Knight in Shining Armor

One of my favorite books for single women is titled “Knight in Shining Armor, Discovering Your LifeLong Love.” by P.B. Wilson. This book changed my life. It blessed me more than words can say. It challenged me to improve the areas in my life that I was struggling in (anger, shame, unforgiveness, self esteem), it encouraged me to have a true intimate relationship with God, to take my focus off of my desire for a mate (which at one time was consuming me because I was anxious to meet a good man and get married) and put it on God and my purpose. The book also helped me to understand the true purpose of dating, (which is for dating to be an interview process, not just a romantic adventure) the importance of getting restored from the issues surrounding the assault and it explained God’s views on sex. I know many women who were blessed by reading this book and following the godly principles it. I encourage every women who hasn’t read this book to google and purchase it today.

Mrs. Wilson advises single women to place themselves under construction for six months to allow them to further develop an intimate relationship with Christ, to get restored from past hurts and for them to understand what God says about them as women of God as well as the purpose of dating, marriage and God’s thoughts on sex. She also encourages women to:

  • Start a six month journal
  • Study their thought life and begin memorizing scriptures that will counteract any thoughts that would not please God.
  • Allow Holy Spirit to identify to them any people who have hurt them.
  • Begin the process of forgiveness, reconciliation and unconditional love.

Here a few nuggets from the book. The entire book is packed with biblical and practical knowledge so it was very hard to only select these to share with you. I pray that it blesses you as much as it blessed me.

  1. Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of you heart. If you desire to be married, God has a husband for you! Remember: True desire is when we allow God to put His desires for us into our hearts. So we must begin by developing our love relationship with the Lord.
  2. Don’t be discouraged by worldly statistics.
  3. One the face of this earth, there is one man who will love you. God will present you to him at the right time. Until that time arrives, there’s plenty of work for you to be doing.
  4. Isaiah 54:5 For your maker is your husband, the Lord Almighty is His name.  Have you and the Lord been on your honeymoon? Have you spent as much time thinking about Him, as you have thinking about eligible men?
  5. Satan will often send a counterfeit before the original arrives.
  6. Some women seem to always attract the wrong kind of guy. The reason maybe that they have not learned to design, decorate or dedicate their buildings to attract a godly man.
  7. One of the greatest lessons you can learn before you get married is that your future husband will never be your provider. God can use him as provision, but the Lord alone if your provider.
  8. Many women wrap themselves around the man they love and recreate themselves to fit his preferences. Although it’s normal to adapt yourself to a boyfriend or a husband, avoid a man who thinks the construction work is his job. 
  9. To discount a man because of his outward appearance may cost you your second greatest blessing (the first is Jesus)
  10. When you find a man who  is saddened when he disappoints God, you have found a gem. If he doesn’t want to hurt God, he won’t intentionally hurt you, because that would hurt God.
  11. If you aren’t changed on the inside, you may not be able to recognize your Knight in Shining Armor, even when he is looking directly into your eyes.
  12. Holy Spirit will be God’s instrument in fashioning you into the woman God wants you to be, and to prepare you to be a godly and loving wife.
  13. Christian women have to be careful of the clothing that is too tight, too short, too low in the front, or too skimpy in the back. As the old saying goes, “If it’s not for sale, take the sign down!”
  14. The fact is, in order to become happily married, you must become happily single. You have to become “Me” before you become a successful “We.” Further more, no matter who we marry, Jesus must continue to be the lover of our soul.
  15. You need to be complete before marriage so that you can be whole in the marriage. You become complete when operating in God’s fullness for your life.
  16. One of the best ways to protect yourself from a disastrous marriage is to use caution in your dating life.
  17. Some women have experienced molestation, rape or incest. These women wonder if they will be able to respond sexually to their husband. Once you have touched the hem of Christ’s garment, you can become one of those blessed women who have come through horrific events and still find sweet pleasure in the arms of their Knight in Shining Armor.
  18. Single women must put their emotions on the back burner while dating. If you keep your eyes open and allow God to show you the man’s heart, He will reveal the man’s hidden secrets.
  19. Fighting the battle to remain celibate in your single life means you are getting prepared to have a wonderful sexual experience in your marriage.
  20. One of the responsibilities of the husband is decision-making, Eph 5:22-24. Your husband has the right to make all the final decisions in your marriage even though God will ultimately have the last word. If you are going to follow his decisions, what should you be studying while you’re dating? His decision-making skills.
  21. Patience is the weapon that causes deceit to reveal itself.
  22. A single woman should short-circuit the romantic stage and instead, adopt an interview mentality toward men. Remember Phil 4:6

**Question** Did any of the principles jump out at you? What did you agree or disagree with?

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