Let’s Talk About SEX Baby!

Instead of making a list about the top 12 reasons why premarital sex is bad, I wanted to make a list about the top 12 reasons why married sex is good! Below are reasons why legal, holy sex is the best. I figured if more people knew their value/worth and knew what they could look forward to in waiting, maybe more people would be willing to wait. This topic started as a Facebook discussion yesterday on my status. The list is a collaboration of things my friends and I came up with.

Please read the list and feel free to add to it or post your thoughts.

10 Reasons why legal, holy, married sex is the best.

1) You don’t have to worry about guilt or shame because you know that God is pleased with your actions.

2) You can have passionate, experimental, worry free love making because your spouse is your best friend and you are fully committed to one another.

3) You can wake up the morning after intimacy with your spouse by your side, instead of waking up alone, feeling dirty and empty.

4) With married sex, you’re not using anyone for their body and you’re not getting used. You both want to be together and please ONLY each other.

5) In marriage, I feel safe, protected and cherished while being intimate with my husband. Premarital can cause people to feel lonely, hurt, embarrassed and stressed.

6) With married sex, you don’t have to worry about your spouse leaving you if you get pregnant or leaving you when they see someone who may look better than you.

7) With married sex, you don’t have to be self-conscious or try to impress someone with your skill or body. Married couples should have fun learning what pleases each other. I encourage couples to pray and invite the Holy Ghost into their bedroom. He will lead and guide you and assist you with ensuring your loving making is mind blowing. He will grant you that request because you are in His will.

8 Married sex is a legal, holy, uninhibited, drama free way to physically express your desire and love for one another.

9) Married couples aim to please each other and wholeheartedly serve one another (in and outside of the bedroom) without guilt or shame.

10) In marriage, you and your spouse are one and intimate in every way. You don’t have to worry about getting too close or too attached because the person may leave you. Marriage is FOR LIFE and through the good and the bad, your spouse will always be there.

11) In marriage, you don’t have to sneak around to have sex and worry about getting caught. Married sex is legal and pleasing in God’s sight.

12) Married sex is about love, trust, committment and honesty. You can be yourself and know that your spouse loves you for who you are, not just because you’re giving it up to them. Love doesn’t pressure or demand that people do things for or too them. Love is patient, kind and understanding. When your marriage is good, your sex life is GREAT!!

I just want to say that marriage is about much more than sex. I don’t want people to think that I am implying that that is all married folk do (though some wouldn’t mind that being their main responsibility ) Marriage is about love, commitment, serving one another, giving 100% to each other, communication, meeting each other’s needs, sharing money, time, raising children, working in the ministry together and so much more. Sex is important of marriage though. Sex is what keeps married people close and the bible encourages married folk to not deny one another and to come together often.

I also know that no one’s marriage is perfect, in or outside of the bedroom, and marriage is hard work. Some married folk maybe going through right now and may not agree with this list at all and that’s ok. All I’m saying is, in marriages where Christ is TRULY at the center and both people are honestly trying to live by God’s word, where their committed to him first and then each other, you will find yourself experiencing the things on this list.

I encourage each person, single or married, to abandon the worlds way of thinking about sex, intimacy and marriage, and adopt the Lord’s ways and thoughts. Read your bible, get involved at a local church, hang around other SAVED and HOLY people and watch your life be changed and blessed forever!!