Good Hair, My Journey From Press To Natural

I have been talking about trying some natural hair styles for a year and I NEVER stepped out and tried any. My fear of looking wild because I have so much hair is one of the things holding me back. Also, I have not done my own hair in at least 3 years if not more. By this I mean, I have not washed, blow dried or pressed/flat ironed my own hair. I am not good at getting it bone straight so I don’t waste my time trying anymore. I would LOVE to be free of getting my hair pressed every 3 weeks and trying to maintain the straight texture until I see my stylist again. I love wearing my hair pressed but with summer coming and me exercising more, there has to be a better style than a wrap. I have never had a perm but I have been a slave to the pressing comb my whole 28 years of life. Its time to get free!! LOL

My coworker shared a website with me that I will checkout Currently, I don’t put any products in my hair except a little oil when it gets dry. I wrap it at night and comb it and go each morning. This is another reason that has hindered me from trying a new style; my current style is boring BUT effortless. I don’t have to spend lots of time in the mirror and I don’t have to spend lots of money on products.

So if I get some assistance from ladies on what to do, where to go and how to do it, I WILL step out and try the natural look. God has blessed me with a full head of healthy hair and I want to see what types of creative styles I can do with it!! I wore my hair in a blow dried and wild with a head band last Thursday before I got braids and I really liked it. The wind was blowing in my hair and I didn’t have to worry about sweating out my press! I was honestly nervous about going out in public without my hair pressed, which is sad. Once I was out, the nervous feels started to away and I felt comfortable. I would like to feel comfortable and confident with a new natural look.

Questions for the ladies who wear their hair natural.

1) Where do you get your hair style ideas from?

2) What products do you use?

3) When you first started wearing it natural, were you nervous to step out and try something new?

4) What advice do you have for me to get started?

Thanks ladies in advance for your help!!

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17 Responses to “Good Hair, My Journey From Press To Natural”

  1. Rolisia Says:

    Ok, I get online for two seconds and of course your blog gets me sidetracked…but this is a very good topic. I do not remember if I was doing my own hair in college, but I know I have been washing, pressing and styling my hair for atleast 8 years and I love it. Since you have been to the shop for so long you can kinda notice at some of the products that your sylist use that works for youyr hair type and more than likely you can buy it your local beauty supply store. I go on youtube and just learned how to create beautidul curls in my hair with my flat iron. I use only ceramic products. My hand blow dryed with comb, flat iron, under head dryer and pressing comb are all ceramic. I do not use oil on my hair, but use a heat protect on your hair. This helps with frizzes and protects your hair from damaging. Another way to keep your press is to use a underhood dryer. I wrap my hair, then place clear syran wrap (yes the stuff from the kitchen) and wrap my hair with the clear syran wrap and sit under the dryer for 10-15 minutes. This helps keep body and a natural wrap to my hair. If you want to press you hair it is all in the wrist, but is easy to learn. Also, a nice summer look is a straw set. You can use mousse and water with little rollers and make cute curls. It is endless. This is a great topic, I cannot wait to hear what everybody has to say.

  2. Ronda P. Says:

    I get my hairstyle ideas from youtube it’s a wealth of information on that site about natural hairstyles and many of the ladies have very long hair like you. I generally only use pure coconut oil (Vatika oil, it has herbs mixed in w/ the coconut oil) for moisture but if I am going to rod set I use a little aloe vera gel (100% pure) or ocassionally eco styler gel. You can also try Oyen Handmade products (organic products) they are great and not too expensive and you can try the sample size first to see if you like it. Also I love you use Giovanni shampoo ( if I use shampoo) and conditioner it makes my hair soft like butter. Yes, once it grew out from my shaved style I was nervous and a little clueless as to what to do since it was so short. You don’t have that issue you can do so many awesome styles w/ yours because your hair is long. My advice is that you do your research join some blogs and natural hair forums; they’re awesome, and by all means check out youtube I learned the most there and also On youtube they provide step by step directions and also find out what kind of texture hair you have this will help you choose the best products for your hair. Have fun with it, I’ll post a few vids on facebook of some folks pages you should check out.

  3. jbusiness1981 Says:

    As for me, you can never go wrong with Luster’s pink moisturizer. I have given up perms and occasionally do a light press every few weeks. I’m now is going for the natural look that God has given me. I’m trying to reduce chemicals in my hair and just let it flow. I too go on You Tube and look at videos for natural hair. Thanks Rolisia about the straw set, I’m gonna try it for the summer. Thank Joy for the site on healthy health. I’m also looking forward to what others have to say. Great topic!

