperate/easy girls, they just screw them. Remember, your more than an easy lay and desperation isn’t a good look!

4. Be happy for the blushing bride and her new hubby! I know it sucks to attend wedding after wedding and not be in a serious relationship that’s leading towards marriage BUT remain confident that your day will come!! Learn to rejoice with those that rejoice. When I was newly rededicated to Christ and single I was kinda miserable. I was used to having a boyfriend and now that I was living holy I didn’t have the male companionship that I thought I needed and was used to. Because I had that attitude, it was hard for me to rejoice when others got blessed with a good man. It wasn’t until I turned my focus/desires towards God and started developing my relationship with him, that He was able to begin preparing me to meet my future mate!

5. Find out if any of your girlfriends are attending the wedding so ya’ll can hang together as a group. A wedding is a great time to laugh, talk, eat and be merry together. We all know girls have more fun in groups! Don’t forget to take pictures since everyone is dressed up and looking cute.

6. Remember it’s about the marriage and not the wedding. Your ultimate goal is to become a wife to the man who God has for you, not just a beautiful bride to any guy that proposes to you. Once the fancy day is over and done, you will spend the rest of your life with the person you said “I Do” to. This is why it’s vitally important to be productive in your courting/dating period. No one wants to marry a crazy, lazy or selfish man. Spend time getting to know the person you believe your interested in. If you feel that you’re not ready to get married, why waste your time dating? But hey, that’s a whole other blog post!! Lol

As you walk into the wedding dateless, hold your head high. There’s more to life than whose dating who. Know that your beautiful and made in God’s imagine. Have a good attitude, put on a cute outfit, be confident, be content in where you are in life and be happy for the new couple. You day is coming!!

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