  4. Its My Season Says:

    thats a good website to go to suggested by one of the nurses at my school……I’ve been working out I have my hair in a sew in with some curly synthetic hair….that new invisible part stuff hair dressers are doing….I go to the gym wit it down leave out looking like I didn’t work out… night I braid it up in 2 braids with a bonnet on….in the morning take them down and go…I have real hair past my shoulders that I don’t care to go to the hairdresser to get done every 2 weeks

  5. joannawillis Says:

    Ladies I apprecaite you all SO VERY MUCH!! I will print all of your suggestions and get to researching!! I have collected a few websites and products that I want to checkout. I plan to continue to go to my stylist when I want to get a press and style but when I want to be free, cute and natural, I will do that myself. There of course will be a trial and error period where I see what products work and what doesnt. Maybe I can try this like the week before I am about to get my hair done to see if I like it and can manage it. I just want to make sure that I look neat and professional for my job. I would hate to wet my hair and then find that I can not manage it and I end up looking wild. I will start small and work my way to extra creative looks. Im excited about this journey and I will blog about it as time goes on and I try new things. I will join hair groups and checkout other’s blogs as Ronda suggested, as well as youtube as you’ve all said. Thanks so much again for your help!!!!

  6. Monica Says:

    1) Where do you get your hair style ideas from?
    YouTube, online blogs & women on the street
    2) What products do you use?
    WATER, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream
    3) When you first started wearing it natural, were you nervous to step out and try something new?
    Nope, I was not a “hair person”. My relaxed days were pretty boring. I’m much better @ styling now.
    4) What advice do you have for me to get started?
    Do plenty of research, don’t get any ideas of what your hair is gonna be like, MOISTURIZE!!!, wear ur hair out the sooner ur comfortable the sooner others will be

  7. Shea Says:

    I recently went natural and I tried a couple of products my cousin came across. “Hair Basics”. The conditioner is literally hair crack and the scalp balm worked well in the spots where I had perm issuses. Hadn’t been able to find it in stores only on-line. Has anyone else heard of it?

  8. Joanna Says:

    I am right where you are when it comes to natural hair. I needed an alternative to pressing and down here in Mississippi (we live close to Memphis, TN near the Missis. River) its too hot and humid for pressing. Its so hot, in fact, that when you say that your hair is ‘natural’, everybody thinks that means pressed hair! I kid you not!! lol. So I have also been on the search for styles and products. My hair isn’t as long as yours is, but it is almost arm pit length– just a few inches past my shoulders. So I really have been working out a plan. That isn’t as long term as braids or as permanent as locks. Here are a few resources I found. I’m sorry this reply is so LOOOONG, but I have a few ideas…

    Here’s what I have done…
    FIRST I Prayed about wisdom on my specific hair type. I realize that black hair is as different as a complexion of black people, so I need to understand what really, really works for my hair type. I don’t have a whole lot of ‘european’ in my hair type like some natural chicks do, but it isnt as curly and thick as people who have more ‘african’ (which leads me to wonder what was really goin’ with my family…but thats a topic for another day…). I’d say, my hair is mostly average black girl.

  9. Joanna Says:

    part 2…

    I found that because of the curly texture of a black hair follicle, I need to make sure that my hair is not dried out. For some reason, when my hair was straight, this wasn’t really an issue. I read somewhere that the curliness makes it harder for oil to go from root to tip. I don’t remember where I found that fact, but it seems that it makes sense to me because whenever its straight, its not as dried out as when natural. Thats what really leads to split end breakage thus really affecting natural hair length. Heat was more of an enemy to my ends before the natural thing, but now its moisture.

    Currently, my hair plan is washing and conditioning whenever its more dry like every 3 days I imagine… Then, I use a hair moisturizer that has the consistency of like mayonaise, its kinda creamy and less watery than Pink Oil Moisturizer, which kinda dries my hair out even tho its a little greasy. It is called Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion. I also make sure to find some product that affects the frizziness. I am using Garnier Fructis sleek and shine shampoo and conditioner to fight frizz. To me, there’s no point in being wavy if you are super frizzy. This greatly affects total hair moisture, so not even an option.

  10. Joanna Says:

    part 3…

    I have perfected the art of braiding fast since thats my singular means of drying. I choose this way because letting it air dry like a big puff may possibly scare my spouse. (ha ha just joking.) Also, it seems that my hair locks moisture in more when its braided than when its dry (so then, more overall moisture= less frizziness and breakage and this creates longer length). Two, four or six braids is enough to get the job done. I take them down the next day and go to work with crinkly in a head band all over my head; or in a cute tucked pony tail with some tendrils hanging; or with a head band and a pony tail; or with the front in a twisted to my scalp style with the back hanging down. I have really been thinking about the twists that are close to your scalp. I think I can get a few days out of that style and leave the back hanging down.
    I would also like to try the kinda expensive setting rollers. Six or eight of them are like 4 bucks, and I am going to need a lot more than that lol. I know it will work, but I always remember when I am finished with my budget for the month!!! Im a teacher, so I think this summer I prob’ly will invest.

  11. Bethany Says:

    I FEEL you!, I felt the same way before going natural, I wore my hair straight for about 20 years, but since my sister and I don’t sweat in our head, glory to God!, lol it’s easier to keep the hair straight….if your going to wear it natural I would suggest doing a flat twist out, where you twist the hair flat to your head, that way when you untwist it’s a very Controlled S shaped, elongated curl (spanish looking) I use Komaza hair care, The website is owned by a Christian Woman, so if you purchase stuff you out here sewing seed at the same time!, LoL, looka there! ….and I think her prices are very reasonable, I use her, Coconut Curl hair lotion, it smells soooo good, like a dessert, and her Moku hair butter, it makes my hair soft and extremely shiny, easier to comb too, if you don’t want to order online, Kinky-Curly is really good too, they sell it at Wholefoods, their Kinky-Curly Knot today and Curling Custard are intended for Natural hair, both the product lines I mentioned are Organic, I prefer organic stuff on my hair and skin, seeing that the skin absorbs 80% of what we put on it, that means it goes directly into the bloodstream

  12. Bethany Says:

    O yea!, and because natural hair does have a tendency to feel dry….Komaza hair care really helped my hair feel silky even though it’s curly, they have an array of products for different hair textures, fine to medium to very coarse….it’s important to use water on your hair every day it keeps it moisturized, so I would usually use a plain water spray bottle then the coconut curl lotion and moku hair butter to seal in the moisture….Any oil is going to seal in the moisture, I grew up thinking that oil was moisture, but Water is Essentially what moisturizes the hair, just like it does for our bodies, I like Coconut Oil too, I get the kind from Wholefoods by the store brand (365) one jar is $5 Coconut oil is a great oil because it’s the highest penetrating oil there is on the hair follicle, it penetrates quickly and easily into the hair shaft and protects the hair keratin at the root, it’s also amazing on the scalp as well because it’s anti microbial, anti fungal, improves circulation, I even eat a teaspoon of coconut oil every now and then because it speeds up the metabolic rate naturally/cook with it sometimes….the organic kind that smells like a fresh cracked coconut is best, it has the most potent source of vitamin content:)

  13. Joanna Says:

    wow Bethany thats awesome thanks!!!

  14. Bethany Says:

    I forgot to mention that coconut oil also helps to prevent hair loss, Ayurvedic Indian cultures have used it for years, those tiny microscopic microbes are the cause of hair loss, under a microscope they bite away at the root of the hair follicle….ewww, but not if you kill them. The Antioxidants in coconut oil also preserve the hair color, and can help prevent graying….people use it for scalp psoriasis too and dandruff problems. I use it as an eye makeup remover too, I think it made my eyelashes grow n get thicker… When I use the Kinky Curly Curling Custard I only use a dime size amount for my whole head, because I don’t like that strong hold in my hair, just a lil hold so that the hair is still soft

    • joannawillis Says:

      Thanks ladies for all of this wealth of information!! I am honestly going to print it ALL out and start my researching and planning process. I’m so glad that I have other ladies on this journey with me. I appreciate everyone’s suggestions! Thanks for taking the time to share and bless others. You all are the best!!

  15. Tammy Says:,, Carol’sdaughter (for products) are some sites that Francine and I have been looking at recently. 1. is a good site.
    2.I use Cream of Nature and At One shampoos, Motions condioner works well.
    3. Yeah, but I was so broke, I couldn’t get my hair done anymore. Francine could not wear perms anymore for health reasons and I just got tired of burns and pain when getting perms.
    4.I pray in tongues while doing my hair, bought a wig for bad hair days and experiment with products. I used to use lock and twist gel when I wore twist or whatever I could get. I used leave in conditioners at times. Once you start wearing your hair natural, it will get trained. I have been getting a press and curl for a while, so if I wore twists right now, it would not look right because my hair has been straight for a while.

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